OpPOErtunistang TraPOE?


For a number of Filipinos who are thoroughly frustrated with the bursting of the  Daan na Matuwid bubble, there has suddenly been a desperate search for a Presidentiable come 2016.

Who will they vote for President?

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Probably not Mar Roxas -despite having all the resources of government behind him –  for the same reason why Secretary Gilbert “Galing at Talino” Teodoro was cursed after then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo made him the “anointed one.”

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If the surveys are to be given consideration, Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay is it.  However, the continued demolition job against him and his family has successfully adjudged him a corrupt politician even before he gets his day in court.

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If winnability is to be made a measure, former (and disgraced) President Joseph “Erap” Estrada could be it.  But then he is already old and may just delegate the administration of the nations to his cronies.  Not a good choice for intelligent Filipinos.

So who are we going to vote?

What about Senator Grace Poe?


For months now, Senator Poe has been manuevering her poltical strategy.  She seems geared to run for a higher office as whatever the outcome of this ambitious foray may be – the Senate topnotcher will be back in the Senate after 2016 as her term does not end till 2019. No sweat, no risk.

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What does Senator Poe exactly wants? Obviously, all signs point to the Presidency.  If not this 2016, surely in the next one.

But will Senator Poe be the hope for the country or just another woman President who will be haunted by the same problems of Presidents Cory Aquino and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo?



This early Senator Poe has given the Filipino people a preview of the brand of governance she is likely to have.  With the Mamasapano controversy landing on her lap as Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs, she could have showcased her capability as a no-nonsense politician – somebody who does not operate in the “grey area.”  She should be clear cut in her decisions – what is black is black, white is white.  When she was given the task to determine who shall be accountable for the massacre of 44 police officers, she should have work tirelessly to explain to the families of the slain policemen:  Who is responsible for the debacle and how they should be made accountable for such wrongdoings.   But she did her job haphazardly.  Although she hinted the President Aquino has some sort of responsibility  being the Commander-in-chief, she was quick to say that no measures should be made against him as he had “good intentions.”  On the other hand, she should castigated the MILF for staging an overkill. But she did not lift any finger against the Muslim insurgents even though its leaders who were in attendance during the Senate inquiry came up with the lamest excuse to extricate themselves from their devilish twin- the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF).  So what was all the Senate inquiries about, Senator Poe?


Muslim+Magnum+357 1986

With her unexpected inefficiency in the Mamasapano inquiry,  Senator Poe could be maneuvering through political channels this early. She would not hurt President Aquino because he is undeniably a big political patron (with all the resources of the government come 2016). On the other hand, she may not want to  antagonize the Muslim rebels as this will taint the Fernando Poe Jr.’s Muslim 357 legacy and winnability of the Poe= Muslim 357 legend  in vote-rich  Muslim territories in Mindanao.  Again, all her current efforts to ensure a better vote in 2016.


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Even if we can excuse all the trivial political gimmicks that Senator Grace Poe are currently doing (The “Magandang Araw POE” slogans, lining up and riding in the MRT, etc. etc.), we need to worry about considering her to lead her nation.  Setting aside the bankable FBJ aura and the “Sheryl Cruz” innocence that elevated her to the number 1 spot in the Senate, Senator Grace Poe has no political experience, no politcal bailiwicks, no political allies, no political machinery, no economic know-how, no legal background and no military connections (as of now) to support her as a  viable Presidentiable.


Stated otherwise, if she becomes President by sheer stupidity, she may likely earn political experience at the expense of the Filipino people, win over political bailiwicks by pleasing the masa regardless of cause, compromise ideals in exchange for the support of political trapos and warlords,  build a neophyte political party like ERAP’s Puersa ng Masa and GMA Lakas-Kampi CMD – to perpetuate her political interests or cronies in power, experiment with various economic programs to solve economic woes of the country, appoint outsiders to the Supreme Court to ensure legal backing, and appoint retired generals to key positions to have military protection.

And our famous last words applicable to this case are……

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They are the real MILF – Moms in Lovely Form (or whatever the acronym means).

600full-valerie-concepcion (1)

Valerie Concepcion


Maggie WilsonGeneva Cruz Maxim pics 5

Geneva Cruz

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benjo_boxer1-e1343477973477 In June 27, 2013, a loud bang was heard at the lower House of Congress.  Congressional staff who had been busy packing their  things at Cagayan de Oro congressman Benjo Benaldo’s office heard it coming from the latter’s room. They rushed in to see the young congressman bloodied behind his desk.  He sustained  a single gunshot wound on his chest.  ABS-CBN news was able to interview another house employee  who swear to see a pair of suicide notes and money supposedly for the congressman’s cremation.  Whether it is a suicide or an accident, no one can  really tell.  A few months later, Benaldo announced that what happened to him was an accident.

B-7_L9QU8AIiSz8 320_2015_03_03_15_19_19

Just at the end of February 2015, another young politician –  this time the vice governor son of disgraced Senator Ramon “Bong: Revilla was subject of an suspected suicide.

Well, some observers are predicting that Jolo will soon do a “Benjo Benaldo” by saying that what happened to him is purely accidental.  This early his ace of a lawyer (and spokesperson?) Atty. Raymund Fortun is making rounds to lay the basis for what could be the sanitised version of what happened.  However, Pro-Gun Philippines is quick  to belie this version.  Nobody can be accidentally shot that way, the Pro-Gun experts claim.

This blog does not in anyway hint about what really happened in both suspected suicide cases.  What it want to present is a bleak possibility – two young politicians who are moneyed and powerful – who could  just throw everything away  just like that!  Why will they do that?


Are they not thinking about the sexy partners they will be leaving behind? With such trophy babes “to play” with back at their bedrooms, why can they even think about playing with guns? 071113_Daiana cosmobody with jodi sta maria daiana 4 jodi-sta-mariaff8555041  Jodie Sta Maria Preview Magazine March 2013-05



In times of war (or even in internal conflicts), fighting men die.  Sometimes their deaths are without reason or stupidest reasons.  Whether this outcome is due to bad military tactics of their commanders or by poor decision calls by the individual soldiers on the field, the buck stops there.  That is just war – a FUBAR (fucked up beyond all recognition) situation.

paras 101st in Arnhem-2

In 1944, a total of 8000 American soldiers died in the disastrous Operation Market Garden.  Some war historians attribute this terrible disaster on logistical and intelligence blunders.  Other observers simply point to the mad race by Allied commanders Eisenhower and Montgomery in reaching Berlin by Christmas of 1944.  Despite the staggering loss of men, nobody went to blame the leaders of the Allies.  Neither Churchill or  Roosevelt was crucified for the bloody fiasco.


In recent history, we also heard about costly bungled military operations.  There is the infamous “Blackhawk down” incident (Official code name: Operation Gothic Serpent) in Somalia during 1993.  It was even  immortalised by a Hollywood blockbuster movie that illustrated how bad luck can be so bad.  The American military that sent its best fighters – the US Special Forces and Army Rangers to capture a Somali rebel leader, belittled the adversary.   As a result, it lost two Blackhawk helicopters and a total of 19 US servicemen.  General William Garrison, commander of the US special forces in Somalia, took full responsibility and  only retired from the military a day after the Somali rebel leader was killed.  However, President Bill Clinton was never blamed for disaster.


Another military disaster featured in a Hollywood film is Operation Red Wings against the Taliban in Afghanistan.  Packaged for the general audience as the blockbuster movie,”Lone Survivor” it highlighted bad-decision making by men on the ground that cost the military a Chinook helicopter and deaths of 19 Special Operation personnel including 8 elite Navy Seals.  Again nobody raised hell on the Bush Administration for this incident.

Now, why do Filipinos blame President Benigno Aquino  for the operational lapses of the unsuccessful police operation at Mamasapano, Maguindanao?

Based on reports from the media and the on-going Senate investigation on the incident, 392 fully armed Special Action Force (SAF) members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) were tapped for the operation.  These are the best of the best of the Philippine police force that trained intensely on combat tactics and equipped with the latest weapons.  Out of this total number, only two companies penetrated the target area: one was designated as the strike team and another a “Blocking Force.”  Those who did not join the group, remained on the highway as back-up.  With this set-up, any President is confident that the job will be accomplished.

However, it was not what was envisioned.  What supposed to be a simple police operation of arresting or killing an international terrorist became a mother of all police operation disasters – 44 SAF commandos mercilessly slaughtered.  Here are probable reasons why the operation turned into  a massacre:

First, the PNP-SAF did not consult the military forces that are familiar with the area.  It is puzzling that a military base sits just  5 kilometres away from the killzone but nobody bothered to ask them about what to expect in the field.  At the very least the military commanders who are familiar with the terrain, could have advise where to situate the blocking force.

Second, the PNP-SAF did not have good intelligence on the security force of their primary target, Malaysian born Marwan .Instead of mastering the perimeter defense of Marwan’s hideout, they just barrelled into it like blind mice.  As a result, booby-traps supposedly placed by Marwan around his perimeter warned him of the approaching SAF.

Third, the PNP-SAF should have known where to situate its “blocking force.”  The location of the blocking force at the cornfield (with its back to the river) is a poor choice as  MILF and BIFF snipers  have a bird’s eye view of the area.  As such, they had a field day  shooting the SAF commandos one by one  (even inflicting head shots on 29 of them).

Fourth, the PNP field commanders (including General Getulio Napenas) did not use sophisticated communication device.  Instead they used text messages (through commercial lines) to reach their men, comrades in the military and superiors in Manila.  Now how, effective are text messages in rural areas where signal is bad or commercial lines are easily compromised?  If only, the beleaguered SAF forces have state-of-the art communication device like satellite phones and GPS, they could have easily relayed their position for reinforcement, extract and fire support.

Fifth, the SAF strike force were not reinforced by their own comrades at the point of the encounter when they can still be pulled out from the area.  What happened to the 300 plus remaining PNP SAF personnel at the highway?  If reports are true that they refused to go with the military forces in reinforcing their beleaguered comrades, the PNP has a serious problem.


With this scenario, the disaster at Mamasapano could have been avoided at the level of General Napenas.  He could have tailor-made the attack plans to protect his men.  Even if there are “higher-ups” playing armchair general in this operation, Napenas could have acted better by insisting on an over-kill operation (meaning involving the veteran Philippine Army).  And after the smoke cleared, Napenas like General Garrison of the US military should have accepted full responsibility and resign his command.  Not owning up to the responsibility only disheartens the ranks.


President Aquino, although given the title “Commander-in-Chief” should never be entrusted with the attack strategy to be used in the field.  This the work of his generals like Napenas.  Just like not being blamed for every flat tire government vehicles encounter or every stupidity government employees do, President Aquino (in fairness to him) should be free of blame for the blunders of his men over which he has no control.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!


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The New Scourge to the Philippine Armed Forces (and Police).

2moros Kris_nomenclature Image9

During the 1900s and the Moro insurgency of the 1970s, the worry of the adversaries of Moro fighters is the deadly sword called the “Kris.”  This is wavy (crooked) double-edged sword carried by almost all Muslim insurgents and used to charge the enemy or chop-off their heads. BudBagsak Image11

The Kris sword carved its place in Moro war history in the same way the “Juramentado” ( defined as a male Moro swordsman who attacked and killed targeted Christian police and soldiers, expecting to be killed himself, the martyrdomundertaken as an unorthodox form of personal offensive jihad) is widely known.  A Moro warrior charging an enemy position with a Kris has become so frightening that American soldiers who fought them were pressured to come up with a higher caliber side arm, the Colt .45 caliber DA “Philippine” revolver.   This is because its usual .38 caliber ammunition cannot knock down a charging Kris-wielding Moro warrior.


milf-sniper Screen-shot-2011-02-25-at-12.30.04-PM-e1298655065622 173740-muslim-rebels 300px-Estrada_inspecting_rpgPhilippines-m_2 milf

Currently, the weapons that are most feared by the current adversaries of the Moros, the Armed Forces (and recently the Philippine National Police) is no longer the Kris but  the “home-made” weapons being manufactured in great numbers by Muslim insurgents – the Barit (the Moro’s version of the US Army Barrett M82 sniper rifle) and the rocket-proppeled grenade or RPG that is also being manufactured locally. philippines-cp-wd-7775167 maxresdefault

These weapons cause biggest damage (“Hole”) in the Philippine military armour whether a foot soldier’s Kevlar bullet proof vest or a SIMBA armoured vehicle.  How can the Philippine military and police force eradicate these threats? 8_guns

First, they should go after gun runners inside and outside their organisations.  These supply the ingredients to the Moro’s backyard armament factories – the highly lethal 50 caliber bullets and bomb components like C-4 and mortar rounds.  Without these components, the Moro rebels will be throwing sticks and stones against them. North-American-Rockwelll-OV-10-Bronco-035.preview130412-M-HG547-168

Second, they should go after weapons factory of the Muslim rebels.  These factories should be pulverised from the air or from its ground forces.  The Philippine armed services should make the manufacture of weapons a hazardous job.

Remember the Martyred Fr. Rhoel Gallardo.


“There are only three choices in Islam…either submit, or live under the suzerainty of islam, or die.”

– Osama Bin Laden

In heat of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and Philippine National Police Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) controversy, the question about the sincerity of the MILF and other Muslim rebels to achieve  genuine peace in Mindanao under scrutiny.

For a lot of observers, peace in Mindanao can never be achieved if Muslims and Christians are made to live with each other. No country in the world has been successful in such an arrangement – well, maybe for Middle East countries who tolerate non-Muslim residents for the practical reason that these need manual laborers.  Look at Israel and Palestine and where did peace talks, Nobel Prize and self-rule has brought them.  The Israelis who won every inch of their land through the spilling of blood has swallowed their arrogance and pride and gave the Palestinians self-rule in what they considered their conquered territory (Nobody can imagine that USA will give self-rule to the Indians or Eskimos that are rightfully the first people in their respective territories!).  Yet the Palestinians who abhor Israelites from the beginning considers Palestines, want more.  Most of them wanted to drive Israelis out of what they consider “Palestine” and this mission has not ceased.

The difficulty of peaceful co-existence between Muslims and Christians can be understood in the case of the martyrerd Father Rhoel Gallardo.

Fr. Gallardo, a Claretian parish priest and director of Claret’s School in Tuahubong, Basilan,  along with 52 others, including children,  was abducted by the Islamic extremists, the Abu Sayyaf on March 20, 2000.   A native of Olongapo,  Fr. Gallardo had been director of the school and parish priest of the small village located in the remote town of Sumisip in Basilan province.  He chose to be assigned to Basilan after completing his studies in Manila and serve as parish priest of Tumahubong, considered one of the world’s most dangerous postings for the Claretian congregation.

After two months in captivity, Fr. Gallardo was executed by the Abu Sayyaf after torturing him repeatedly.  Some reports say that he was tortured “like an animal” with his toenails plucked out and bodily parts mutilated because  he insisted on praying the rosary every evening and inquiring about the safety of his fellow hostages.

Fr. Gallardo was reportedly tortured until he died on May 3, 2000. He was only 34 years old.

What is concerning about Fr. Gallardo’s abduction and death was blamed on a Muslim preacher,  Abdul Jandul, an alleged member of the Abu Sayyaf extremist group.  And if accounts are true that Fr. Gallardo was repeated tortured because of his faith, this goes to show that he was a victim of religious extremism in Mindanao.


Based from history and current events, religious extremism seems to be a monopoly of just one side – those who chant religious verses while chopping the heads of their enemies or blowing people up.  On the side of the Christian, especially Filipino Catholics, religious extremism if ever there is any, is likely circus acts of being nailed to the cross during Holy Week or walking barefoot during the Nazareno at Quiapo.

As long as there is religious extremism that justifies the killing of non-believers, peaceful co-existence between the Muslims and Christians of Mindanao is a distant dream.

Screen shot 2011-09-11 at 7.48.52 AM

N.B.  Let us bear in mind that a big 70% of the inhabitants of Mindanao are Christians.  Aside from this majority in size, Christian inhabitants are usually the ones possessing economical power. Furthermore, consider that all the progressive cities of Mindanao are predominantly Christian communities (Davao City, Cagayan de Oro, General Santos City, and Butuan City) and hundreds of thousands if not millions of Mindanao based Christians surely does not want to live like Israelis guarding a wall or looking out for sniper or rocket attacks in the future.


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