Doing a Sasha Grey Exit.


Famous pornstar Sasha Grey dominated the American porn industry for nearly  six years.  She reached the pinnacle of the her  career by doing the unthinkable – things that other porn actresses can only fantasize about in their wildest dreams.  Sasha did everything – short of cracking open her bowels and innards for the world to see. Little did we know that Sasha is one amazing strategist – she called it quits before her body rots completely.  She left the porn industry while she is still young and sizzling red hot.  That is why nobody can say that Sasha was spewed by the porn world like piece of garbage after her star faltered.  When she made the crossover into mainstream movie making, she was still the sexy siren that a lot of fans followed.



Another controversial porn star who followed the Sasha Grey exit is the Shanghai-born Alina Li.  Praised by the adult entertainment industry as “Porn’s next best thing,” she also hurriedly left the limelight before her body begins to “depreciate.”



Alina Li’s retirement could also be a wise move.  Maybe she does not want to quash the little remaining chance to move out of the garbage bin.  Now she is ready to barge into the mainstream with lots of promise.  And like Sasha, Alina is a still young piece of ass.

These porn actresses really know when to stop, cover themselves and leave.


In Philippine showbiz, there are sexy actresses who keep on clinging to their sexy image despite the clear fact that they have passed their prime several years ago.  One of them is Rufa Mae Quinto, who despite her “over-staying” status as a sexy star is still flaunting her physical assets on screen as if she has developed amnesia about her actual age.


Now at 36, Rufa Mae still want to ride the sexy star bandwagon despite entry of younger sexy stars who were not yet born when she started her sexy career in the mid-1990s.  In fact, her contemporaries Ruffa Gutierrez and Ina Raymundo have since become  mothers and moved on to mature and “respectable” roles – both in and out of the celluloid world.  Rufa seems to be in a swirling limbo trying to be defy her age.


Not only does Rufa continue to heavily depend on her overflowing cleavage to stay on the limelight, she also rehashes her antiquated  funny expressions such as “OK, fine”, “todo na ‘to!”, “pasensiya na”, “para sa bayan”, “move on”, “GO GO GO!” and “to the highest level!”  So 1990s if you ask many showbiz observers.


The nearly two-decade old Rufa should think twice about continuing her sexy image.  She  should start thinking about motherly roles perhaps.  She should know how to bow out of the limelight when there is still some twinkle to her falling star.

Pay-per-Use Restrooms will boost Philippine Tourism.

It is an uncontested fact that Philippines has beautiful beaches.


Boracay island in the province of Aklan has been hailed the No. 1 beach in the world several times.


El Nido in Palawan is fast becoming a haven for beachcombers.

Siargao Island Beach Resort, Philippines

And Siargao Beach in Surigao is already considered a “mecca” for local and foreign surfers.

With all these natural treasures that rival the offerings of other tourist destinations, Philippine tourism should be considered a goldmine.  The tourist areas in the Philippines including those located inland like the Sagada uplands,  numerous waterfalls in Luzon and Mindanao, mountain trekking areas like Mt. Pulag or Mt. Apo can bolster its economy just like Thailand or Maldives. With its tourism potentials, Filipinos need not leave their families to work abroad.  They can just develop the country’s tourism potential.



And how can they profit from the Philippines tourism potentials?  Simple. One way is to start simply by investing in a low cost tourism infrastructure that Philippines lacks the most:  The common restroom.




From the time the tourists land at Philippine airports, they dread the state of Filipino public restrooms.  Foremost is the highly publicised public restroom at the country’s premier airport, Ninoy Aquino International Airporto (NAIA) 1 that has been a source of national disgust and shame.  Enroute to Philippine tourist destinations, lacklustre state of public restrooms continues.  Seldom can foreign guests find a clean restroom with stable source of water in domestic airports, bus terminals and sea ports.

When tourists arrive at the country’s top beaches, public restrooms are also a problem.  Maybe it is the Filipino’s poor exposure to clean restrooms or their low standard for comfort.


Public restroom w mulitiple sinks and panels _high traffic 5d0f0a304

Just imagine if Filipinos invest in pay toilets or VIP public restrooms.   Imagine if this enterprising spirit is supported by the government through soft loans and technical assistance.  What if if there is a government agency such as Department of Public Restrooms (DPR)?  With clean and sweet-smelling restrooms scattered all over the major Philippine tourist destinations, tourists can just pitch their tents on the beach or a forest clearing and not worry about where to take a piss or dump.  May it be at the busy tourist areas like Boracay, Cubao Bus Station  or Greenhills Shopping Mall, Sacada or a remote island in the middle of nowhere, tourist can very well enjoy their grand Philippine vacation.

More Fun

And what benefit will it bring to the enterprising Filipinos?  Of course, the continuous sound of “ka-ching” every time a foreigner take a leak or dump.  Just imagine if at least 30% of the foreign tourists who went to the Philippines in 2013 (which is  4,272,811) uses these pay-per-use toilets and pay a minimal of 10 pesos per piss or dump that will amount to 42 million pesos! Not bad huh!  One way to achieve two things – a better reputation for the country in terms of tourism infrastructure and extra income for the enterprising Filipino!

The  Resurrection of Miss Cruz.

There is a weird but effective way of explaining the word “Resurrection” to people who uninterested to delve with religious items. Especially  while they are busy boozing up and partying the Holy Week away in party island like Boracay. I do not blame them – Resurrection is sometimes – if not all the time – an unbelieve concept. The easiest way to explain “resurrection” to  cite turnaround experiences of  people who had been trampled by life’s hardships and  given a second chance  in life.  Resurrection happens like a beautiful sunshine after a dark night. If this is still hard to fathom, resurrection can also be explained by what happened to actress Sunshine Cruz who after she shunned the klieg lights when she got married, tried a domesticated life as Mrs. Cesar Montano only to find herself 15 years after a single mom and a comebacking actress.

Sunshine Cruz in her prime – Year 2000 when she was only 22 years old.


Fast Forward – Sunshine in 2015 – fifteen years after! – at 37 years old.

    IMG_2360 Shame on you Cesar!  Are you sure that your alleged present squeeze, Sandra Siefart will be as pretty as Sunshine when she becomes 37 years old – six years from now? sandra-seiffer-and-cesar-montano  Maybe Cesar should ask Sandra Seifart’s mom.

Pacquiao-Mayweather Battle Royale: The Chicks Edition

With nearly a month before they slug it out in the ring, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.  are training like hell to show who is the better fighter.  Gambling men are not searching for clues where to put their money.  Maybe this can be determined by the clues shown by the two fighters in another “arena.”

In this other another arena, we may just know who between the two has the ability to hit harder and stay longer.  This is the arena where Floyd and Manny can be judged by their romantic linkages (confirmed and alleged) with these women.

Round One:  Shantel Jackson (Floyd) vs. Ara Mina (Manny).



Winner:  Manny Pacquiao. Considering that Ara has a sexy sister, Christine Reyes, it just confirms that sexiness runs in the family. (Alleged Manny connection:


Round Two: Rozonda “Chili” Thomas (Floyd) vs. Krista Ranillo (Manny).



Winner:  Manny.  Given that Krista is liberally-minded and can make out with a girl, she is the bomb!  (Supposed Manny Connection:


Round Three: Jessica Burciaga (Floyd) vs. Princess Snell (Manny)



Winner: Floyd. Imagine hooking up with a Playboy model who is part Mexican-French-Irish.  It seems Floyd (if the rumours are true) has conquered the world!  Princess Snell,  also Playboy Model (Philippines edition) and a merger of Filipino and British genes, fails to make the grade.  (Princess Snell’s connection to Manny:


Round Four (Last Round):  Princess Love (Floyd) vs. Jinky Pacquiao (Manny).



Winner (by TKO):  Manny.  Not only does Manny’s legal wife Jinky has become cooler after being Belo-fied, adorned by Birkens and Bebe, she has a equally sexy and “smootchilicious” twin sister: Janet.  Now, think about seeing double.  Way to go, Mannyboy!


Copy (2) of janet1

So can this be a preview of Manny’s strength and staying power?  Of course.


Manny does not only box well, he seems to be good with his taste in women’s company.  He does not go for quantity like Floyd.   He goes for quality.  He must know that a bigger number will just tire any warrior, but the sniper will hit where it hurts.

And just like that, he will probably come-up with a few but strategic blows who will knock out the lights out of his arch-enemy.


With his highly-publicized  tussle with former girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, Floyd seems to have confirmed his lack of good judgment – in his love life and in the ring.

OpPOErtunistang TraPOE?


For a number of Filipinos who are thoroughly frustrated with the bursting of the  Daan na Matuwid bubble, there has suddenly been a desperate search for a Presidentiable come 2016.

Who will they vote for President?

download (2)

Probably not Mar Roxas -despite having all the resources of government behind him –  for the same reason why Secretary Gilbert “Galing at Talino” Teodoro was cursed after then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo made him the “anointed one.”

images (3)

If the surveys are to be given consideration, Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay is it.  However, the continued demolition job against him and his family has successfully adjudged him a corrupt politician even before he gets his day in court.

download (1)

If winnability is to be made a measure, former (and disgraced) President Joseph “Erap” Estrada could be it.  But then he is already old and may just delegate the administration of the nations to his cronies.  Not a good choice for intelligent Filipinos.

So who are we going to vote?

What about Senator Grace Poe?


For months now, Senator Poe has been manuevering her poltical strategy.  She seems geared to run for a higher office as whatever the outcome of this ambitious foray may be – the Senate topnotcher will be back in the Senate after 2016 as her term does not end till 2019. No sweat, no risk.

images (5)

What does Senator Poe exactly wants? Obviously, all signs point to the Presidency.  If not this 2016, surely in the next one.

But will Senator Poe be the hope for the country or just another woman President who will be haunted by the same problems of Presidents Cory Aquino and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo?



This early Senator Poe has given the Filipino people a preview of the brand of governance she is likely to have.  With the Mamasapano controversy landing on her lap as Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs, she could have showcased her capability as a no-nonsense politician – somebody who does not operate in the “grey area.”  She should be clear cut in her decisions – what is black is black, white is white.  When she was given the task to determine who shall be accountable for the massacre of 44 police officers, she should have work tirelessly to explain to the families of the slain policemen:  Who is responsible for the debacle and how they should be made accountable for such wrongdoings.   But she did her job haphazardly.  Although she hinted the President Aquino has some sort of responsibility  being the Commander-in-chief, she was quick to say that no measures should be made against him as he had “good intentions.”  On the other hand, she should castigated the MILF for staging an overkill. But she did not lift any finger against the Muslim insurgents even though its leaders who were in attendance during the Senate inquiry came up with the lamest excuse to extricate themselves from their devilish twin- the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF).  So what was all the Senate inquiries about, Senator Poe?


Muslim+Magnum+357 1986

With her unexpected inefficiency in the Mamasapano inquiry,  Senator Poe could be maneuvering through political channels this early. She would not hurt President Aquino because he is undeniably a big political patron (with all the resources of the government come 2016). On the other hand, she may not want to  antagonize the Muslim rebels as this will taint the Fernando Poe Jr.’s Muslim 357 legacy and winnability of the Poe= Muslim 357 legend  in vote-rich  Muslim territories in Mindanao.  Again, all her current efforts to ensure a better vote in 2016.


images (2)



Even if we can excuse all the trivial political gimmicks that Senator Grace Poe are currently doing (The “Magandang Araw POE” slogans, lining up and riding in the MRT, etc. etc.), we need to worry about considering her to lead her nation.  Setting aside the bankable FBJ aura and the “Sheryl Cruz” innocence that elevated her to the number 1 spot in the Senate, Senator Grace Poe has no political experience, no politcal bailiwicks, no political allies, no political machinery, no economic know-how, no legal background and no military connections (as of now) to support her as a  viable Presidentiable.


Stated otherwise, if she becomes President by sheer stupidity, she may likely earn political experience at the expense of the Filipino people, win over political bailiwicks by pleasing the masa regardless of cause, compromise ideals in exchange for the support of political trapos and warlords,  build a neophyte political party like ERAP’s Puersa ng Masa and GMA Lakas-Kampi CMD – to perpetuate her political interests or cronies in power, experiment with various economic programs to solve economic woes of the country, appoint outsiders to the Supreme Court to ensure legal backing, and appoint retired generals to key positions to have military protection.

And our famous last words applicable to this case are……

images (1)


They are the real MILF – Moms in Lovely Form (or whatever the acronym means).

600full-valerie-concepcion (1)

Valerie Concepcion


Maggie WilsonGeneva Cruz Maxim pics 5

Geneva Cruz

For more sexy MILFs, visit my other blog:


benjo_boxer1-e1343477973477 In June 27, 2013, a loud bang was heard at the lower House of Congress.  Congressional staff who had been busy packing their  things at Cagayan de Oro congressman Benjo Benaldo’s office heard it coming from the latter’s room. They rushed in to see the young congressman bloodied behind his desk.  He sustained  a single gunshot wound on his chest.  ABS-CBN news was able to interview another house employee  who swear to see a pair of suicide notes and money supposedly for the congressman’s cremation.  Whether it is a suicide or an accident, no one can  really tell.  A few months later, Benaldo announced that what happened to him was an accident.

B-7_L9QU8AIiSz8 320_2015_03_03_15_19_19

Just at the end of February 2015, another young politician –  this time the vice governor son of disgraced Senator Ramon “Bong: Revilla was subject of an suspected suicide.

Well, some observers are predicting that Jolo will soon do a “Benjo Benaldo” by saying that what happened to him is purely accidental.  This early his ace of a lawyer (and spokesperson?) Atty. Raymund Fortun is making rounds to lay the basis for what could be the sanitised version of what happened.  However, Pro-Gun Philippines is quick  to belie this version.  Nobody can be accidentally shot that way, the Pro-Gun experts claim.

This blog does not in anyway hint about what really happened in both suspected suicide cases.  What it want to present is a bleak possibility – two young politicians who are moneyed and powerful – who could  just throw everything away  just like that!  Why will they do that?


Are they not thinking about the sexy partners they will be leaving behind? With such trophy babes “to play” with back at their bedrooms, why can they even think about playing with guns? 071113_Daiana cosmobody with jodi sta maria daiana 4 jodi-sta-mariaff8555041  Jodie Sta Maria Preview Magazine March 2013-05


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