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So Whom Did You Vote For?

Two days after the Philippine mid-term elections, the dust seems to have settled. The winners of the Senatorial race are coming into view. Now, no matter how frustrating it is to see that Filipinos continue to vote based on plain popularity, the rest of the intelligent voters have to bear the burden of having clowns and bozos elected into office.


1.) Grace Poe – The best thing about Grace Poe Llamanzares’ no. 1 winning position is the reaffirmation of the old Filipino trait “utang na loob” (debt of gratitude). Filipinos who used to cower in fear after the Japanese occupation may have rediscovered bravery in the fantasy world action hero “Da King” Fernando Poe, Jr. (Grace’s famous father). Some of them must have been smitten by the elder Poe’s mild-mannered nature and soft spoken charisma that they forced him to run…and lose in the 2004 Presidential elections. Those who voted for Grace could also have considered her an “heir” to “Da King’s” throne and this translated to her stellar performance at the tills… booths.

What can she do in the Senate: Maybe draft laws to discourage movie actors to join politics like requiring them to graduate college first.

Senator Loren Legarda NY Condos

2.) Loren Legarda – Maybe she really bought that New York apartment with her own money but there are people who really do not understand why Loren keeps popping on top of the senate race. For somebody whose image is mostly built up by the media mogul she used to work with, Loren is yet to create an impact in the Philippine legislature. Loren has thoroughly milked environmental theme causes but environmental destruction still continues.

What can she do in the Senate (this time): Maybe haul into the Senate Floor the environmental “destructors” of Boracay for an oversight investigation.


3.) Allan Peter Cayetano – He is the genuine winner number one being a rightful legislature material: Atenean lawyer, scion of a bonafide legislator and legal eagle Companero Rene, and author of several sensible legislation. However, the stigma of being part of the growing Cayetano political dynasty a.k.a ” Hermanos Cayetano Politico, Inc.” that includes two of his siblings: Pia (Senator), Lino (TV director and now Taguig’s Second District Representative), and his very own wife, Lani as Taguig Mayor – leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

What can he do in the Senate (this time): Maybe legislate a genuine anti-dynasty bill.


4.) Chiz Escudero – His inclusion in the top 5 has been foretold long before election day. In fact, he was expected to top it or at least land number 2. Were it not for that pesky objection by the parents of his young lady love, Love Ongpauco (Heart Evangelista), he could have been that top pick. Just imagine how a media creation can easily be shattered by accusations of being an uncultured drunkard.

What can he do in the Senate (this time): Maybe repair his bruised image and think about the 2016 Presidential elections. If that won’t convince the Ongpaucos, nothing will.


5.) Nancy Binay – Most consider her the luckiest new kid on the block. Capitalizing on her father’s popularity and machinery, this erstwhile personal assistant who admitted to have been pushed by the party to run for the Senate has raked in the votes – regardless of experience and personal platform, easily topped the Senate race. The actual winner in her case is her father (from whom she did not only inherite her skin color but also her political luck) who has once again proven that early planning and a well-oiled machinery born in feudal Makati can be replicated nationwide.

What can she do in the Senate? Your guess is as good as mine.

(to be continued)

Give Boracay a Rest!




Boracay in the late 70s.



The 10 year Transformation of Boracay.

And this is Boracay now…..













Boracay is under the leadership of a young and dynamic mayor, John Yap, a scion of long-time Boracay landowners. He is in the perfect position to prevent further deterioration as he must have seen what was Boracay when he was young.  Mayor John who was born during mid-70s may have frolic butt-naked along the pristine kilometric and swimming pool-like beach waters.  He have seen how beautiful it was, how unpolluted, how uncrowded, and how “flood-free.”


The fate of Boracay rests in your hands, Mayor Yap.

Mayor John should consider giving the entire of Boracay Island a “post-peak season break.”   Boracay establishments should be like top restaurants in Metro Manila that close for business after lunch and reopen only for dinner time. The time in between  is when the  restaurant and its crew can get to rest, clean and polish the establishment for the next batch of customers.

Boracay’s 6 months or so peak season not only rakes in millions in dollars, but it also pulls in thousands of tourists into the islands and into its rest rooms- “kabooming”  each and every morning with gusto.  Because of the influx of tourists into the island, it receives severe beating environmentally-wise.  Airlines and Ro-ro’s that bring in the tourists also bring in jet boom, burnt jet fuel, onboard garbage and sewerage.  Tricycles and multi-cabs that bring them around spew carbon monoxide.  The hotels and restaurants dump domestic waste, grease, detergent, and  “Kambooms”  on a daily basis.  Even the innocent skin divers may accidentally step on the corals  and destroy thousand of years of fragile marine ecology.


Can the stakeholders of the island afford an after 6 season lay-over or temporary stoppage (for maintenance or repairs)?

Yes, it can!  Millions of dollars earned during peak tourist season can take care of them.  They should let the island that they have been squeezing for money – take a rest.   Employees and maintenance personnel can still have their jobs as they will be busy putting back the island in shape.



HTC Boracay Cleanup



I hope its not only for show.  

Mayor John, you got a lot of things to do to fix Boracay.  On the other hand, Boracay needs a well-deserved break (Just like any pretty worn-out whore needs to clean herself up for the next customers).

Theme Song For the (Terribly) Heart Broken

If there is a song aptly for Jaypee Santos, it will be ironically the Script’s Breakeven:


I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing
Just prayin’ to a god that I don’t believe in
Cos I got time while she got freedom
Cos when a heart breaks no it don’t break even

Her best days will be some of my worst
She finally met a man that’s gonna put her first
While I’m wide awake she’s no trouble sleeping
Cos when a heart breaks no it don’t breakeven… even… no

What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you, 
And what am I supposed to say when I’m all choked up that you’re ok
I’m falling to pieces, yeah, 
I’m falling to pieces

They say bad things happen for a reason
But no wise words gonna stop the bleeding
Cos she’s moved on while I’m still grieving
And when a heart breaks no it don’t breakeven even… no

What am I gonna to do when the best part of me was always you, 
And what am I supposed to say when I’m all choked up that you’re ok
I’m falling to pieces, yeah, 
I’m falling to pieces, yeah, 
I’m falling to pieces 
(One still in love while the other ones leaving)
I’m falling to pieces 
(Cos when a heart breaks no it don’t breakeven)

Oh you got his heart and my heart and none of the pain
You took your suitcase, I took the blame.
Now I’m try’na make sense of what little remains ooh
Cos you left me with no love and no love to my name.

I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing
Just prayin’ to a god that I don’t believe in
Cos I got time while she got freedom
Cos when a heart breaks no it don’t break 
No it don’t break 
No it don’t break even no

What am I gonna do when the best part of me was always you and
What am I supposed to say when I’m all choked up that you’re ok 
(Oh glad you’re okay now)
I’m falling to pieces yeah 
(Oh I’m glad you’re okay)
I’m falling to pieces yeah 
(One still in love while the other ones leaving)
I’m falling to pieces 
(Cos when a heart breaks no it don’t breakeven)

Oh it don’t break even no
Oh it don’t break even no
Oh it don’t break even no


I’m falling to pieces. Janine Tugonon’s boyfriend Jaypee Santos.


While I’m wide awake she’s no trouble sleeping.  Janine is claiming “contact” with the Script’s Danny O’Donoghue.

Why Breakeven?….just watch this highly-scandalous (translated: Kaloka) episode of Kris TV where Janine Tugonon extinguished whatever little is left of her (ex) boyfriend Jaypee Santos’ male pride.

Imagine this was broadcasted in national TV and during a highly rated show.  And Janine Tugonon had the gall of bringing along Jaypee like he was a mere heartless accessory  or somebody bereft of  FEELINGS.  I could just imagine being in Jaypee’s shoes while his Miss Universe girlfriend FLIRTLY TALKS about her supposed contact with The SCRIPT’s Danny O’Donohue.  To every viewers’ disgust, Janine gamely related to Kris Aquino and co-host John Lapus how she came in contact with Irish Danny at the latter’s concert at the Big Dome.  Modesty aside, she wiggled herself by pulling strings  just to “contact” Danny and mind you, she brought along Jaypee as though he was just her bodyguard.  Thereafter, she and Irish Danny communicated through Twitter and iMessage (Janine proudly stated in the interview that it was Irish Danny who started sending her message – so what can she do?).

Ang putting talaga oh!

To think that this lady is our country’s representative to the Miss Universe and supposedly an epitome of Filipina grace and beauty!!!!

My heart goes to Jaypee who has controlled his composure all through out the interview.  I bet my twenty centavos that he was crumbling inside as if to live up the lines in Break even:

I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing
Just prayin’ to a god that I don’t believe in
Cos I got time while she got freedom
Cos when a heart breaks no it don’t break 
No it don’t break 
No it don’t break even no

A lot of those who saw it could not believe their eyes.  All throughout the interview, Janine was behaving like a school girl and beaming with pride and excitement with the thought that a foreign frankfurter like Irish Danny fancied  her and sent her Twitter direct messages and Imessages.


Hoy! Janine.


Have you heard of groupies and after concert parties that pop stars usually have?  Those are usually wild and involve casual acquaintances.  These rockers and popstars go around the world often to bang different girls after their concerts or take advantage of some  conepone country pussy(cat) while on the road.  This blog does not have to remind you of several foreign acts who came and passed the Philippines with wild parties and hook-ups.  But what happened to their casual sex partners?  Did they last?

Hoy! Janine…magisip ka nga.


Irish Spring.  Janine’s ugliness will be exposed.

What you did to your ex-bf Jaypee on national TV even though you placed your arms around him as to comfort him (plastic!!) could not cover the ugliness of your character that was exposed during that interview.  What if it is the other way around, Janine?  If you are the average looking lady who is swapped by your dashing boyfriend to a foreign act…or worse back up dancer who looks twice better than you.  What can you say about that???



See, Janine they actually look-alike…

N.B.  Those who saw the Kris TV segment cannot help but see the facial similarities between Jaypee and Irish Danny (True, look at the black t-shirt and the crew cut style of Jaypee!).  Only a small tweak and he is Pinoy’s version of Irish Danny!   This may make Janine realize that there is a little difference between the two.  But if I am Jaypee, I will never go back to Janine.  Jaypee deserves a true Miss Universe – somebody pretty in the outside but also in the inside.

Why I Won’t Vote For Bro. Eddie Villanueva (2013 Senatorial Election Series, Part 3)


Oh no. Not again! Brother Eddie is joining the political battle for the Senate.

There is a biblical passage that goes: Give to Ceasar what is due him. And to God what is His. Or did i misquote it?

The matter of electing popular evangelist Brother Eddie Villanueva is beyond the fine line of distinction between religion and politics. We should not go as far as worrying about voting religious figures into public office and turning the Philippines into another Iran. What is simple to understand is that Bro. Eddie joining politics is plainly hypocritical. He is just taking advantage of his religious popularity to the fullest. True, he is a popular evangelist who has millions of followers, a bible-quoting self-righteous man, an anti-corruption crusader who uses words such as “Bangon Pilipinas” to rally his troops. Brother Eddie, if he is the man he is supposed to be – does not need to run for public office to serve the flock.






Is Eddie Villanueva a rightful shoo-in Senatoriable or just a “holier than thou” blabber mouth who takes advantage of his flock to be a politician? (or, God forbid, lead them to slaughter)?

In my opinion, he is like Buddha who has millions of followers. Unlike the pot-bellied bald god, Brother Eddie is ten times luckier because has political ambitions.

I do not think Eddie Villanueva can look anybody in the eye and say that he is entering politics to serve the Filipino people. He, as a religious worker who supposedly brought spiritual enlightenment to millions of his flock members has already done the public a splendid service. Why does he need to be in the Senate or in any government position in order to serve? Don’t tell me it is the pork barrel? Surely, the millions of pesos of “clean” love offerings is already enough to lead a respectable life as God’s servant.



His son, Joel is currently TESDA Chief (above) and close Aquino ally.


His junior, Jon-Jon Villanueva (second from left) is mayor of Bocaue, Bulacan


His son-in-law, Sherwin Tugna is CIBAC Partylist congressman.

Why does Brother Eddie need to run when his immediate family is already neck deep into “public service.” His son, Joel founded Citizen’s Battle Against Corruption (CIBAC) party list. Joel became the youngest member of the House of Representatives (HOR) when he took his oath of office on February 6, 2002. According to the Philippine Star, Joel Villanueva is the fifth richest party-list congressman with a net worth of P18.4 million. He was recently “rewarded” the position of Director General of the cash-rich Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) by his political patron. Brother Eddie’s eldest son, Mayor Eduardo “Jon-Jon” Villanueva, Jr., incumbent mayor of Bocaue, Bulacan lost his campaign in 2004 but won in the May 2007 elections. Jonjon was charged with murder for allegedly ordering the shooting of a soldier of the Armed Forces of the Philippines during the May 2007 elections. What more – Bro. Eddie’s son-in-law, Sherwin Tugna is also a politician- a Congressman under the CIBAC party list (Whoa! does this make CIBAC a family-0wned and controlled party list????). Can he really look one in the eye and honestly say that he is against political dynasties?

At least the other religious leaders are not this brazen. Even Catholic priests who want to be politicians have to go on leave to run for elections.

Brother Mike Velarde of El Shaddai and the Manalos of Iglesia ni Cristo are contented in giving political endorsement. But wait. Aren’t they tied to party lists too? – Buhay for Velarde and ALAGAD for the Manalos? But then, you cannot find any Velardes or Manalos in other political offices, right?

The Muslim brothers like the Sultanate Kirams, MNLF Misuari and MILF Alhaj Murad have to spill blood to be able to be recognized in politics.

The Villanuevas just had it easy!

Let me end this piece by saying: Too much power corrupts. Or I am mistaken again?

The Ongpauco Revelation


The Falling Star Named Chiz

The latest survey on senatorial candidates for the midterm Philippine elections shows a noticeable drop on Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero’s ranking.  From the comfortable no.2 spot, Chiz went down like a bullet-riddled duck to the no. 3-4 spot just a notch higher than once politically unknown Nancy Binay.


The Romeo and Juliet of the Philippines.

Pro-Chiz supporters say that this drop in popularity ratings could not be due to the “Romeo and Juliet” tragedy that he currently finds himself in.  The Chiz-Heart Evangelista brouhaha being a recent episode while the survey was done early March.   They also believe that the young senator’s star is not all dim but just twinkling.  He will get back on his feet in time for the election.

But is this really the case?


Mrs. Cecille Ongpauco.  The new Mrs. Expose

If the cause of Chiz spiraling hell dive is not the  revelations of Cecille Ongpauco (Heart’s mother) then there is more to worry.   This is because Mrs. Ongpauco is dead set to unmask Chiz and prove that he is good for nothing alcoholic and disrespectful SOB. If she cannot win her daughter back, maybe she can convince the Filipino voters that Chiz has  no place in the Philippine Senate.





The First Lady Trick.  How to snare an Actress’ Heart?  





Secret Weapon to a sure shot election:  Goody goody image

And there is more to what Mrs. Ongpauco has revealed about this boyish senator if one just reads between the lines.  She was able to draw a striking similarity between how Chiz won as senator  and  place sexy Heart under his spell.   Before he became Senator, Chiz  greatly capitalized on  charm and that goody goody image to become  a “shoo-in” during his first senatorial bid.  The very same way he captured the “body and soul” of  Heart – mesmerizing her with clandestine midnight dates and political ambitions (perhaps a crack at the First Lady in 2022).   Filipino voters are just like how Mrs. Ongpauco described her actress daughter in one interview- immature despite her advance age.   In the same vein, Filipino voters despite decades of political experience are  still immature and bedazzled by appearances, gimmicks and promises (more often empty) by politicians.  Just count how many actors, sportsmen, pretty boys and pretty girls have been elected to the Philippine Senate since the EDSA revolution!


So even skipping the more serious accusation of alcholism and disrespect for the elderly – Chiz was badly and seriously exposed and soon probably unmasked.


Victims of Love

In Philippine society, there is glaring hypocrisy about marriage and the newly single man or woman (those whose marriages where declared null and void by the courts but not the religious organization under which the marriage was officiated).   In fact, this specie of people are unluckiest – there are still married in the eyes of religion but free as birds in the eyes of the law.  There is no better explanation of this  hypocrisy but the recent much talked about controversies in Philippine politics and showbiz.


Victim No. 1 :  Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero

It is an open secret that Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero’s marriage to lounge singer Christine “Tin-tin” Flores is already declared null and void.  As such, the newly-single senator can date whoever he wanted.  He chose to date former child star and now come backing-as-a-sexy-actress Heart Evangelista: a move that most sees as well-thought of.  Chiz who is gunning for the Vice Presidency in 2016 and the Presidency in 2022 has chosen a pretty, sexy and desirable muse who can easily bring in the requisite star power in his campaign (especially that Chiz gravely lacks star quality –  he actually looks more of funny man Jose Manalo or Andrew E rather than over-hyped resemblance to rock star Bamboo Manalac).

senator chiz escudero.1



And there is nothing wrong in romancing (a subtle word believe me) Heart.  Whoever Chiz wants to date -thats is his business regardless of his motives (if indeed there are).  Surely, he did not point a gun to Heart’s head in order to get the latter’s total surrender of body and soul.  That is why there should be an uproar when Heart’s filthy rich parents have openly objected to their romance (let us sideline the allegation of  Chiz as an alcoholic).  The truth of the matter is that it is Heart who is the captain of her heart (err..boat).  In fact, she is already 28 years old – an aging adult if you ask me.  Her parents cannot protect her forever.  They can even be barred from her bedroom if she wants to.


Another reason why Mr. and Mrs. Ongpaoco’s (Heart’s parents) objection should fail  is their wayward if not hypocritical displeasure on Chiz’s  inability to  give Heart a church wedding.  According to them,  Chiz is still married to his ex-wife  in the eyes of the Catholic church.  Now, this is not only off tangent but totally unfair.  If Chiz will be handicapped by the effects of his bum marriage, how long will he suffer for it?  With this demand and psyche, the Ongpaocos are living in the ancient age when couples should expect one another to be pristine and untouched at their wedding night.  Is it the case with Heart?  Isn’t she the girl  “who has been around the block?”  It is a matter of not demanding what you cannot give yourself.


Victim No.2:  James Yap

What seems  to start as a prank between father and child  has gone wrong.  Very wrong.  James Yap, the ex-husband of Presidential sister and Philippine mega-media star Kris Aquino is being charged of abusing not only the latter but also their son, Bimby (the child formerly known as Baby James).



What went awfully wrong?

According to James, he merely joked about kissing her ex-wife when Bimby refused to give him a goodbye kiss.  In a make belief kissing bandit move, James suddenly found himself facing a petition for the issuance of a protection order.  On the other hand, Kris accused her ex of making “overt sexual advances” which she resisted.   Kris also said James  acted “as if he was still entitled to his matrimonial rights” in full view of their son.  Now, James runs the risk of not talking to his son -ever.

What a sad predicament for somebody whose marriage is already non-existent under the law but still married before the eyes of the Church.  A total opposite of Chiz Escudero’s situation.  Even though James  was rightfully  eased out of The Kris Aquino household after several case of philandering, he still have rights over Bimby that “no holier than thou” or ultra-mega powerful mother cannot abridge.  And what if James did some joke about kissing her?  Did he intend to sexually abuse his wife (allegedly a top  financier of her brother’s presidential campaign) in front of  his son (who is said to be a favorite of his Presidential uncle)?  Does he want to end up in the same dump as Alfie Anido?

(N.B.  Well, lets all hope that Chiz is only spinning this future in-laws objection to their relationship issue to his advantage.  He is the typical underdog in what seems to be a “Mayaman vs. Dukha” (Rich vs. Poor)  war being waged by  Ongpaocos.  Although he does not obviously need it, Chiz may be preparing for his Presidential campaign.  A Romeo and Juliet theme for 2016 or 2022? Way to go, Chiz!  On the other hand, we all hope that this latest domestic spat between Princess Kris and King James is but a publicity stunt for their respective careers.).

Shameful Behavior at its Best.

The recent TV debate between incumbent Manila Mayor Fred Lim and ex-President Joseph “Erap” Estrada has brought the matter of campaigning for the upcoming May Philippine elections  into the abyss of shame.

Imagine the two are supposed dignified leaders but they don’t behave as such.  One Chief Executive of the Philippine’s capital.  The other a former President – occupant of the highest office of the land.  Both in the thick of mudslinging – on personal issues. As the debate heated, the two started to call one another liars!

But why are they are like little kids bickering over a toy.

If I am a Manileno, I wont waste my vote for any of them.


I won’t vote for Alfredo Lim – the s0-called “Dirty Harry of Manila” during whose tenure as Manila Mayor the summary killings of suspected criminals are prevalent.


I won’t also vote for Erap – as he was convicted (although pardoned) for graft and corruption – a first for a Philippine President.  For me, he has become a national shame.



I would rather upgrade Vice Mayor Isko Moreno who is most qualified to be Mayor (a lesser evil if you ask me).

Why not Export the Abu Sayaff?


The Philippine Armed forces are powerless against them.

pic-11280703400674Even with Manny Pacquiao on their side, Philippine soldiers continue to be overran, killed, mutilated and beheaded.


images (9)


Despite the “modern” military hardware of the Philippine military, they  still have the upper-hand.




Even the US Military who sent several “military advisers” and modern war toys in the Philippines to fight them is shamed.

Who are these fighters that both the Philippine and US military cannot subdue?

Who else but the  dreaded Abu Sayyaf (“The Bearers of the Sword”).




For almost three decades, they have prove themselves worthy of being called “Philippines’ Most Victorious Warriors.”

And not only that they are considered  the most effective fighting force in the Philippines, they are also world-class warriors (well, if you consider their scope of operation and ties with Muslim extremist groups like Al Kaeda.).

Based on their combat history, the Abu Sayyaf have  the following advantages and strength as a fighting force:

images (10)

First, they are not a small-time band of part-time goat herders.  They have proven to be able to assault and burn one town (Ipil, Zamboanga) to the ground in 1995.

b079_superferry_2050081722-22599 (1)

Second, they sunk an passenger ship, Super Ferry 14  (one of Philippines biggest at that time) in 2004.

images (17)




Third, they were able to snatch foreign tourists from faraway Sipadan, Malaysia and Dos Palmas, Palawan using only speedboats and under the noses of the Malaysian and Philippine military.


images (7)


Fourth, they are not only armed with high power weaponry (thanks to the skalawags in Philippine military!), thoroughly-skilled in jungle warfare, and able  to move with stealth past the Philippine navy cordon, they self-sufficient (in tens of millions of pesos, dollars, euros, etc.) from years of lucrative kidnapping for ransom operations.


images (11)

images (12)


Here is a PARTIAL list of the Abu Sayyaf money making…err..kidnapping activities:

* Raid and abduction of 21 people, mostly foreigners, on April 23 of last year in Sipadan, Sabah, Malaysia

* Detention for a fee of nine foreign journalist covering the Sipadan kidnapping on May 13 last year in Patikul, Sulu; 

* Hostage custodian in Mount Puti Odong situated in the border of Talipao and Maimbung towns, Sulu where the 21 people seized from Sipadan, Sabah, Malaysia were kept in captivity

* Kidnapping of two Hong Kong and one Malaysian nationals in Malamanok island, Tawi-Tawi on 1998;

* Kidnapping of American priest, Fr. Clarence Bertelsman in Jolo, Sulu on 1997 and three Spanish nuns, also in Jolo on 1993;

* Kidnapping of 20 people, including three Americans last May 27 from Dos Palmas beach resort in Palawan.

* Kidnapping of TV personality Ces Orena-Drilon.

A big KA-CHING!!  Money in the millions for the Abu Sayyaf and their middle men!

What more, the Abu Sayyaf are known to be fearless, fierce and BRUTAL fighters.  A word that they are coming sends their supposedly well-trained and well-armed adversaries scrambling for cover.  Ask the Philippine Marines whose comrades  lost their heads to these kris-wielding warriors.


Armed villagers



images (16)


Summing it up, the Abu Sayyaf are:

…  jungle fighters with extensive combat experience.

…supposedly trained by the foreign military forces (rumored to be trained by the CIA during its inception).

…Experts in psychological warfare (mere mention of their approach send shivers to the adversary).

…well-armed with rocket propelled grenades and sophisticated communication gear (that Phil. military seem cannot crack).

…defeated the Philippine-US forces in Basilan a dozen times over.

…not afraid of modern war machinery.

…able to operate in foreign lands (like assault and surgical strikes).

…has foreign backing -Al Kaeda and other Muslim extremist groups.

…has own money (tens of millions of it).

…. can evade a naval blockage.

… genuine Muslims (not infidels susceptible to anti-christian propaganda) who can summon Pentakasi when needed.

…has experience in raiding and ransacking one town.

…has experience in blowing up structures…and big ships.

….and more importantly, they are the ones who can fight  “long time.”..

images (19)

images (18)


Hmmm….perfect augmentation force for the beleaguered “security forces” of the Sultanate of Sulu (their supposed ruler) who are killed like rats in Sabah.

But how come they are not moving an inch to reinforce their comrades?   This a Million Dollar Question.

Come to think of it, if  this effective fighting force to cross the Sulu straight, the Philippines may not even be dragged further into the Sabah problem (The Abu Sayyaf is branded a terrorist group by the Philippines) and will not be pressured to  help out the Sultanate forces.  Everybody happy!

But lets go back to the million dollar question: what will make the Abu Sayyaf move their butts and go to Sabah?

Maybe this man….

images (20)


0857Aman Futures’ President and Founder Manuel Amalilio who is now in Sabah allegedly under the protection of his influential relatives.  This man is Abu Sayyaf material.  He has reportedly carted 12 BILLION PESOS from mostly Muslim businessmen in Mindanao!  A sure bait for the Abu Sayyaf to haul their asses to Sabah.

images (15)

In doing so, they will be able to achieve the following with the proverbial “one-stone -four-bird” attack:

No.1 – Help wage a David and Goliath match where they are experts (Remember they will  fight you “long time!”).   Maybe later, the Malaysian government will just let go Sabah  like how the Philippine government seems to shun  Sulu due to this presence of these pesky Abu Sayyaf.     And if this happens, the Abu Sayyaf will be in the good graces of the Sultanate.    Remember that  Sabah was merely given to Sultanate of Sulu by the Sultanate of Brunei for helping the latter quell a rebellion.  Who knows if the Sultanate of Sulu will reward the Abu Sayyaf  with some oil rich land when they regain control of Sabah.

No. 2 –  As an immediate remedy, the Abu Sayyaf will prevent the annihilation of  their fellow Muslim brothers- the armed followers of the Sultanate of Sulu who are now branded as “Terrorists” by both the Malaysian and Philippine government.

No.3-  Help 12,000 investors of Aman Futures who will hail them as heroes for bringing  Manuel Amalilio to justice (maybe after they hold him for ransom).

No.4 –  Cure the Philippine government’s decade long headache of figuring how to  flush them out from  Tawi-tawi, Jolo and Basilan.

Whoa!  What a tempting possibility!

Double Standard on Philippine Television


Philippine media regulatory body, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) seems to be practicing double standard.

Just recently they threatened to sanction sexy actress and co-host Anne Curtis for simulating a “commando” get-up under a make believe raining song number (Well, if there is to be totally banned from national TV it should be Anne’s horrible singing!).  For the second time here is the clip of that “provocative” number:

However, when it is the President Benigno “Pnoy” Aquino’s sister Kris Aquino who does a totally tasteless and scandalous show, the MTRCB seems to turn a blind eye.  In one episode of “Pinoy Got Talent” hosted by Kris, a group of contestants who are supposedly out to prove that Filipinos are talented – gave primetime audience a very dirty and cheap presentation.  Believe it or not, the program showed three men trying to extinguish a candle by farting.  Totally gross if you ask me.

Now how come “Pinoy Got Talent” went scott free when it totally debased and ridiculed Filipinos as poorly talented.  Extinguishing a candle by farting! Can you imagine that!

If Anne Curtis deserves to be  castigated for fooling the multitude of TV viewers that she wore no panties in her song number, what more for Kris Aquino and his co-hosts who allowed such cheap (and totally tasteless) trick to get any airtime?


Dahil ba si Kris Aquino ang mababanga nila?  Boo MTRCB!

I Own the Philippines!


I am a Maharlikan!  I am the rightful owner of the Philippines!

Move over, Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram! Somebody higher than you should decide the fate of your “little” fiefdom in Sulu.  And mind you President Benigno “Pnoy” Aquino is nowhere above him.


Papa, have you heard of Salam Lacan Luisong Tagean?

If his claims are to be believed,  Salam Lacan Luisong Tagean, from Camarines Sur owns the entire Philippines.  Claiming to be the “heir” to King Luisong Tagean, a descendant of Raja Soliman and supposedly the rightful owner of the entire Philippine archipelago, Tagean even claims to have a title to the entire archipelago.

Sultan Kiram should watch out for the Raja Tagean and his claims. If he continues to be pre-occupied  with his little war in Sabah, the latter may beat him in filing a claim with the United Nations International Court of Justice! Kayo rin!


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