There is More to Iloilo City than an Controversial Convention Center and an Ugly Fat Butt.



What is there to Iloilo City besides the controversial Convention Center and Senate President Franklin Drilon?

Of course, there is a whole lot more!

It has tons of sexy Ilonggas…


Like  Sofie Garrucho…

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(Sofie Garrucho photo by Ilonggo photographer Peter Jaena)

The Evil Vice President Scenario.


In a scenario where the country’s President and Vice President come from rival political parties, chances are they will end up fighting each other when the next Presidential election comes.  The sitting President will definitely favor a successor who comes from his political party.  To do this, he will do everything in his power to show  the electorate that the sitting Vice President is not fit to succeed him.

Probably a year before the Presidential election, mud slinging will happen.  The President with all the executive powers at his disposal (plus ambitious political suckers at his side) will demolish the Vice President’s chances to succeed. If he does not do this, the President along with his party mates will surely end up in “kangkongan” if the Vice President will come to power.

In this bleak scenario, the Vice President rendered powerless given the sheer weight of governmental power bearing down on him.  He cannot do anything but absorb the punches and kicks until lady luck smiles again at him.  Yet, there is a situation where the Vice President would not cower in fear under a Presidential persecution.  This is called the Evil Vice President Scenario.

The objective of this scenario is to tip the balance of power by eliminating the source of persecution.   It should be borne in mind that all the suckling tentacles will lose their strength without a controlling mind.   In the event the President dies – natural causes or otherwise, the Vice President no matter how damaged his reputation is WILL SUCCEED IN POWER.  No questions asked.  No amount of political trick will stop this.

Thus, for Vice Presidents who are reeling from political mauling and pushed to the wall without nothing to lose anymore, to entertain this option is most tempting.  This one scenario taken from the popular US TV series, Scandal.

images (2)

The Tres Amigos of the Philippine Senate


Kudos to the rampaging threesome of the Philippine Senate: Senators Koko Pimentel,Alan Peter Cayetano and Sonny Trillanes, they are very effective in their job (regardless if their sub-committee hearings will bring about any new legislation).  Definitely, a bulk of Filipinos will no longer vote for Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay.  The trio have effectively ingrained in their  audience’s mind that Binay and his family have amassed ill-gotten wealth from their nearly 3-decade control of Makati City.  Any simple mind will easily accept the preposition that no mayor who has control a billion peso city that long will come out penniless if he is just a “normal city administrator.”

So effective that these two Senators can effectively take over the jobs of the National Bureau of Investigation, Philippine National Police, Ombudsman, Sandiganbayan and sometimes the Philippine Supreme Court (in interpreting the law based on their whims and caprices).

So why end in demolishing the Binays?  Why not roll the barrel on other controversial personalities in Philippine politics, conveniently  in the name of “in aid of legislation?”


a.  Enact anti-political families bill:

Ah, there is just so many “resource persons”: The Marcoses, the Singsons, the Garcias, theTupases, and those families in Mindanao whose members occupy a majority (if not all) of political seats.  While there is no problem about two or three family members joining the politics, there is something wrong with the whole family being in politics.

(For the Vice Presidentiable members of the sub-committee, there could be a lot of VIce Presidentiable rivals coming from this group and this is an opportunity to eliminate them)

download (2)

b. A Better Anti-Graft Bill:  The NapoList Congressmen

One of the scandals that was sidelined by this Oplan Nonog is the investigation of congressmen and public officials involved in the Janet Napoles  PDAF scam.


c.  A better utilization of Foreign Donations: Yolanda and Zamboanga Disasters Aid Relief.

There are loud whispers that several millions of pesos have allegedly gone into the pockets of corrupt officials and contractors in disaster affected areas especially in Zamboanga, Samar and Leyte.  It is a shame that foreign donors of aid are not anymore trusting the Philippine government with their aid packages in disaster struck areas.

250-million-ramsom-2-2 images-8

d. A better internal security legislation.

250 Million Ransom paid to the Abu Sayyaf contrary to the No Ransom Policy of the government.  The real question could be: does the Abu Sayyaf hiding behind corrupt protectors in the military and local government units just like what was alleged in the past?


e. A better procurement bill.

Investigate the alleged multi-million Iloilo Convention Center that used PDAF of Senate President Franklin Drilon.


f.  A bill effectively separating the Church and State.

Investigate the horse-trading tendencies of religious groups with politicians during elections.

Go go go!

Kim Henares vs. Abu Sayyaf


Wow!!! 250 million pesos in cold cash!!! This is surely TAXABLE in the Philippines even if it is coming from illegal sources.


Hala kayo mga Abu Sarap…ester Abu Sayyaf! Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) chief tax (wo)man Kim Henares will be on your trail.  And mind you, she is a better shot compared to the Philippine Marines you have mercilessly defeated through the years.


Kidnapping does pay in the Philippines?


If you are to rank the places where kidnapping is prevalent, Philippines would not even figure.  Yet, if you are to look at how rewarding kidnapping activities are, Philippines could stand out.  Here is the comparison:


The land of tequila and tacos churns out 1583 kidnappings in 2013, although as many as 99 per cent may be going unreported.  A typical case goes like this:  The dermatologist was closing her consultancy in the suburbs of this swampy oil city in Tabasco when the kidnappers came for her. Forcing her at gunpoint to lie on the floor of a car, they drove her to a warehouse, and held her in an industrial fridge for five days. Finally, family members paid a ransom of 300,000 pesos or about $23,000 for her release.any times less than estimated sums a decade earlier.


In the venue of the 2014 World Cup, around 1000 kidnappings happened in 2012.  A typical case goes like this:

On 6 November 2004 Marina da Silva Souza, mother of Brazilian football’s brightest young hope Robinho, was abducted.

After 41 days, Robinho agreed to pay a ransom of $75,000 (£43,000) for the release of his mother.


On October 23, 2009: A British couple, Paul and Rachel Chandler, was kidnapped from their 38 ft sailing boat off the archipelago of the Seychelles during the night. The distress signal was sent out at 22h00. Naval forces and Search & Rescue centres did not swing into full action until the story broke on 27 October and pirates informed the media that the couple was in their hands. The yacht S/Y Lynn Rival was found the next day by naval forces, abandoned off the Central Somali Coast. The two hostages had been first taken onto a previously hijacked merchant ship, the MV Kota Wajar, and then onto land near Ceel Huur, north of Harardhere. The couple were released on 14 November 2010, after a reported £600,000 ransom was paid.



These hotbeds of kidnappings have nothing on the Philippines where one of the world’s successful kidnapping gangs still reign supreme:  The Abu Sayyaf.  And what is revolting is that the Philippine Armed Forces and national police are powerless against them (losing several youthful officers in skirmishes and ambushes).


In its latest money-making caper, the Abu Sayyaf carted a hefty 250 million peso ransom for two German tourists they have abducted. This is only latest pay-off taken by the group after nearly 20 years of existence.


One cannot help but question why the Abu Sayyaf is winning the cat and mouse battle in Southern Philippines.

A Nation of …..


A President convicted of Plunder:  Joseph “Erap” Estrada.


A Vice President accused of building a grossly overpriced building and graft and corruption.

:  VP Jejomar Binay


A Senate President, Senate Majority Floor Leader, Senate Minority Floor Leader – all accused of plunder: Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, Senator Jinggoy Estrada and Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla.


A Chief Justice Impeached for Undeclared Wealth and Assets: Chief Justice Renato Corona. images-6

A Commission on Election (COMELEC) Chairman charged (and recently acquitted) for electoral sabotage: COMELEC ChairmanBen Abalos .


The Chief of the National Police charged with plunder and ill-gotten wealth:  PNP Chief Alan Purisima. Major General Carlos Garcia

A General of the Armed Forces charged with plunder:  General Carlos Garcia. dap-senate-hearing-butch-abad02

A Budget Secretary accused of bungling the national budget to favor Presidential allies:  Secretary Butch Abad. Thats is why it is “It is more fun in the Philippines!”


You know what to do with that big fat butt…


The “Over-the-Fence” fiasco at Camp Aguinaldo that led to an online castigation of German Marc Sueselbeck and the sister of slain transgender  Jeffrey”Jennifer” Laude has given birth to another equally-scandalous fruit.  The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is mulling about filing a disbarment complaint against human rights lawyer, Harry Roque.   This is based on the premise that Roque instigated Sueselbeck and Laude’s sister to disregard camp’s regulations.


A lot of those who saw the footage where Atty. Roque was challenging AFP spokesperson Col. Harold Cabunoc is showing of his gross disrespect for the Philippine military.  Some say that Atty. Roque’s failure to control his clients and prevent them from scaling the camps perimeter fence.  He appeared like the entire Blue Babble Battalion cheering the “camp invaders.”  This should subject him to disciplinary measures and even criminal prosecution.


Atty. Roque who is a human rights lawyers should know how to respect another’s rights -including the need to secure military installation.  Thus, his blatant display of disrespect should not be left unsanctioned.    If the same incident happened in an foreign military installation, say Guantanamo, Cuba,  Atty Roque and his cohorts could have been arrested or  fired upon by the camp’s guards.

At the very least, Atty. Roque should keep in mind the Code of Professional Responsibility that lawyers like him should abide:

(Promulgated June 21, 1988)



Rule 1.01 – A lawyer shall not engage in unlawful, dishonest, immoral or deceitful conduct.

Rule 1.02 – A lawyer shall not counsel or abet activities aimed at defiance of the law or at lessening confidence in the legal system.


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