The Disrespectful German.

A lot of television viewers were shock to see the ABS-CBN news footage showing Marc Suselbeck,  the German boyfriend of slain transgender, Jennifer Laude shoving a Filipino soldier inside Camp Aguinaldo (1:53 in the Youtube video above).

Suselbeck and the sister of Laude scaled the perimeter fence of the military camp in a bid to confront US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton who is suspected to murder Laude inside a Olangapo City motel.

Now, even if the act of illegally trespassing a military camp is excusable, Suselbeck’s shoving of a Filipino soldier is clear evidence of his disrespect for Filipino authorities.  For this, Suselbeck should be deported for being an “undesirable alien.”

Atty. Harry Roque, who is private lawyer for the Laude family should have controlled his clients and advised them that Camp Aguinaldo like any other military camps in the world is a highly -secured facility (In other countries, illegal trespassers could be arrested or worse shot on sight – my brother is not a pig, remember?).   He should have respected  Lt. Col. Harold Cabunoc’s plea for the trespassers to peacefully leave the “home of the AFP.”   Ironically, Roque is leading human rights lawyer and should have admonished his clients to respect Pemberton’s right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.  Regardless of the controversy surrounding the case, the basic human and constitutional  right to be presumed innocent should be respected.

What? Me Worry?



A lot of observers say that Donaire is a victim of his own blind ambition: moving up to the feather weight division wherein he does not belong.  In that jungle lurks a bone crusher they call the “Axeman” – Nicolas Walters.  True to what the pundits predicted, Jamaican-born Walters lost no time in squeezing  the haughty air out of the cocky Filipino Flash head.  Curiously, fans who are fed up of Donaire’s English twang and fly-guy swagger pray that he will learn from this bitter lesson and spend more time sweating in the gym rather than becoming another media personality like Manny Pacquiao.

Talking about Manny Pacquiao, many wonder what the jaw-dropping loss of Donaire mean to him?  Most especially that he will be fighting a taller, fast and younger Chris Algeiri nearly a month from now or on November 22 in Macau.  Some boxing experts say Pacquiao is yet to  seriously train for this fight.

But is Manny Pacquiao worried about Algeiri or his sloppy fight preparation?  Will he take a cue from Donaire’s downfall or continue with his careless ways?

Some say that Pacquiao should concentrate on his training to beat Algeiri and forget what he did in the past that will mess up his focus:


No. 1:  Shoot movies with starlets


No.2:  Dabble in Politics ( For crissakes, he does not need PDAF!!).


No.3 Socializing with Hollywood celebrities.


No. 4:  Involve himself in too much born-again activities.


No. 5.  Sing in concerts.


No. 6.  Joyriding in expensive cars.


No.7 Cockfighting.


and No. 8: Play professional basketball.

My goodness even enumerating all these extra-curricular activities can give anybody a headache!!


Sumasakit din kaya ang ulo ni Manny sakaka-joggle ng mga ginagawa nya? Parang ang hirap!


Anyway, Manny has a good idea what will happen if he gets so many things in his mind.

He may just doze off in exhaustion. Hala!

Pacquiao will Lose to Algieri.


If we are to rely on history, the odds could be against Boxer/actor/singer/politician/now professional basketball player Manny Pacquiao when he steps on the the right against taller, younger and undefeated Chris Algieri.



Manny who seems to very busy with his non-boxing careers: politics and professional basketball could be unprepared and non-focused. These aberrations from boxing worked to his disadvantage in the past when he lost to Bradley and Marquez.

Manny has to remember that without his winning streak, the special treatment he is enjoying from his basketball fans will vanish into thin air.  C’mon if you love they guy, you would be against his crazy foray into professional basketball.  Just look at how badly he plays the game.

Oh well..Manny got billions of pesos!  He can buy a basketball team and do anything with it right?

Cops vs. Robbers.

In a parallel universe where greatness is measured by a person’s with pretty and sexy women, we pit the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the lawless elements in a popularity contest.

Which side is associated with the prettiest and sexiest ladies?





Krista Miller being associated with a well-known convicted drug lord Ricardo Camata when the starlet went inside the latter’s hospital room at the Metropolitan Hospital in Manila last May 31,2014.





Sexy model (FHM Sexiest No. 100) Alyzza Agustin boasted on social media about her supposed links with General Alexander Ignacio that made her evade traffic rules.

Now, who do you think has the best “connect” with prettiest ladies? The good guys (PNP) or the naughty ones (Criminals)?

To see more of Alyzza Agustin and Krista Miller hot hot hot photos go to

Why not have an “Unsullied” Police Force.

Given the seemingly non-ending black-eyes that the Philippine National Police (PNP) is reeling from, one cannot help but wonder how it is to have a well-disciplined police force that the public can rely on.





The  root of corruption in the police force is the mistaken belief that a  police badge  is a surefire ticket to achieve two of every macho man’s dreams:  money and women.

Look at the stupid cops who pulled off a brazen day time robbery along Metro Manila’s busiest highway, EDSA.  Thinking that their status as policeman can turn away CCTVs, they “intercepted” the helpless victims IN BROAD DAYLIGHT using vehicles registered in their names.  This just show how much police officers are be so stupid  just to earn a quick buck through criminality.

Look at the troubles that hound the Chief PNP himself, Gen. Allan Purisima whose critics say cannot pass his self-imposed lifestyle check.   This is because of the alleged properties he has that could not have been bought by his salary as a policeman.    Isn’t these accusations of graft and corruption charges (if true) are tell-tale signs of his love of material things.

And look at the latest PNP scandal, a virtually unknown sexy magazine model named Alyzza Agustin proudly name-dropped  PNP General Alex Ignacio in order to avoid a traffic violation. If this is true, this idiotic incident did not only exposed influence peddling, it showed how easy it is for the strong and powerful police general to lure young, sexy and pretty (not necessary) women under his claws.  Again if this is true,  lowly police officers who have a penchant for women can always follow suit in  using  their influence, strength and stature to get women for free.

With this successive disgusting images of policemen there is a need to overhaul the national police force.  This can be done by professionalising the police force by getting people who are dedicated to put public defense and service above everything else – even over their personal considerations (and weaknesses).  A lot seriously doubt that this can be done.

But it can actually be done  History will tell us that there was once a discipline group of people who prioritised the need of protecting their countrymen over anything else.  These are the Spartan warriors who lived in boot camps and away from their wives until they are 60 years of age.  They were near perfection when it comes to shaun the temptation of flesh and riches.  For these warriors, it was the defence of their city state that is the highest priority.

Pop culture has also a suggestion on how our country to come up with a disciplined police force.  In the popular TV sitcom, Games of Thrones, there  are the Unsullied  who were supposedly inspired by the Spartan warriors of the real world.  They are brave warriors who are dedicated to their queen just like the Spartans who are loyal to their city state.  To ensure their fierce and unbending character, the Unsulied are castrated and stripped of all material desires.  They are contented to be name “Greyworm” etc. so they will not think much of themselves.

If the national police is required the same strict standards as the Spartans of old Greece or the Unsullied of the Games of Thrones, surely there will be no scalawags and womanisers.

Going Gaga over Ellen.


The  latest and hottest buzz on Philippine desktop…the alleged leaked photos of Cebuana sexy pocket dynamite Ellen Adarna. It can be recalled that Ellen appeared in a “near” nude cover for Esquire magazine a few months ago.  This time around, the magazine is claiming that some of the nude photos used for its layouts were surreptitiously uploaded to the world-wide web.  The initial nude photos that came out shows Ellen in various acrobatic poses with nothing covering her body.


Poor Ellen.  She could find consolation on the fact that the nude photos uploaded were not as clear as what was published by Esquire. Or that these could spur media hype for her upcoming show with a leading RTW brand with a very sexy theme. Either way, one thing is for sure, Ellen’s popularity will grow leaps and bounds.

For more Ellen Adarna sexy photos go to :

Pacquiao Basketball Association


Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao’s entry to the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) will work wonders for the only professional basketball league in Asia.  Whether it will showcase Manny’s basketball prowess or distract his concentration from boxing, it will put the PBA in the world map.



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