Pacquiao Basketball Association


Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao’s entry to the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) will work wonders for the only professional basketball league in Asia.  Whether it will showcase Manny’s basketball prowess or distract his concentration from boxing, it will put the PBA in the world map.


Iba ang may Pinagsamahan!


Iba ang may pinagsamahan.  President Benigno Aquino and Vice President Jejomar Binay


Wuhattt???   Mar Roxas, the Liberal Party’s  bet for the 2016 election is clueless.

The declaration of Vice President Jejomar Binay that the Liberal Party was considering to adopt him to run as President in the next polls (2016) is direct blow to the eye of Liberal Party man-in-waiting Presidentiable Mar Roxas.  Surely, it is not an unfounded conclusion since giving  such statement is a political suicide for Binay  whose loyal forces, the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) party are readying  to launch a major political offensive in the last years of the Aquino Presidency.

To understand the confidence of Vice President Binay to make such a declaration is to understand his relationship with the Aquinos.  This can be summed in the piece Vice President Binay  allegedly wrote and now making rounds on social media:


I first met President Cory Aquino during the military trial of her husband, former senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino. I was then a young human rights lawyer assisting the defense panel led by legal luminaries former Sen. Lorenzo Tanada and now Senator Joker Arroyo. My job then was to carry the law books and legal documents for the panel during the hearings.

We would often meet at the house of Cory’s mother in Dasmarinas Village. During those meetings, Cory would mingle with us, doting on our group of bright-eyed lawyers who were waging what was then a quixotic battle against a well-entrenched dictatorship. What struck me was her simplicity and her humility. She may have been from a prominent family, but she was down to earth.

When Cory arrived from Boston to bury Ninoy, I never saw her cry in public, not once. Even during the most trying moments of her presidency, she was always calm and composed. I have often wondered how she kept her composure even in the most trying moments. I now believe her quiet fortitude came from her unshakeable belief in God, her belief that He does not give us trials that we cannot bear.

One is hard pressed to imagine the soft-spoken Cory Aquino as a tough woman. But she displayed courage and toughness on several occasions.

She rejected suggestions from her more seasoned political advisers not to make a public appearance during the February 1986 EDSA Revolution. During a meeting at her sister’s house in Wack-Wack, her advisers were telling her “Cory, panalo na tayo. Huwag ka nang lumabas at baka madisgrasya ka pa.” She replied “Akala ko ba ang usapan natin handa tayong lahat to make the ultimate sacrifice? Lalabas ako.” The room fell silent. She then told her brother Jose “Peping” Cojuangco Jr. to look for a venue. Peping then turned to me and told me to look for a venue. I scouted for one. Later that day, Cory stood at the POEA Building at the corner of EDSA and Ortigas Avenue and addressed the crowd.

To me, that was the turning point of the EDSA Revolution. When Cory came out and was seen by the people at EDSA, she sent a message to the country that she was ready to assume the presidency.

At the height of the August 1987 coup attempt, I was in a meeting at Joker’s house when Cory called. Joker was then the Executive Secretary. He had stepped out so I took the call. Cory told me that she had been advised by some military commanders to leave Malacanang and to take shelter in Fort Bonifacio. I told her that sounded like a bad idea, and she said “Kaya nga. Kahit na anong mangyari, hindi ako aalis dito.” Afterwards, she gave orders for government forces to attack rebel positions. 

And on the day Mrs. Arroyo declared a state of emergency, Cory led a march on Ayala Avenue. A phalanx of anti-riot policemen stood between her and the statue of her husband Ninoy at the corner of Paseo de Roxas. After a lot of pushing and shoving, the policemen gave way and Cory walked quietly to the statue where she laid a wreath. After the brief program, Cory took the microphone. Instead of delivering a political speech, she proceeded to lead the assembly in prayer.

Cory remained humble to the end. On the day she turned over the presidency to her successor, Fidel Ramos, she refused to take the presidential car to the Quirino Grandstand, saying she was no longer the president. After the program, as the guests mingled with the new president, Cory quietly made her way down the grandstand – alone, unattended. I ran to her side and helped her down the stairs and into a waiting car which brought her to Times St. and civilian life.

For those of us who were close to her, Cory was always there for you. Whenever her schedule permits, she would attend my birthday celebrations. And she was someone who was always ready to help in your time of need. When Malacanang suspended me in October 2006, she showed up at the Makati City Hall unannounced, and faced the media to declare her support for me. I am forever grateful to Cory for this gesture, and it will be one moment I will always remember.

Cory appointed me acting mayor of the then municipality of Makati on February 27 1986. I was the first local official to be appointed under her revolutionary government.

The February 1986 EDSA Revolution was more than a collective effort to overthrow a hated dictatorship. EDSA 1986 was for me also an expression of our collective desire for renewal: in ourselves, in our communities, and in our institutions. And Cory was the symbol of our desire for collective renewal.

What we have done in Makati, what we have achieved in Makati – a city that cares for its residents, where everyone, especially the poor, shares in the fruits of a vibrant economy, I believe this was Cory’s vision for our country.

During her presidency and even after, she would always introduce me as her favorite mayor. I must admit that I was thrilled whenever she would say those words. What I am today, I owe to Cory Aquino. I hope I have lived up to her expectations.

Cory Aquino was the personification of humility and selfless service, both as a public official and as private citizen. She was, in all respects, the quintessential servant-leader. 

Cory provided us with the leadership we needed during those crucial years of rebuilding our democracy. She was also with us even when she was plain citizen Cory, joining the ranks of nameless, faceless Filipinos each time democracy and truth came under threat.

She was and will always be Cory Aquino, the mother of the nation and the shining example of servant-leadership that we sorely need today.



Furthermore, Mar Roxas supporters should not forget that Binay is  “Rambotito.”


The monicker came about during the coup attempt that nearly toppled the administration of President Aquino’s mother, Cory Aquino in 1987.  Stories put it that a Binay who was then the OIC Mayor of Makati City came to the rescue of the beleaguered President Cory in full battle gear despite his small frame – thus the monicker “Rambotito” (small Rambo).  Newsmen who remembered the incident recall that Binay dressed in a bullet proof vest was guarding the gates of Malacanan Palace and was “ready to shoot rebel soldiers.” (see This particular coup attempt is unforgettable to President Cory (who was reported to have allegedly hidden under her bed by newsman Art Borjal)  and likewise with the present President Aquino.  Reports say that the young Pnoy  was ambushed by the military rebels on his way back to the palace.  As a result of this near-death experience, a slug (or a grenade fragment?) remains embedded inside President Aquino’s neck.


As such Filipinos, especially Mar Roxas (who could still be in  the US during 1987 coup) should always remember that in the Philippines, “Iba ang may pinagsamahan.”




Why there are a lot of poor people in the Philippines.

The real determination of social status in the Philippines can be summed in one word: Rice.

Yes. Rice determines whether a Filipino is rich or poor.

This is a time-proven formula. Filipino farmers who toil under feudal landlords are not given any earthly rewards but given the barest of necessities locations for their daily survival (and better manual work – to the benefit of the feudal landlords). Ironically, this has become a barometer of social status in the Philippines. Field workers have to make-up for lack of delicious dishes through a plateful of rice (Kahit walang ulam, basta may kanin- pwede na!). So without rice, someone is considered the poorest of the poor.

To overhaul this misplaced psyche, Filipinos have to think that rice is not necessarily the star of the Philippine diet. Filipinos can shift to a variety of vegetables to make up a hearty meal. And with vegetables, they do not need hectares and hectares of land to have a sustainable existence. They should also think that a heavy rice intake can lead to health imbalance that ultimately causes conditions like diabetes, obesity and others (not all modern rice-eating Filipinos are toiling in the fields to burn those excess carbs from eating too much rice).

Do you believe in the Paolo (SEX VIDEO)Nes Scandal?


Honestly, I cannot say that  the person embroiled in the latest sex video that is circulating in the world wide web is newscaster and model Paolo Bediones.


Pilipinas News 8x10

First, Mr. Bediones who has maintained a “clean-school-boy” image cannot be associated with down and dirty sex video scandals.  He is so clean and prim and proper that most Filipino machos disassociate  him with their kind (near to label him as belonging to the “fairer class” of Adam’s descendants).


Dianne Necio images-6

Second, Mr. Bediones has maintained a low-profile personal life during  his early career at network giant GMA-7 and recent transfer to the Kapatid Network, ABC 5.  Only a few knows about his romantic entanglements (thus, the gay tag).  He was once linked to morena Filipina-Canadian Tisha Silang and beauty queen Abigail Cruz.  That’s it.  No scandalous starlet ever associated with this guy.





Third, the grainy 6-minute video supposedly showing Mr. Bediones receiving oral sex from a still unidentified sexy woman cannot provide basis for  accurate confirmation.  Yes, the guy caught with his pants down has striking facial similarities with Mr. Bediones but nobody can say that it is definitely him and not some lookalike.  His facial features are common and on the basis of similarities alone – without any other proof (like his newscaster voice), no accurate conclusion can be had.  If you ask me, his balding head is the same as President Noynoy Aquino and his bespectacled features is strikingly similar to Korina Sanchez’ better half, VP Mar Roxas.



On the other hand, the mystery lady sex partner can be a lady boy for all we know.  Those big bosoms can always be created by the wonders of science.

Divine Lee, Jr.

divine lee

Let me refresh you  about Divine Lee (or do we need to?).

Divine Lee is the daughter of  disgraced businessman Delfin Lee (Once upon a time, Divine Lee was boasting to be closely working for her daddy’s real estate company only to distance herself from the latter when non-bailable criminal charges were filed against officers of that company).   A lot of observers say that she has turned into what science and money can do for the human body. The photo above will tell you that Divine has proven nothing is impossible when it comes to facial “overhaul”.

Now that you remember The Divine Lee, her elevation to the Hall of Fame is in order and the search for her replacement.

And easy does it.  Enter upcoming-downhill going singer Angeline Quinto!

angeline quinto color




Angeline-Quinto-new album


Ang ganda noh??  Super kinis! Everything is good about her until you see her “Before” photos.







Midgets in the Land of Giants.


Oblivious to the truth.  Filipino basketball cannot rely on “heart” alone.  


The Philippines Gilas Basketball team is just lucky.  If not for the three free throws by guard Paul Lee, the height-handicapped Filipinos are no match  against a taller and younger Chinese team in the recently concluded FIBA Asia Championship. They trailed the mainlanders throughout the game  and even trailed by as much as 9 points. Lee was at the right place at the right time when he was fouled and given three shots at the stripe.


Lucky Paul Lee.  Three points to shoot down the Dragon.

But the Filipino squad cannot rely on luck alone in their further campaign in the international arena.  They will be continuously hounded by 7-footer  giants and  lightning-quick sharpshooters.  During the 2013 and 2014 FIBA Asia Championships, the Filipino squad was conquered by a taller Iranian squad.  Iran’s Goliath Hamed Hadadi (the first Iranian to play in the NBA) demolished Gilas defenders while sniper Behnam Yakhchali crippled the Filipino spirit with clutch shootings from all the corners of the court.

What more if the Filipinos go against the best of the world?


The Impossible Dream.  Team Gilas Pilipinas is pitted against tough teams in Bracket B.

The Filipino national team is a doomed team when it was grouped with power house teams Croatia, Senegal, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Greece in Bracket B.  Its first outing against Croatia on August 30, 2014 is surely a warm-up for the 1992 Olympics silver medalist Croatian squad which currently features the mobile 7-2 Ante Tomic and NBA players 6-8 Bojan Bogdanović (Brooklyn Nets) and 6-10 Damjan Rudež (Indiana Pacers).

ante_tomic The Croatian Giant. Ante Tomic

bojan-bogdanovic-na-meti-rimskog-kluba-lottomatice-504x335-20100416-20101019013841-295053The Juggernaut.  Bojan Bogdanović


The Croatian Freight TrainDamjan Rudež 

If by some twist of fate the Filipinos survive the Croatians, how will they win against any of other Bracket B teams?   In other words, how can Filipino shooters Jeff Chan and Gary David fare against 2014 NBA champion Manu Ginobelli?  How can naturalised players Marcus Douhit or Andray Blatche  measure up to Senagalese giant Hamady N’Diaye (who was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2010) or Greek power tower Ioannis Bourousis (whom coach Greg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs compared to Vlade Divac)?

Filipinos to have at least respectable outing in the FIBA World Cup should put in a lot of heart even before they even step on Spanish soil.  They should put in extreme sacrifice on a daily basis.


Gary David: Granada or Mintis?

First, erratic shooters like Gary “El Granada” David (or is it “Mintis” David), Jeffrey Chan and Jason Castro should throw in 1,000 hots from every corner of the hard court – on a daily basis.  At least when they are called into action, they can shoot the ball even from a safe distance and away from the swatting hands of the taller guards.


Second, tall but lanky players like buck-tooth Japet Aguilar should put in more meat into his frame in order to box-out bulkier counterparts like Puerto Rico’s Ramon Clemente.

Gilas Pilipinas 2014

If they do not put in more sacrifice to their preparation and bank on emotional “Puso” battle cries, the Philippine National Basketball team just prepare their cameras for selfies and tourists shoes for sight-seeing in Spain when their FIBA episode ends up in a shameful end.

Why FHM-Philippines has gone down the drain.

01-06 JUN 2k1


00-08 AUG 2K

FHM then. Pretty Covers,  Legitimate Sexy Cover Models.

I used to enjoy this magazine a lot.  10 or so years ago, I would wait in line just to catch the latest issue of FHM-Philippines.  Not only that this magazine boasts of sizzling photos of sexy movie actresses (like a young Sunshine Cruz sporting those pointy 38s), it has worthwhile articles that can shrinks one’s dick but add pounds to his brain matter.

Fast forward 14 years after.

I could not imagine that FHM has turned into a complete trash.  Without its original cast of editors and writers, the magazine has ushered in so-so features. It has suffered drought of hour-glass, all naturelle and star-quality females is like it is the Sahara desert.  It has never been worthy of my well-saved 180 or so pesos.


Ruffa Mae Quinto Boobs FHM




FHM now.  Heavily-Photoshopped Covers and Has-been Cover Models.


1.)  How on earth that FHM now only gets the come backing (a.k.a. no career anymore movie stars) as models?  This reached its zenith when it featured the ageing Ruffa Mae Quinto that could have made them use all the Photoshop tricks there is.  Not contented with this downgrade, they featured the “maid of honour”  beauty or Medtech beauty Rochelle Pangilinan (guess they also used a ton of make up on that shoot!).



Sex Guru Asia Agcaoili:  Big boobs, Big Brains.




FHM Master Debaters Jazhiel Manabat and Abby Poblador.  More Holes, Less Brain Matter. 

2.) Trying to titillate its readers to newer heights, FHM mistakenly used two dumb bombshells in sheer desperation to replace the Queen of Sex columns Asia Agcaoli (oh, how I miss Asia!).  Yeah, we all know that Abby Poblador does butthole lovin’  and Jazhiel Manabat and her big boobs wants to ripped apart silly, their antics become boring month after month without any mental intervention.

image (2)

3.)  The dearth of original materials from ace photographers like Xander Angeles and Doc Marlon Pecho transformed the magazine into a hodge-podged amateurish photo collage.  Most of the lay-outs copied from other magazines.  Originality goes down the drain!


4.) The inside pages are peppered with  more marketing gimmicks than nude babes that makes one  wonder if FHM became Robinson’s Department store in-house catalog or a condom-marketer’s brochure! I do not mean that there is something wrong in including a men fashion or techie  section, FHM has already doubled if not tripled its advertising efforts. Kulang na lang lagyan ng discount coupons for frozen meat section.


5.) Awful-awful FHM Sexiest Women in the World list.  Not that I am saying there is a bidding war between GMA-7,   ABS-CBN and ABC 5 in placing  their female wards in the list but putting Marian Rivera on the top for three consecutive years is just enough to rouse suspicion.  Isn’t there any other sexy lady in the whole archipelago that they can put in the list?  Maybe they should change the list as the “Sexiest Woman in Philippine Movies and TV.”  And how can they say with a straight face in saying that the  flat chested Sanya Smith(84) or dwarfish Kris Bernal (86) are sexier than sun-kissed  Bianca King (87). Similarly, it is downright crazy to say that the ageing Ruffa Mae Quinto (50) is yummier than absolutely bangable Bea Alonzo (61) or  sexy Fil-am bimbo Misa Campo.



36-year old Ruffa Mae Quinto (50th Sexiest Woman in the World)

kris bernal 8


Hobbitish Kris Bernal (86th Sexiest Woman in the World)




Flat-chested/drug addict-thin Sanya Smith (84th Sexiest Woman in the World)




Sun-kissed sweetie Bianca King (87th Sexiest Woman in the World)

The bottom-line is FHM with its downgraded quality is testament to a declining readership’s taste and skyrocketing Filipino libido that does not require better quality flesh to get it off.






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