Divine Lee, Jr.

divine lee

Let me refresh you  about Divine Lee (or do we need to?).

Divine Lee is the daughter of  disgraced businessman Delfin Lee (Once upon a time, Divine Lee was boasting to be closely working for her daddy’s real estate company only to distance herself from the latter when non-bailable criminal charges were filed against officers of that company).   A lot of observers say that she has turned into what science and money can do for the human body. The photo above will tell you that Divine has proven nothing is impossible when it comes to facial “overhaul”.

Now that you remember The Divine Lee, her elevation to the Hall of Fame is in order and the search for her replacement.

And easy does it.  Enter upcoming-downhill going singer Angeline Quinto!

angeline quinto color




Angeline-Quinto-new album


Ang ganda noh??  Super kinis! Everything is good about her until you see her “Before” photos.







Midgets in the Land of Giants.


Oblivious to the truth.  Filipino basketball cannot rely on “heart” alone.  


The Philippines Gilas Basketball team is just lucky.  If not for the three free throws by guard Paul Lee, the height-handicapped Filipinos are no match  against a taller and younger Chinese team in the recently concluded FIBA Asia Championship. They trailed the mainlanders throughout the game  and even trailed by as much as 9 points. Lee was at the right place at the right time when he was fouled and given three shots at the stripe.


Lucky Paul Lee.  Three points to shoot down the Dragon.

But the Filipino squad cannot rely on luck alone in their further campaign in the international arena.  They will be continuously hounded by 7-footer  giants and  lightning-quick sharpshooters.  During the 2013 and 2014 FIBA Asia Championships, the Filipino squad was conquered by a taller Iranian squad.  Iran’s Goliath Hamed Hadadi (the first Iranian to play in the NBA) demolished Gilas defenders while sniper Behnam Yakhchali crippled the Filipino spirit with clutch shootings from all the corners of the court.

What more if the Filipinos go against the best of the world?


The Impossible Dream.  Team Gilas Pilipinas is pitted against tough teams in Bracket B.

The Filipino national team is a doomed team when it was grouped with power house teams Croatia, Senegal, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Greece in Bracket B.  Its first outing against Croatia on August 30, 2014 is surely a warm-up for the 1992 Olympics silver medalist Croatian squad which currently features the mobile 7-2 Ante Tomic and NBA players 6-8 Bojan Bogdanović (Brooklyn Nets) and 6-10 Damjan Rudež (Indiana Pacers).

ante_tomic The Croatian Giant. Ante Tomic

bojan-bogdanovic-na-meti-rimskog-kluba-lottomatice-504x335-20100416-20101019013841-295053The Juggernaut.  Bojan Bogdanović


The Croatian Freight TrainDamjan Rudež 

If by some twist of fate the Filipinos survive the Croatians, how will they win against any of other Bracket B teams?   In other words, how can Filipino shooters Jeff Chan and Gary David fare against 2014 NBA champion Manu Ginobelli?  How can naturalised players Marcus Douhit or Andray Blatche  measure up to Senagalese giant Hamady N’Diaye (who was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2010) or Greek power tower Ioannis Bourousis (whom coach Greg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs compared to Vlade Divac)?

Filipinos to have at least respectable outing in the FIBA World Cup should put in a lot of heart even before they even step on Spanish soil.  They should put in extreme sacrifice on a daily basis.


Gary David: Granada or Mintis?

First, erratic shooters like Gary “El Granada” David (or is it “Mintis” David), Jeffrey Chan and Jason Castro should throw in 1,000 hots from every corner of the hard court – on a daily basis.  At least when they are called into action, they can shoot the ball even from a safe distance and away from the swatting hands of the taller guards.


Second, tall but lanky players like buck-tooth Japet Aguilar should put in more meat into his frame in order to box-out bulkier counterparts like Puerto Rico’s Ramon Clemente.

Gilas Pilipinas 2014

If they do not put in more sacrifice to their preparation and bank on emotional “Puso” battle cries, the Philippine National Basketball team just prepare their cameras for selfies and tourists shoes for sight-seeing in Spain when their FIBA episode ends up in a shameful end.

Why FHM-Philippines has gone down the drain.

01-06 JUN 2k1


00-08 AUG 2K

FHM then. Pretty Covers,  Legitimate Sexy Cover Models.

I used to enjoy this magazine a lot.  10 or so years ago, I would wait in line just to catch the latest issue of FHM-Philippines.  Not only that this magazine boasts of sizzling photos of sexy movie actresses (like a young Sunshine Cruz sporting those pointy 38s), it has worthwhile articles that can shrinks one’s dick but add pounds to his brain matter.

Fast forward 14 years after.

I could not imagine that FHM has turned into a complete trash.  Without its original cast of editors and writers, the magazine has ushered in so-so features. It has suffered drought of hour-glass, all naturelle and star-quality females is like it is the Sahara desert.  It has never been worthy of my well-saved 180 or so pesos.


Ruffa Mae Quinto Boobs FHM




FHM now.  Heavily-Photoshopped Covers and Has-been Cover Models.


1.)  How on earth that FHM now only gets the come backing (a.k.a. no career anymore movie stars) as models?  This reached its zenith when it featured the ageing Ruffa Mae Quinto that could have made them use all the Photoshop tricks there is.  Not contented with this downgrade, they featured the “maid of honour”  beauty or Medtech beauty Rochelle Pangilinan (guess they also used a ton of make up on that shoot!).



Sex Guru Asia Agcaoili:  Big boobs, Big Brains.




FHM Master Debaters Jazhiel Manabat and Abby Poblador.  More Holes, Less Brain Matter. 

2.) Trying to titillate its readers to newer heights, FHM mistakenly used two dumb bombshells in sheer desperation to replace the Queen of Sex columns Asia Agcaoli (oh, how I miss Asia!).  Yeah, we all know that Abby Poblador does butthole lovin’  and Jazhiel Manabat and her big boobs wants to ripped apart silly, their antics become boring month after month without any mental intervention.

image (2)

3.)  The dearth of original materials from ace photographers like Xander Angeles and Doc Marlon Pecho transformed the magazine into a hodge-podged amateurish photo collage.  Most of the lay-outs copied from other magazines.  Originality goes down the drain!


4.) The inside pages are peppered with  more marketing gimmicks than nude babes that makes one  wonder if FHM became Robinson’s Department store in-house catalog or a condom-marketer’s brochure! I do not mean that there is something wrong in including a men fashion or techie  section, FHM has already doubled if not tripled its advertising efforts. Kulang na lang lagyan ng discount coupons for frozen meat section.


5.) Awful-awful FHM Sexiest Women in the World list.  Not that I am saying there is a bidding war between GMA-7,   ABS-CBN and ABC 5 in placing  their female wards in the list but putting Marian Rivera on the top for three consecutive years is just enough to rouse suspicion.  Isn’t there any other sexy lady in the whole archipelago that they can put in the list?  Maybe they should change the list as the “Sexiest Woman in Philippine Movies and TV.”  And how can they say with a straight face in saying that the  flat chested Sanya Smith(84) or dwarfish Kris Bernal (86) are sexier than sun-kissed  Bianca King (87). Similarly, it is downright crazy to say that the ageing Ruffa Mae Quinto (50) is yummier than absolutely bangable Bea Alonzo (61) or  sexy Fil-am bimbo Misa Campo.



36-year old Ruffa Mae Quinto (50th Sexiest Woman in the World)

kris bernal 8


Hobbitish Kris Bernal (86th Sexiest Woman in the World)




Flat-chested/drug addict-thin Sanya Smith (84th Sexiest Woman in the World)




Sun-kissed sweetie Bianca King (87th Sexiest Woman in the World)

The bottom-line is FHM with its downgraded quality is testament to a declining readership’s taste and skyrocketing Filipino libido that does not require better quality flesh to get it off.





Ang Huling Halakhak.


There are three noteworthy tidbits in today’s news grapevine. Of these three, two are just products of Kwentong Barbero and not be taken seriously.

Here are the tidbits:

Tidbit no1: Atty Gigi Arrested!


Atty Jessica Lucila “Gigi” Reyes, the former Chief of Staff of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile surrendered to the Sandiganbayan after a warrant of arrest was issued against her in connection the billion-peso PDAF Scam which also involved his former boss, Senator Enrile.


(Above) That Gigi Reyes and that Former boss in happier times.

Tidbit no. 2. A socialite allegedly barred Atty Gigi’s transfer to the Camp Crame VIP Detention Center to reunite with pals!




The Sandiganbayan cannot confirm or deny that a socialite has filed an independent opposition against Atty Gigi’s motion to be transferred to the Camp Crame Hilton..este VIP detention facility and reunite with her former boss, Senator Enrile.

The socialite allegedly claimed that Atty Gigi should stay at the hot Sandiganbayan holding cell or be transferred to the ordinary lady’s dormitory at the Quezon City Jail (along with its lesbian inmates!).

Tidbit no. 3 Socialite Christina Enrile is visibly glowing and blooming right now!





Play us a John Mayer Song, Armand…


If i have my way, I’ll call him TJ Armand instead.  And if we are to guess what his music repertoire is all about based on facial similarities alone, he should be singing John Mayer songs.  However, this guy has a different kind of  appeal whether on stage or at Boracay’s white sand beachfront.  He plays the piano, guitar and sings in the same class as his more popular relatives – Jed Madela and Aris Demavivas.  But there is really something unique in his style – his passion for music and zest for a carefree island life.

armand_tj_boracay Armand-TJ-Maonsonon-Island-Palawan

Armand Viterbo Tajanlangit is one of Boracay’s best kept secrets.   He opted not to go fully commercial and remained in the island’s backpackers music lounge circuit (You can catch him play at their family’s resort, Boracay Terraces at the north end of the white beach and if you are lucky you participated and  win in his name-that-movie soundtrack contest).

But Armand’s music, especially the island’s unofficial anthem “Bora, Bora, Boracay”  is captivating and a potent mix for LSS (Last Song Syndrome).  His message to islanders and tourists alike is to love and take care of his beloved island home.  This seemingly patriotic attitude  must have rub off him from his  father, Boracay pioneer Steve Tajanlangit who passed away in 2010.  Steve is one of the reasons why Boracay has become a world famous tourist destination.  He was unceasing in promoting the island since he fell in love with it way back in 1986.

By writing an original song about the island and making a long lasting impression on starstruck island visitors surely make Armand the official pop star of Boracay if not elevating him on a hero status.


Well…enough of ass-kissing for this talented kid.

I hope Armand should follow another unique Filipino artist’s footsteps when it comes to the love of his environment.  He should read about Joey Ayala who for years sang about love and care for the environment.  I am sure he heard about Ayala’s music when he was at the Ateneo and realised that both of them actually comes from the same talented mold.

images-13 boracay-white-beach_environmental-degradation

Just like Joey Ayala  who sings about serious issues like pollution, forest destruction etc.  Armand should also taint his music with environmental causes most especially that Boracay is fast becoming an environmental disaster.  His songs should move people to protest the despicable sewerage problem of his beloved island.


Yeah,  i am talking about the stinking waste water that ends up in the white beach and into the azure sea where Korean tourists are swimming.

Battle of the Mugshots: Actors – 3, Politicians – 1

If we are to compare the ongoing PDAF controversy to the National Basketball Association (NBA) best of 7 championship series,  the score is now 3 is to 1.  Meaning Actors-turned-politicians have an edge over true blue politicians.  The mugshot battle will show us the results:

Here are the Actors-turned-politicians:


Bong Revilla


Jinggoy Estrada


ERAP Estrada

On the other hand, true blue politicians trails by two points (as of this writing):



Its time to Unleash the Superheroes….


First, it was  poster boy Lt. JD Khe who was killed by the Abu Sayaff Group (ASG)  in Albar-ka, Basilan on October 18, 2011.  He died along fellow PMAers  1Lt. Colt G. Alsiyao, 1Lt. Frank Junder P. Caminos, and 1Lt. Vladimir A. Maninang  during that ill-fated encounter.


Then, it was Second Lt. Alfredo Lorin who was killed long with six other enlisted personnel, in a clashed with the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) militants in Patikul, Sulu on May 25, 2013.  Lorin’s team was then tracking down a group involved in kidnapping in Sulu when they encounter an undetermined number of heavily armed members of the ASG.


Now, it is another poster boy, 1st. LT Roger Flores who died in Patikul, Sulu when a ASG mortar round landed on him and six of his men.

The AFP should be reminded that unless it comes up with a final solution to the ASG, more and more brilliant young officers will be killed.

I think its time AFP changes it strategy.

Why don’t it  spare sending brave, idealistic and good young men to fight the war.  And unleash the real “dogs of war.”

Why don’t it send these Pinoy superheroes to finish the ASG once and for all (and without sacrificing our young men)…..



Ang Kilabot ng Cavite…Ramon “Bong” Revilla…


Ang original Bad Boy ng San Juan….Jinggoy Estrada…a.k.a Sexy.

pmpc star awards for movies 2012 winners

Ang tanging Kingpin ng Manila, E.R. “Alias George Estregan, Jr.” Ejercito….


and the Jacky Chan at John Wagne of  Pilipinas…walang iba kundi si Lito “Leon Guerro” Lapid….



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