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Pulis Patola Strikes Again

This is for the 1 billion Chinese and the record.

A Manila cop reporting a suicide by a chinese national suspected of murdering his girlfriend.

Click this video link from ABS-CBN News  to find out his story….


or click the following video link from GMA 7 news:

The story below is  from ABS-CBN news website in toto.

This police officer, SPO1 Charles Duran, said that the suspect Gong Zhun Yan grabbed his .9 mm caliber gun and fired it at his chin.

“Nung binbaybay namin yung Taft Avenue, pagdating sa may Ayala, paghinto nung mobile namin nahulog yung mga documents ko. Yung iba nalaglag kaya yumuko ako para abutin, para kukunin ko. Maya-maya nagulat ako ginrab niya yung baril. Paglingon ko biglang pinutok na niya,” Duran said.

Authorities rushed him to the Philippine General Hospital.

The suspect, however, was declared dead on arrival at 9:45 p.m.

According to Duran, they did not expect that Go would commit suicide.

“Mabilis ang mga pangyayayari. Nagulat rin kami. Hindi namin akalain na gagawin niya yun dahil tahimik lang siya,” he said.

(To translate and encapsulate SP01 Duran’s follies: He is one fumbling cop who can’t hold on to his papers and secure his pistol.  Too bad for his prisoner – a lanky chinese whose wrists are cuffed – he got a free bullet for his suicide.)

Go was supposed to face charges of murder, theft and traffic violation. His car was seen on closed-circuit television camera ram into his girlfriend on January 14. He then got off his car and repeatedly stabbed her on the chest.


These cops talaga….what do they think of the Filipino viewing public? Aren’t they afraid of public backlash for this latest pulis patola antic?  Regardless of the evil deeds of Gong Zhun Yan, he is still entitled to due process and has to be properly brought to the bar of the law.

Oh c’mon, SP01 Duran…do you really want us to believe that you lost your service pistol to a lanky chinese kid whose wrists are hand-cuffed (as shown by earlier video).

Are you still having a hangover with the now legendary pulis patola antic of the Quirino Hostage Massacre?  No wonder the Chinese (including the Hong Kong nationals) do not trust you.

At the very least, the Philippine National Police (PNP) should discipline this bumbling police officer. Or tuck his gun safely to his waist with a staple wire.

One Hit Wonder

Despite what fans and supporters are drumming about her – one indisputable fact remains – Charice Pempenco is still a one hit wonder.

Yes, she is undeniably pure talent and Filipinos should be all proud of her.

But Charice has not yet reached her utmost potential and remains as one of the thousands  up and coming talents that flood the American music industry .    The likely cause of her slow ascend is the fact that the rest of the world seems unable put in the proper shelf – is she already a grown-up? Is she already a woman who can be marketed as one sultry singer that the male market can fantasize like Beyonce or Britney Spears?  Or is she a siopao-faced woman child whose voice is the only thing desirable about her (Sex sells even in the music recording industry – just ask Beyonce and Britney- again!).

As such, she can be aptly described as a one hit wonder and some of her fans seem to forget already the title of her latest hit.

Was it Pyramid? Well, it is  surely jumpy tune but we cannot disregard the fact that Iyaz did a lot to make it likeable.

Her signature “Listen?” – well, half of the Philippines knows how to sing this number.  So there is nothing extraordinary about it actually.

Her stint at Glee is as brief  as the “Telephone”  duet she had with the show’s resident self-centered star  Rachel.  It cannot  be counted as her recording hit.

Charice who is currently touring with hitmaker David Foster should think twice about how she is portrayed as an international recording star.  International singing Filipino maybe.  But hey, they are lots of talented Filipinos overseas who can belt a song better like her.

(Talking about Charice, the violent death of her biological father in an alley somewhere in his hometown is a grim reminder that showbiz success (?) has its own price.  Charice who is reportedly estranged from her father drifted away from the latter.  In previous publicity feeds, Charice  was not shown to have provided for her unemployed father despite her megabucks deals as an international recording star.  She was only seen providing for her mother Raquel and sibling.    This allegedly drove the latter to sink further in his self-destructive mode – drinking and trouble-making.

The international star may not have been taught the value of humility by taking care of somebody who has once taken care of her.  Her father no matter how monstrous his behavior is (as portrayed by several media releases) remains to be her parent.  No mother should destroy her child’s image of her father.  If there had been bad experiences in the past involving Charice’s mother, Charice should have been spared and given a good impression of her father. And no obstacle (may it from her mother or father’s relatives) should prevent Charice to contact her father.

Well, this writer may be actually be an  ignoramus about Charice’s relationship with her father.  But it is basic that each child should still respect his or her parents regardless of how other people portray them to be.)

From Wang-Wang to Bang-Bang

Sec. Ronald Llamas. From Activist to an Imperialist?

It was President “Pnoy” Noynoy Aquino’s battle cry: “Bawal ang Wang-wang” (No to Sirens) that catapulted him to  a near-perfect Presidency.  People who heard his latest State of the Nation Address (SONA) find it painful in the ear to hear  the President echo this “holier than though” slogan.  His no non-sense campaign against corrupt official regardless of party affiliation has become the formidable pillar of his feasibility as the country’s top leader.

Because of this stance, President Pnoy’s men have to measure up to a higher bar.  They have to be like their boss – a self-sworn graft buster.  A person who abhors influence-peddling and abusive behavior.

Enter Secretary Ronald Llamas.

Before… activist roaming the streets.

Now….With Government Salary and roaming with bodyguards.

A brief research on his credentials reveals that Llamas is a Thomasian-educated student activist during the late martial law years.  He like the present student leaders- dreamed and fought against a dictator for a better society. Ironically he is no different from former activists like Binay and Panelo  who are now forgotten faces in activism movement.

Llamas became Akbayan chief honcho and this explains his close relationship with President Pnoy.  Akbayan is the latter’s version of an activist group.  Critics say Pnoy and Akbayan use each other for political ends.  Other activist groups like Bayan Muna, Act etc. are now saying that this tie unmasked the real Akbayan.  It is nothing but an opportunistic political party which piggy back rides (or weighs down?)  on a popular President.

From a legal point of view, Llamas will surely wiggle out of this mess. He has a license for the AK-47 that was confiscated from his aides after a vehicular accident (China-made presumably and selling for 40 thousand pesos at Twin Pines Gun Store.   Yet it is mind-boggling why Sec. Llamas is able to own one.  The store’s website however indicates that this high powered firearm is only open to military and law enforcement agents ) .

What more, he was thousand of miles away in cold Switzerland when the firearm was seized by the authorities.  It was his aides and not him who were caught possessing the firearm.  Ergo, it is not him but these poor souls who will face the music for the brou-haha.

The only black eye Mr. Llamas sustained from this incident is his qualification as a Presidential adviser and government official under a “No Wang-wang” administration.

If Mr. Llamas cannot tuck his firearm while he is gone on a official trip.

If he cannot discipline his men while he is not away.

He is in no position to become a government official under the Pnoy administration.

The Perils of Doing Business in the Philippines

They thought we are the Army.  New Peoples Army

In the news is the bold attack by the New People’s Army (NPA) against a mining firm in Surigao del Norte. Witnesses said that the NPA rebels numbering 300 strong came aboard dumptrucks in soldier’s uniforms.  Some had yellow ribbons on their automatic rifles.

At the mining site, they killed hapless security guards, burned equipments and office equipments like computers – all in broad daylight!

The burning question is where were the Philippine military or the local police when the rebels pillaged the mining company?

(Caveat: Photos from the net. veracity: unknown)

Incidentally, the mining company which was attacked is owned by a Japanese investor.  Now, will this incident affect the much publicized 1 Billion dollars investment pledges President Noynoy Aquino has gotten from Japan?

If the Philippine government has find it crucial to guard a couple of deserted island in the West Philippine Sea (formerly South China Sea) for probable future exploitation by Western petroleum companies, why don’t it invest in the current investment areas which are susceptible to terrorist attacks?

Mr. Taxman.  Invest and we will surely tax you.

The recent NPA attack is a clear evidence that investing in the Philippines is perilous and the government still has a lot to do in order to secure its investors.

Hi Joe, Philippines!

The new Philippine Tourism Secretary, Ramon “ChickenJoy” Jimenez, Jr. should take note of the following data straight from the US embassy:

First, 500,000 Filipinos are engaged in prostitution ( based on a diplomatic cable from former US ambassador Kristie Kenney according to Wikileaks).

Second, 40% of the foreign male tourists are coming to the Philippines for sex. (With no other than the current US ambassador Harry Thomas as the source of this information).

Whoa!  Secretary Jimenez may re-think his Choose Philippines slogan.  Maybe Hi, Joe Philippines is more appropriate?

If these information are accurate, Secretary Jimenez must do his calculations.  Maybe its time to put Angeles City’s Fields Avenue and Quezon City’s Quezon Avenue in the tourist itinerary.

It is also a signal that sex tourism must be given a rightful attention.   It does not mean, however, that the government will  give it an all out promotion like discounts for group tours or a buy one take one promo.  It should just take note of it.  Meaning it should recognize that there is a thriving market under its nose.  As to what is the  appropriate thing to be done, that should be left for the good members of the Philippine congress to decide. (Maybe to legalize prostitution, eh Gabriela?)

Whether it polices it or not, its a reality that sex sells in this country.  It will just keep on continue growing as long as foreigners will come to patronize our beautiful beaches…er..bitches.

To ignore what the US diplomats have observed is to turn a blind eye to reality.

Gun fight at “Shoot Mart”

Shoemart or Shoot Mart?

In a period of less than two months, three shooting incidents happened at three Shoe Mart (SM) malls.  The first incident happened at SM Delgado in Iloilo City on July 29, 2011 when two gun men slugged it out with high-caliber pistols before bewildered shoppers.  This  resulted to the instantaneous death of one of the gung-ho duelers who was peppered with bullets.

Jam-pack Malls should be well-secured.

Last September 14, 2011, a jealous housewife pumped a bullet into his husband’s skull at SM North Edsa before turning the  gun to  her own head.  Fortunately for her, the gun did not go off.  Unfortunately for a poor security guard who rushed to grab the gun from her, the gun’s unexpired load were emptied on his hapless body resulting to his instant death.

Concealed Weapons should be discoverable at Mall entrance.

Just yesterday, two minors -reportedly gay lovers – ages 13 and 17 were the latest victims in what is now getting to be known as the “Shoot Mart” killings.  This time it happened  in SM Pampanga where the13 year old gay teenager shot the 17 year old lover over a jealous rage.  He used  a .22 caliber revolver in shooting his victim before shooting himself in the head.  Luckily for the two, the small caliber rounds that were used were not enough to blow their brains out. (Sadly, both have already died as of this writing – mr.cj)

Anybody can be a gun man.  

These wave of shootings in a supposed family oriented establishment – where children are brought to enjoy rides and food treats – is a shocking development.  SM Shoemart which is responsible to maintain peace and order within their malls has miserably failed to make the necessary adjustments.  They already had two incidents where dangerous weapons were brought into the mall undetected by its battalion of security guards.  They should have learned already after the Iloilo City incident.  They should have tightened their security measures.

Ma, I’m going to SM.  Don’t worry i’m wearing my bullet proof vest!”

SM Shoemart and its parent company SM Holdings is owned by billionaire Henry Sy, one of the country’s richest man.   For the past years, the SM group have been enjoying a windfall of profits from its ventures.  It has quickly diversified to real estate development and has dotted the  metropolitan manila landscape with its condominium projects.  It has a dozen shopping malls sprouting like mushrooms and hypermarkets in every corner seemingly rivaling the sari-sari store.  This goes to show only one thing- Mr. Sy is making a ton of money because of continuous public patronage of his malls.

Return something to the Filipino People.   SM owners and Billionaires Sy Family

Now, this is where corporate social responsibility should kick in.  Mr. Sy  should also heavily invest in the security of his malls.  Investing in security however does not mean pouring millions on a battalion of security guards that can rival the Philippine armed forces.  He should invest in high-tech gadgets like the  installation of metal detectors on each entrance going to its mall.   He should not put all the burden on the security guards with their bamboo sticks to detect weapons and explosives that may be surreptitiously brought inside his malls.  Human prowess and endurance have their own limits.  Metal detectors on the other hand, works every time as longs a there is power.

An inexpensive measure in the long run.

SM can surely do this as a metal detector is not that expensive compared to a million pesos lawsuit if one day a deranged person decides to go on a shooting rampage in one of its populous malls.

SM should go from “Security Malfunction” to “Security Maximum.”

Saludo kami sa iyo, Koya Mikey!

We salute you koya Mikee!!  Ang Galing Partylist Congressman Mikey Arroyo

You read it right.

This is the once-in-a-blue moon episode where this writer tips his hat off to Congressman Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo of the Ang Galing Party List.

“Ang galing-galing  n’yo, sir!”

Why the accolades for the Philippine most hated junior congressman?  Well just read the news article printed in the Sunstar quoted in toto below:

Ang Galing Pinoy party-list Representative Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo on Tuesday vowed to look into the case of the security guard allegedly mauled at the UP-Ayala Technohub in Quezon City last week.

“My office is always open to anyone who wants my help,” he said in a text message.

According to security guard Ricardo Bonayog, Lanao del Sur Representative Mohammed Hussein Pangandaman allegedly punched him for unspecified reasons causing him to fall on the ground in the presence of some witnesses.

Pangandaman had denied the accusation and said he intends to file a harassment case against the security guard.

Arroyo’s party-list group represents security guards and tricycle drivers in the House of Representatives. Arroyo is currently in Cebu to look into the bank robbery incident where three robbers and two security guards were killed. The robbery occurred at 9:30 a.m. inside Robinson’s Place, which only last April was hit by a fire and reopened last July.”


Living up to expectations.  Mikey has become the  protector of security guards.

Mikey has instantly become the protector of the lowly security guard and has proven his critics wrong that he is solely in Congress to protect his parents and their family interests.  By taking the cudgels for the lowly security guard Ricardo Bonayog, he has taken his representation of the thousands of security guards very seriously…and undeniably admirably.

The eldest son of the beleaguered former President, Mike should strike the iron when it is hot.  He can generate a good political PR with this exposure.  At least he can very well say that  during his heyday  as the first son and congressman, he did not manhandled any lowly security.


Nasandal kami sa pader.  A lowly Filipino security guard usually earns less than 10,000 pesos a month.

Maybe it is his Atenean Jesuit education that  prevented him from going down to the despicable level of  other spoiled politician brats.  Mikey having studied college at the Jesuit run  Ateneo de Manila University and at its law school (albeit only for one semester).

The  incident allegedly involving neophyte Congressman Mohammed (the prophet’s name!) Hussein (Saddam?) Pangandaman only proves that Mikey – notwithstanding tons of accusations of abuse against him – has never been abusive as to beat a lowly security guard.  It also proves that Mikey’s “Wang-wang”  is a mere mosquito bite compared to Congressman Pangandaman’s alleged Porsche (with “8” plate) arrogance.

With all the congressmen and politicians fast in washing their hands and saying “we do not want to do anything about the alleged mauling incident,” Mikey is fighting for  lowly security guard.

Mikey should pursue this case and bring up the necessary charges at the congressional ethics committee.  He should disregard party lines by soliciting the help of youthful yet seemingly well-behaved congressmen like Erin Tanada (who has offered to help) to bring the case of the security guard to justice.

Then maybe it is step one towards redemption for Congressman Mikey and his family.


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