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Will you bring back my son’s head, Sir?

Daddy, did you really die for our country?  Family grieves for the fallen.

It seems to be a tradition for the country’s The Few and the Proud – to lose a couple of their grunt’s heads in combat. About two years ago, nearly a dozen of Philippine Marines have lost their heads (and genitals) to the Abu Sayyaf.  Around a couple of years earlier, it was a bunch of Philippine Scout rangers who had their heads chopped off  somewhere in Basilan.

Now having one’s head cut off is a probable end  for these grunts.

One of them said that it is their enemy’s way – cutting heads to “dehumanize” the soldiers of the Republic (if only they knew that these poor fellows have long been dehumanized because of low pay, degrading living conditions, a virtually no combat skills upgrading and having crooks for leaders who now accused of stealing millions of solider pay for their own gargantuan mansions).  It is the enemy’s way of sending shivers down the ranks of brave farmer boys-soldiers that form the bulk of our tough Marine Corps.  These boys who left their families and fight terrorists who are said to be using weapons and ammunitions allegedly sourced from scalawags in the military.

Why do the Abu Sayyaf have to dehumanize them?  Has this become the rule of the war zone? Add ignominy to the fallen by severing their heads and keeping them for souvenirs?

Intentional beheading of adversaries in this day and time can only be done by savages.  Those who are not worthy of any human right or code of military conduct.  In short not worthy of mercy.  These terrorists who proclaim to be “sword of god” are nothing but scums of the battlefield who must be stump out without mercy.  It is correct that the Philippine Marines are up against an uncivilized enemy who uses fear to demoralize the enemy.  These scums do not deserve to be treated with fair rules of warfare.

President Benigno C. Aquino during the burial rites for the fallen Marines vowed to pursue these lawless elements.   This statement, Mr. President is a poor rehash of similar promises given by your arch-enemy Gloria Macapagal Arroyo when she consoled the families of the 10 fallen Marines who similarly lost their heads to the Abu Sayyaf.  Several years later, this band of terrorists remains to elusive of the so-called “full force of the law.”  In fact, they seem to eat Presidential threats for breakfast.

Given that Basilan and Sulu are small islands that can be thoroughly combed for ticks like the Abu Sayyaf, President Aquino should focus all military power there.   Anyway, the other provinces do not need the Philippine Marines.  The Philippine National Police (PNP) Special Action Force can very well take care of the dwindling communist insurgency.  So why don’t the President transfer all the military bases in those islands – complete with support systems like military hospitals, munition storages and airfields for its bomb dropping OV-10 Broncos.

While at it, why don’t the President declare Martial Law only in Basilan, Sulu and parts of Zamboanga.  Implement the ID system (so Marines can easily pick up non-ID bearing individuals as the enemy).  Bring back hamletting and saturation drives.  Evacuate villages which are friendly to these terrorists.  In short, flush out the water wherein they freely swim.

The Philippine military can also make use of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) or the Mutual Defense Treaty (if its applicable) by seeking assistance of the US Military on vital reconaissance of Abu Sayaff lairs by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and fast patrol crafts which can chase and sank escaping bandits.

All of these can be done if only President Aquino hold on to his promise to every Marine family who lost a father, husband or father in a very traumatic manner to the Abu Sayaff’s sword.

Here comes the new breed of Whiste blowers…


First, it was a whistle blower totally unexpected,  Maguindanao Massacre suspect Zaldy Ampatuan offering to testify on the massive cheating against 3 senators supposedly ordered by then President now Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Litang Bedol.  The Palace seems keen on hearing his testimony on alleged electoral fraud in Maguindanao which thwarted actor Fernando Poe, Jr.’s quest for the Presidency.

Virgilio Garciliano.  “Hello Garci” himself volunteering to spill the beans on former President now Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo’s alleged hand in the massive electoral fraud in past elections.

Now…when all the bad guys seem to be on a comeback nowadays, we will be expect others to come out and testify against Congresswoman Arroyo?

Benjamin Abalos and Romulo Neri.  Ex-President men will tell all about the ZTE controversy?

General Carlos Garcia.  Will he tell all who took the money for the soldier’s combat boots?

By the way…where the heck is Eugenio “Udong” Mahusay?  Will we finally learn the real score between the former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo and Vicky Toh?

Angelo “Ador” Mawanay.  Anything under the sun?

Head Shot

Look at these clowns with their bullet proof vests. Ang yayabang…

Lintang Bedol: Hello, mga fans.  Hindi ako takot sa bala.  Bagong style lang to ng jacket…(joke)

Zaldy Ampatuan:  Anong takot sa bala? Walang ‘atang Ampatuan na takot sa bala…Okay ‘tong jacket ko may matching posas pa…

Cesar Mancao: Ang cute cute ng jacket ko no?  Lacoste yan.  Siguro hindi na ako makikila ni Ping nito.

Glen Dumlao:  Talo kayo rito sa Jacket ko may matching shades pa!

Its obvious that these  silly clowns haven’t met the 50-caliber Barrett sniper rifle. One bullet to the head from this monster will put to naught any thick and heavy bullet proof vest.

Anong Bullet Proof Vest-Bullet Proof Vest ‘yan?

Aysus…ngayon kilala na kita Barrett 50 caliber….

Separated at Birth Part 10

Madame Amanda Coling (extreme right)

Forever young, Madame Auring.

They may not be of the same age, but Lady of the Moment Amanda Coling has striking similarities with Madam Auring.

Does this mean that the Azkals 4 are “Thundercats Killers” too?

Naku po!!

Asong Ulol

Cool Amanda.  Amanda Coling in the center of the controversy.

The rumors circulating on the internet claims that Amanda Coling, a freelance model and a Ms. Premiere Condom non-winner (loser) is the girl entangled in the alleged gang-rape involving four big boys of the Azkal football team.

More of Amanda.  Did they do it or not?

Reputable source ABS-CBN News reported the alleged hot controversy as follows:

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Azkals find themselves in the midst of controversy as 4 members of the team are being accused of rape.

A tabloid report from a certain Paul Weiler is making its rounds in the Internet. Weiler is accusing 4 Azkals of raping a woman in the house of team manager Dan Palami.

The 4 Azkals being accused by Weiler are Neil Etheridge, Anton del Rosario, Simon Greatwich and Jason Sabio.

But the Azkals are denying the allegations.

On the other hand, leading celebrity website has a similar item on the supposed gang-rape:

Rumor has been circulating that four members of the national football team, Philippine Azkals, were involved in a “rape” incident.

The information received by (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other media members insinuates that Azkals members Neil Etheridge (goalkeeper), Simon Greatwich (midfielder), Anton del Rosario (defender), and Jason Sabio (defender) allegedly raped a Filipina in the house of their team manager Dan Palami.

The information contained an unconfirmed e-mail report from Paul Weiler, who introduced himself as a former consultant of the Philippine Football Federation (PFF). He related the incident to a reporter who wanted to confirm the rumor.

Weiler is a German football coach.

In the e-mail, Weiler wrote (published as is):

“Players Anton del Rosario, Jason Sabio and especially Simon Greatwich were involved and recorded the incident also via video cam (Jason Sabio was the one holding camera). Neil Etheridge and his very best friend Simon Greatwich did rape the woman and it seems happened in a villa/house of general manager Dan Palami (who seems not know about what happened in his house and was not there). ‘Master mind’ of this sex violence idea seems Anton del Rosario .. so far I know he did not rape the woman but pushed the others to do it.”

Her 5 minute of fame?  Fans cannot believe that Azkals have appetite for shrimp.

Filipino football fans are divided on this controversy.  Some say this is “crab mentality” working at its best.  They do not believe that these macho-gwapitos need to coerce a girl into a four-way sex romp.  On the other hand, some fans are concerned that the skyrocketing popularity of the Azkals and their strong influence on the youth.  They demand that sports officials should investigate this alleged controversy and spare no one – even though they are claimed to be the ‘”country’s next best hope in sports.”

My take on the matter is:  Why get happy-go-lucky half-breed Filipinos to play for the national team when there are thousand of deserving Filipino boys who could  focus on the ball and not miscellaneous activities.”

Meaning more less-pretty country boys like Chieffy Calindong and Yanti Barsales who would stick to the ball rather on the girls.

Thoroughbred Football Hero. Chieffy Calindong

Pinoy na Pinoy. Yanti Barsales 

Achilles’ Heel

Sure Ball.  The Kuwaiti Football Team unveiled its secret uniform against the Philippine Azkals.


The lingering rumor alleges four half-Filipino members of the football boy band Azkals to have gang raped a star struck fan at the house of their manager.

True or not, this has to be seriously looked into.  The Azkals being at the zenith of their popularity is greatly influential on the Filipino youth. They are now being idolized by young footballers who wish to represent their country in international events.

Now, let us ASSUME FOR A MOMENT, that the rotten gang rape has indeed happened. This is actually a remote possibility. There will always be a starstruck female fan hoping to “spend the night’ with one of her hunky sports idols – a pathetic teenage fantasy to be with the popular jock and keep him all for herself.  This is prevalent in any sports forum – a horde of screaming young girls tailing sports heroes around.

Add to this,  a swell-headed half-blood Filipino who thinks that he is better than his “un-handsome”/brown skinned teammate.  A spoiled brat who is promised everything including a showbiz and endorsement career just to don the national colors.  A disloyal sports man-o-war who will likely abandon the national team when a foreign club calls him even to sit-in as a reserve player.  Worse, a pea-brained jock who thinks he is God’s gift to shrieking teenage fans and the “future” of Philippine sports.

This powerful mix gives rise to a  situation where one such rabid fan follows her idol back into the locker room or his bedroom for some “inside stuff.”

Now, if the RUMOR IS TRUE  this starstruck female fan -maybe high on something (natural or otherwise) – found out that she got more that what she bargained for – three more horny sports idols waiting for her.   Inevitably, she was “azcalized” (raped like a street dog).

Thank goodness,  it is only a RUMOR.

Yet just recently,  one of the foreigner AZKALs admitted on TV of having known the girl.  Now that’s a chunk of an admission,mate!  Let me you remind you that no Filipino woman will shout to the whole world that she was raped when she was not.  It is just unfilipina!

If they know the supposed victim and the disgruntled person who is supposedly fanning the rumors against them, why don’t they file the appropriate cases to clear their names?  Why are the Azkals who are supposed to be barking wildly like their lowly streetdog namesake, suddenly quiet.

The Azkals should clear their names.

In fairness to Howie

Atty. Howard “Howie’ Calleja is a bright Atenean lawyer, no doubt.

Here is a reproduction of his letter published in journalist Ellen Tordesillas column:

Why I represent ARMM Governor Zaldy Ampatuan?

By Atty. Howard M. Calleja

When the word came around that I am representing ARMM Governor Zaldy Ampatuan. Family and friends asked, “Why?” Most of my friends cannot and refuse to reconcile the need for a vibrant and fair justice system with their repugnance towards my client. I am further asked how I come to grips with defending a morally reprehensible family? I asked myself, will defending Governor Zaldy lead to anger and hatred of my family, my friends, and my community?

My response is that I do not advocate my client’s viewpoints and or what they allege he stands for, but the broader legal issues which are the presumption of innocence, due process and the right to a fair trial. And since I believe in our legal system, how can I not represent my client? Our system is supposed to be about justice and people getting a fair trial. The system must protect the rights of all, or it cannot be guaranteed for anyone.

Briefly let me state that my client is innocent unless proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. He is merely linked to the case by association and relation to the other suspects in the case. On the only two incidents where his name is being unfairly dragged, we have solid and convincing documentary and testamentary proof that it was impossible for him to be present. Simply put Governor Zaldy was neither present in the alleged meeting nor was he present in the Maguinadanao Massacre.

Knowing this fact, I decided long and hard whether or not to take this case. The first place I looked was within. Such a decision has nothing to do with my political beliefs but is all about my conscience. As I am able to consult with the internal moral influences that function in my life. I found out that law is such a broad and diverse practice. I take this opportunity to state that in my 16 years in the law profession I have stood up for everyone regardless of age, race, religion, gender, political affiliations and beliefs, and even financial capacity. I have successfully defended an indigent farmer wrongly accused of a crime. I too represented victims of domestic and sexual violence from Zamboanga to Dasmarinas Village, Makati. My practice has also exposed me to various advocacies which I selflessly assisted all pro bono.

In all of this, I have learned that being a lawyer is about ensuring the rule of law for everyone. Our justice system is designed to guaranty a fair trial for everyone including my client. Just because Governor Zaldy was arrested and charged it does not mean he is guilty. 

And it is more unfair when counsels are judged for their defense of unpopular clients.

It is lamentable that the high publicity the case has received works as an injustice to the rights of my client. In such a way that one cannot distinguish one accused from the other. This is likewise true to me, my client-lawyer relationship is confused with what I truly stand for. By analogy, how come when a doctor attends and cures a criminal or an unpopular individual nobody suggests that the doctor support, agrees much less condones his or her acts. However, when a lawyer represents the same individual, everyone decides that the lawyer is as unacceptable as the client.
In conclusion, my bearings and conscience are firm. As a lawyer my primary obligation is clear: I am first and foremost an officer of the court. My first duty is to the court. I act only on lawful instructions of my client having their best interest in mind while not breaching my duties and obligations to the court.



Jessica Ampatuan, is that you?

IIt’s a relief that Justice Secretary Leila Delima has dismissed moves to make former Maguindanao Governor Zaldy Ampatuan a state witness.

Delima who is an ace litigator may have learned from the recent bungled case of People vs. Hubert Webb, et. al.

That celebrated case was brought down by one single person: the lying Jessica Alfaro (a description courtesy of the Honorable Supreme Court!).

It is also a relief that Delima believes that there could never be a perfect witness who can dovetail all loose ends.  Imagine, Zaldy Ampatuan offers testimony to nip the entire Arroyo Bad Guy Circle in one stick?!

It is highly probable that this Ampatuan warlord is just pulling our legs.  He has not even admitted to be part of the brazen massacre!  How can he turn state witness?

Whatever this Ampatuan is up to, he desperately wants to be convincing.  Having turn against his own family, his father Andal Sr. and own brother Andal Jr.

                                                    Atty. Howie the Transformer?

Well, observers who do not want to do any  deep pondering, have come up with a workable theory.  Maybe his saint of a lawyer, Atty. Howard  “Howie” Calleja (an Atenean lawyer and Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines’ legal counsel) must have transformed the warlord just like how the Almighty transformed apostle Paul.

But then….that is something that do not usually happen in Maguindanao.

Family Business

Take One: The Boxing Daughter



Take Two:  The Dirty Finger Father




Take Three: The Dirty Finger Brother (No originality though).


Imagine your city run by rogues like these.

Are there no more intelligent specie who will not agree with what they do?

Yet it is ironic that the Duterte’s brand of rule has been idolized by Davao’s citizenry.  A massive motorcade and parade was organized with people praising the family and throwing their support behind them.

They say that without the Duterte and their strong arm (and dirty finger?), Davao will remain the wasteland it was in the 1980s when one can be mercilessly gunned down like  street dog.  Lawless elements like NPA Sparrow units and Muslim rebels rule  the streets with impunity.   They said that Duterte and their swash buckling ways has restored law and order in Davao.

But isn’t it still happening right now.  Davao is still the  wild wild west.

A supposed powerful officer of the Court, a Sheriff who is tasked with the implementation of court orders, was repeatedly punched in broad daylight and in front of hundreds of cheering spectators.

Two supposed respectable city officials who badmouth the press and stick a “dirty finger” on national wide TV without any trace of regret.

All of these characters live in a city where people fear vigilante justice under the supposed Davao Death Squads.

Now, if you are saying that the Dutertes brought peace to Davao, you can now rest…. in peace.






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