Welcome to Jahannam!


For Filipino Catholics, the ticket to eternal damnation is to violate the Ten Commandments of Yahweh and forsake the Creator’s forgiveness while living.  The good book relates that the road to Hell, or the lake of eternal flame, is wide while the path to heaven is narrow.  Hell, pop culture claims is packed with celebrities and the who’s-who of the world (dictators, emperors, kings, Presidents and rock stars).


Interestingly, hell for muslims or Jahannam  is more brutal.


According to the Koran, suffering in Jahannam is both physical and spiritual, and varies according to the sins of the condemned. Hell has seven levels (each one more severe than the one above it; seven gates (each for a specific group of sinners); a blazing fire, boiling water, and the Tree of  Zaqqum.


Unlike the Christian Bible, the Koran offers detailed descriptions of the methods of punishment in Jahannam. It states the punishments will be: the burning of skin, only to be replaced for reburying; garments of fire to be worn, and boiling water that will scald the skin and internal organs and faces; faces on fire; lips burnt off; backs on fire; from side to side; faces dragged along fire; bound in yokes then dragged through boiling water and fire, and wearing a pair of sandals on fire that will boil your brain.


In the Koran, the punishments of Jahannam (such as burning)  are always followed with contrary protection of paradise (such as shade). Hell is said to be filled with venomous snakes/scorpions, the pain from whose venom will last 40 years.

Those who prevent others from following the path of Allah will be punished more severely. Hypocrites are found in the lowest of depths of the fire. Those who spread corruption—on top of having already hindered the path of Allah—will experience harsher punishments.


Surah (chapter) al-Ghashiyah of the Qur’an states that the only food in Hell will be “dari” or a bitter plant. Another surah—Sad—states that sinners in hell will taste “a boiling fluid and a filthy fluid of pus and blood and other penalties of a similar kind to match them”. Verses in four different surah state that hell’s inhabitants food will be the fruit from the Zaqqumtree—a tree that springs out of the bottom of hellfire. The shoots of its fruit-stalks are like the “heads of devils” and eating it is similar to eating molten brass that will boil their insides “like scalding water”. Sinners drink boiling water that will cut their bowels when they consume it. If they call for relief, they shall be given water also described as being like molten brass, which will scald their faces.


According to one Hadith, the least-suffering person in Jahannam will have his/her brain boiling from standing on hot embers.

Types of punishments in Jahannam are often specific to type of sin, for example those who did not pay Zakat, “on the Day of Resurrection, his wealth will be presented to him in the shape of a bald-headed poisonous male snake with two poisonous glands in its mouth and it will encircle itself round his neck and bite him over his cheeks and say, ‘I am your wealth; I am your treasure.'”  Another Hadith relates that a person who committed suicide will be punished over and over on the Day of Judgment and later in Jahannam by the very means he/she used to end his/her life.


It is a relief that Christians and Muslims are united in believing that there is indeed payback in the afterlife for a person who has greatly sinned.  As such, Jahannam welcomes the following offenders:



1.)  The terrorists who killed thousands at the World Trade Center during 9-11.



2.)  The terrorists who murdered their innocent hostages.




3.)   The terrorists who murdered and raped the hapless victims of the Maguindanao Massacre.




4.) The terrorists who murdered the 44 police officers at Mamasapano, Maguindanao.



5.) The terrorists who slaughter innocent men and women for the sake of propaganda.

10 Reasons why you should not hate the Binays.





First, they are this century’s version of the Marcoses.  And before you violently react, remember that the Marcoses are credited with this country’s epic advancement in the 70s and 80s that continues to benefit the Filipinos up to this very date:  the LRT, the PICC, the San Juanico Bridge, the Manila International Airport, Film Center, the South Superhiway and the Magallanes interchage. Yes, the Marcoses were accused of robbing the Filipinos blind but nothing has really been proven.  Just like the Marcos family, the Binay family has turned Makati City from a so-so financial district in the 1980s into a megalopolis that it is today.  And it is sad but true, nothing of the dozens of graft accusations against them have been proven in court.



Second, the Binays’ political feat  is the crystal clear proof that any ordinary man can make it big in the political arena.  It can be recalled that Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay was once a dirt poor MABINI lawyer who cannot even show up in court wearing a decent barong.  It was his participation in the anti-Marcos movement in the late 1980s that put him in the graces of then political superstar Corazon Aquino.  From his appointment as OIC-Mayor of Makati City after the EDSA revolution, Jojo did not look back and Makati never again tasted any other political stew but the Binays.



Third, the Binays strengthen our claim on the disputed Spratly’s islands.  Otherwise stated, the often ridiculed dark-skinned and short politician is a reminder that way before the Malays, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Chinese landed on these shores, there were  little dark-skinned negritos who inhabited these islands.  Now that is a way better argument than the UNCLOS.




Fourth, Jejomar Binay and his daughter Senator Nancy are your typical teleserye protagonists portrayed as poor, oppressed and persecuted by  rich hacienderos (choose you pick, President Pnoy Cojuangco Aquino or Mar Araneta Roxas).  In the upcoming fight for Presidency, Jojo Binay is surely going to portray himself as this character.   On the other hand, Senator Nancy who is jokingly  mistaken as a “housemaid” can be perfect substitute to TV heroine Judy Ann Santos.   Do you think the TV soap opera-crazy Filipinos will hate likeable telenovela characters like Jojo the Hampaslupa who can easily pass Lisa Soberano’s long lost father in the continuation of hit soap Forevermore and Yaya Nancy as Marimar’s negro housemaid?




Fifth, Jojo Binay is just magnanimous like the legendary “Da King” or Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ).  Just like how FPJ championed the causes of the lowly people – extras, stuntmen and kontrabidas, the Binays resurrected the careers of political baddies like Toby Tiangco, Atty. JV Bautista, and even those of his rivals – Atty.  Renato Bondal and former Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado.  With the rate the Binays are giving these nobodies job opportunities, they might be able to solve the country’s unemployment problem.




Sixth, Binays invested in environmental-friendly endeavours like operating flower shops, orchidariiums, and air-conditioned piggeries.  They also have cake and catering businesses that feed the Makati’s poor and senior citizens. They are not like other political families who are into destructive activities like mining or quarrying and oppressive labor intensive businesses like sugar haciendas.




Seventh, the Binays have good taste.  Just look at Mayor Jun-jun’s taste in women: his first wife  (bless her soul) was an actress and that he was romantically entangled with the Queen of Multi-media Kris Aquino (another fine lady i should say), Look at his Dad Jojo – aside from having a pretty lady doctor as his lifetime partner, he is allegedly been with a bevy of beauties.


Eight, the Binays assure the country of political stability.  In the absence of an anti-dynasty law and proliferation of political families with good for nothing offsprings, it is undeniable that the Binays who have three political heirs – a city mayor (in his mid-30s), a Senator (in her early 30s)  and a Congressman  (who is in her late 20s) offers the country political continuity at least of the next 30 years.  Now, that is good for business and foreign investment!

0826_03 trillanes-at-oakwood


Ninth, support for Binay means support against traditional politics and  political adventurism.  If it is proven that all the accusations against the Binays are false and fabricated by its political enemies, what does that make of Senators Trillanes, Pimentel and Cayetano?  Trillanes will be unmasked as his usual self – a coward pseudo military hero/adventurist preying on the follies of others for selfish political ends (Isn’t he is running for VP now?).  Cayetano and Pimentel who both belong to families  with multiple members currently holding elected or appointed posts are nothing but politicking traditional politicians (TRAPOs).  If these Blue Ribbon members are wasting the people’s money and time for political persecution and self-interest, they are no better than the victim of their evil schemes.






Tenth, c’mon if not for Jojo Binay, there will be no President Pnoy Aquino today.  Most people may have forgotten that if not for the Rambo-like rescue by a fully-armed, dressed to kill “Rambotito” Binay, the military rebels could have overrun Malacanang Palace and  snuffed out the life out of the Aquino family during the 1987 coup (Pnoy was nearly-killed after he was ambushed near Malacanang Palace by the advancing rebel soldiers).  During the protests against Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, wasn’t it  only at  Binay’s Makati City where Tita Cory and her minions can hold their rallies without being violently dispersed? So why doesn’t Pnoy show some gratitude?  Between his pet dog Mar Roxas and erstwhile ally and protector Binay, who does he think will protect his and his family’s interests when  he steps down.  Jojo Binay has proven several times over that he is yellow as Cory yellow can be.  Why is this set aside over a few billion pesos?

The Luckiest Man Alive 2015.


Move over DIngdong Dantes…you’re so 2014!

Who is more luckier than Lucky Manzano as he gets to know who is actually the sexier woman this year – Angel Locsin (Uno Magazine’s Manila’s Sexiest Woman Alike 2015) and Jennylyn Mercado (FHM Philippines Sexiest Woman 2015).



Angel, Lucky Manzano’s current squeeze is the top crowd drawer of ABS-CBN while his hottie ex-flame Jennylyn, is the undisputed queen of  rival station GMA-7.  Still, Lucky gets to know who among the two ladies is the best when it comes to “performance” (meaning one who is worth the millions of pesos that their mother networks are showering them).



Lucky are the lips that is able to touch Angel’s on a daily basis.

Lucky are the eyes that were able to feast on Jennylyn at her most private moment (wink,wink).

Lucky are the hands that are able to squeeze…Angel’s slender arms and Jennlyn’s lovely hands.

Lucky, lucky Lucky Manzano – who does not want to be in his shoes?  How many lucky SOB are there who were able to romance these two top FHM Cover girls.  Yo, Lucky – you’re the man!





I love you Lucky….este I hate you Lucky!

A Sad 5th Monthsary, Forgotten 44!


The date is January 25, 2015.  Do you still remember what happened?  I hope you do.

Now that the media is  sparingly reporting about what happened during that day, sensible Filipinos should always revisit this fateful day.   A date that marks the senseless deaths of 44 young men sent as pawns in one man’s pursuit of redemption.

Actual Video Behind Mamasapano Insident


These 44 men waited in vain for reinforcements to come.  Their  comrades -in-arms just waiting at a highway a few kilometres away never came.  They also thought a nearby Army camp will provide covering fire  but instead Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) .50 caliber bullets rained on them.  Their Commander-in-Chief who was allegedly monitoring the situation from Zamboanga City could very well  call his Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) counterpart and order an  immediately halt.  But the call never came.  In the meantime, all the 44 – one after another, were felled by the enemy’s bullets.

Easily as their cry for help was disregarded that fateful day, what befall them  seems conveniently forgotten just after 5 months.    AS newer (and juicer) controversial issues like the seemingly endless Senate investigation into the Makati City corruption unfold, no body seem to care about giving the 44 brave souls justice.


To date, nobody is formally charged and punished for the brutal massacre of the 44 police commandos. Those who were supposedly identified by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to be ones  who mercilessly shot the policemen in cold blood are still scot free.  Worse, even the weapons of the murdered SAF remains hostage by the MILF and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF).


Until this very minute, nothing has been heard of the multi-million dollar bounty supposedly pledged by the American government to who ever will kill or capture the terrorist Marwan and his Filipino partner.  Now that both terrorists are killed where did the million dollar pay-off go?  Surely not a penny to the families of the fallen 44.



Worst, in a shameless stroke of official action by Malacanang and its allies in Congress, the alleged butchers of the 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandoes will soon be hailed as peacemakers and given a sackful of money under Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). Maybe soon, history books will reflect this twisted version of the truth: that 44 SAF members lost their lives after they wondered aimlessly into a territory long-ceded by “Muslim freedom fighters” as their own.

Separated at Birth 31: The Panganiban Triplet (in your Dreams!)

angelica-maria MariaOzawa20 angelica-mb It is always been said that Japanese pornstar Maria Ozawa could easily pass as starlet Angelica Panganiban’s twin sister.  Well, how about finding out that Maria and Angelica has another twin sister!  Triple treat! Enter Allie, their possible other twin sister… a sexier sibling…a better sexual dynamo… allie-haze_jan2014 allie-haze-xxx-175894_thumb_585x795 who-is-Allie-Haze-is-star-or-no-star-Allie-Haze-celebrity-vote 600full-allie-haze 54c2e0f1473c473fa074e5a0f540d710fde3e8ffb6724bc Bzn_dZ6CQAA1_jB 600full-allie-haze-2 Who is this Aliie that is a dead ringer of Angelica and Maria but millions of miles away in the sexiness department? allie

Crazy ideas on how the Philippines can drive away the Chinese.





The presence of the Chinese military, coast guard and fishermen (poachers as aptly described by other media sources) within the West Philippine Sea has been considered a “subtle” invasion of the Philippines.  For several years, the Filipinos opted to find a diplomatic solution to this international issue. They are slow to anger and fast to forgive the Chinese incursion into what the United Nation’s (UN) International Law of the Seas declare as Philippine territory.But the Chinese are stubborn and unrelentless.  Like a school bully, it barges into Philippine territory -shoving itself regardless of the consequences.  With its armada of far-superior sea vessels and advance military hardware, it is not concerned of any opposition much more protests of the rightful owner.  They even have the temerity to boast that all the islands that for decades have been declared as Philippine territory or at least disputed territory (by four other nations) is Chinese soil.  As if  the expanse of mainland China is not enough.




Finally, the Philippines under the Aquino administration has taken a strong stand against the Chinese incursion.  It recently acquired two old US Coast Guard cutters to bolster its naval resources.  It is also expecting a couple of jet fighters from South Korea to shore up its aging airforce.  But does a couple of low budget military upgrades do the job?  Of course not! The mighty Chinese military machine will simply roll over this small bump with little opposition. The obvious solution to this problem is actually the US military that has inked several mutual defense treaties with the Filipinos. For decades the Americans have been training the Philippine military to face external threats head on.  However, now that there is an actual threat – the Americans are no where to be found.  Without the outside help, the Filipinos should devise an ingenious way to drive away the invading Chinese from their territory.  But how can this be done – given the state of Philippine national defense – just a bunch of old coast guard cutters, propeller- driven fighter planes and Vietnam-era M-16s?

Filipinos have to be innovative and mindful of what other nations have done in similar situations.



First, the Philippine military has to acknowledge the fact that it cannot meet the well-oiled Chinese war machine head on.  It has to devise an alternative to a shooting war  against a superpower.  One of the well-tested alternatives has been the guerrilla warfare waged successfully by Vietcong against the Americans in the 70s  and the Afghan mujahideens against the Soviet army in the 80s.  Couple this tactic with “deny-it-was-us” strategy, a maneuver best employed by the  Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). whe it denied having any relations with the war freak Bansamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF).   To achieve this, the  Philippine military can secretly organise a guerrilla force a la Abu Sayyaf that  will attack Chinese outposts or harass  Chinese fishermen until they leave the area.  Using high speed power boats and rocket propelled grenades (RPGs), they can effectively run rings around the much larger Chinese forces.   Still, the Philippine government can deny to have anything to do with it.


o2004082 - 20th April 2008 - INTERNATIONAL WATERS, PACIFIC OCEAN Greenpeace activists take action against US tuna purse seiner Cape Finisterre, holding a banner reading

o2004082 – 20th April 2008 – INTERNATIONAL WATERS, PACIFIC OCEAN
Greenpeace activists take action against US tuna purse seiner Cape Finisterre, holding a banner reading “Marine Reserves Now” before painting the side of the vessel with the words “TUNA OVERKILL” 20 April 2008. Scientists are warning overfishing is occuring with Pacific bigeye and yelowfin tuna. Greenpeace want the areas of international waters between Pacific Island countries to become protected marine reserves.
©Greenpeace/Paul Hilton

Second, invite Greenpeace activists to build a base near the Spratlys.  Better yet, the Philippines should   donate ships and personnel to this international activist organisation.  This is because the Greenpeace is a no-fear internatoinal organisation that has successfully barred governments – even the superpowers- from doing what they want (ex. transport chemical waste,  engage in illegal whaling operations, etc).  Greenpeace that is angry at environmental destroyers will have a field day going against the Chinese who wantonly destroys valuable corals and other marine resources at the Western Philippine sea.   What more, Greenpeace brings in the extra hustle and maximum international media exposure.


Filipino gun enthusiasts look at pistols on display at a gunshow in Manila July 19, 2012. REUTERS/Cheryl Ravelo

Filipino gun enthusiasts look at pistols on display at a gunshow in Manila July 19, 2012. REUTERS/Cheryl Ravelo

Third and the most important, the Philippine government should transform its citizens into a potent reserve force.   Filipinos should defend their country not as salaried armed men but as well-motivated patriotic defenders.   They should be inspired by the  Israel Defense Forces (IDF) that is composed mostly of reserve personnel. For this to happen, the Philippine government should not only allow its citizens to own weapons but  let  them to train with marksmanship and gun safety on their spare time (and during peace time).  This is currently impossible with the high cost of firearms  and bureaucratic red tape in licensing process. A basic rifle costs a prohibitive 30,000 pesos while a  pistol costs 15,000 pesos.   Even the ammunition for these weapons is also expensive to enable citizens to have regular target practice.  As such, the Philippine government should think about subsidising the cost of arm sales including ammunition. Seriously, the million strong Chinese army can only be countered by five million or more strong army reserve force consists of  well-motivated Filipinos who were allowed to own guns and train with them.

Miss Earth -Thunder, Mutya ng Pilipinas-Laos Frienship and their runner-up.

Adding to the beauty titles created by this blog, we will be adding new titles:  Miss Earth-Thunder, Mutya ng Pilipinas-Laos Friendship.  They are Filipino celebrities who are way past their prime but are still trying to stay in the limelight.


First Runner-Up: Katrina Halili

In her heyday, Katrina Halili is the hottest alumni of celebrity reality show, Starstruck.  She was the “IT” GIRL of Philippine showbiz and face and body of Belo Bodies (together with controversial Dr. Hayden Kho).  She was so hot, that FHM Philippines made her their sexiest woman alive three times!





But stardom come crashing when Katrina figured in a career-destabilizing scandal with her patron’s favourite boy-toy.  Thinking that she can salvage her image being the scandal’s victim, this image position backfired.  Katrina seemed to become the showbiz industry’s leper – nobody wants to touch her.   As such, she crashed and never went up again to this date.  Add to her woes, her failed marriage with small time RNB Artist Kris Lawrence. Despite being made FHM’s recent cover girl, Katrina’s better days are nowhere to be seen.

Mutya ng Pilipinas-Laos : Aubrey Miles





Aubrey Miles is also one hotshot sex-goddess in her prime.  Embodying the sexy tight, innocent, and young image, she was perfect  for sexual fantasy.  However, the influx of younger sexy stars and marriage to Troy Montero, the inactive brother of KC Montero slackened Aubrey’s career.  Now, her exposure seems to be limited to  instagram photos of her regular workouts.

and the Miss Earth- Thunder : Rufa Mae Quinto




If there is one Philippine celebrity who badly needs to retire her sexy repertoire, it will be Rufa Mae Quinto.  The mid-30s Quinto is still at it – doing her Miss Booba acts that started nearly two decades ago.  Rufa should recognise that mother time is fast catching with her (and gravity is pulling down her “prized assets”) so she have to shift to motherly roles or better yet kontrabida roles.


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