Pablo Escobar of the Philippines.


In one city in the Philippines, the number one man in the order battle of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) is an ex-convict.  According to reports, this notorious personality has ventured into legitimate businesses after serving time at the National Penitentiary.    However, there are deafening whispers of a resurgence of a mighty illegal drug empire that has been strengthened by several crooked politicians and law enforcers.

Mr. Ex-convict has remained under the radar although  his nom de guerre “The Dragon” is repeatedly (and desperately) linked to several drug related crimes.  It seems nobody can pin him down.    In this situation, the PDEA seemed contented in going after small time  neighbourhood drug pushers.  Small time, no big time instead of “One time Big time” as aptly put by the media.

Then came a recent incident that catapulted Mr. Ex-convict back to the limelight along with questions about his supposed grant of parole.  News reports claim that no record of such parole can be found.  Some say he got out of prison sometime  2011 in a questionable manner.


All this time the PDEA has not checked the issue of Mr. Ex-convict’s parole?

The public enemy number 1 of drug enforcement roaming free with a cloud of doubt over the legitimacy of his parole.

Really now?









Why I will not vote for Grace Poe.


First, I think she is not a NATURAL BORN Filipino.

I agree with the decision of the learned Justices of the Supreme Court like Justice Antonio Carpio.  According to him the majority opinion of the five senators in the nine-member Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) that Poe should be considered a natural-born Filipino despite being a foundling is erroneous.

“The citizenship requirement under the Constitution to qualify as a member of the Senate must be complied with strictly. To rule otherwise amounts to a patent violation of the Constitution. Being sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution, the members of this tribunal have no other choice but to apply the clear letter and intent of the Constitution,” Carpio said.


Justice Carpio also said the majority erred in basing their decision on customary international laws providing right of every human being to a nationality and the state’s obligations to avoid statelessness and to facilitate the naturalization of foundlings.

“There is no treaty, customary international law or a general principle of international law granting automatically Philippine citizenship to a foundling at birth. Respondent failed to prove that there is such a customary international law. At best, there exists a presumption that foundling is domiciled and born in the country where the foundling is found,” Carpio said.

If a Senior Justice of the Supreme Court and two of his colleagues have dissented, what more can you say about the legality of the SET decision?


Second, I think that she will be worse than President “Pnoy” Aquino.

Without any credible political back-up and grassroots machinery, Poe will likely spend her first years in Malacanang to court the various political groups in order that she is able to push her political agendas.

She would have a herculian task of reconciling with various political stalwarts who supported equally powerful Presidentiables.

She would also have to touch base with a demoralised and corrupt military and police force.  That in itself is a mission impossible given her detachment from this group.


Third, I think she will not be able to do a lot of progress in six years.  

If Poe is advocating for a better administration than Pnoy, how can she do that in 6 years when she has no political experience to convert her promises into action.

She would have to recruit capable individuals to man vital government posts like the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Bureau of Customs (BOC) and Department of Budget.  To do so, she has to do better than recruiting those who have served under past Presidents.  She has to convince private sector bigwigs to join her administration – a task has become frustrating as confidence in public administration has gone down through out the years.


Fourth, I do not think she has the nerve to continue the task of controlling  criminal syndicates (Jueteng Lords, Kidnap for Ransom), armed groups (like the MILF, NPA) or terrorists (like Abu Sayyaf and Jemaya Islamiya).

What can a former kindergarten teacher do? Unlike Cory Aquino who has the backing of General Ramos and Defense Secretary Enrile during her early years, Grace Poe may only have movielandia baddies like Rex Cortez and Philip Salvador to do battles for her.


Lastly, she has become a TRAPO this early.

With the election campaign period so far away, Poe who is supposedly basking in the popularity of her Action King Father should worry less about violating the ban on political advertisement.  But look at what she has been doing-   hogging the limelight via all that is humanly possible.  Through cheap gimmicks like riding the MRT to political posters that nearly covers a 5 storey building (the one along Ortigas Avenue is just too big!) , Poe has inevitably embraced traditional politics!





Why Binay could still win: The Legion of Doom Strategy.


After an unceasing salvo of attack on his reputation,  the once high flying Jejomar “Jojo” Binay is not in a downward spiral  in the popularity contest.  Binay is losing allies and supporters as days go by. One by one, political opportunism made the country’s top politicians and political dynasties to distance themselves from the ugly duckling.


But in the Philippines, Binay’s forsaken image could actually be his silver bullet to win  the electoral race. It is in this country, where  being tagged as corrupt, accused of plunder, overpricing and abuse of authority places one in the winner’s table. Why? Because there are a lot of politicians and warlords  who are also being tagged as corrupt, accused of plunder, overpricing and abuse of authority. These people who are in a similar bind as Binay could help each other reach a common goal: be cleared of the charges against them – either by hook or by crook. If this happens, tuloy ang ligaya! (the happiness continues!).


If only Binay can harness the so-called Legion of Doom (or at least those politicians who have pending graft charges at the Ombudsman or Sandiganbayan and promise them “justice from political harassment” during his administration.


This “His enemy is my friend” strategy  can deliver the votes for Binay if we are going to consider that around 15 million votes to bag the Presidency (President Benigno “Pnoy”  Aquino III only got around that number in 2010) and that this can be easily provided by troubled “villains” in the vote rich provinces.


Let us start with the two former Presidents who really hate President Benigno C. Aquino : Joseph “Erap” Estrada (for disgracing his Senator son Jinggoy Estrada) and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (who up to know is on hospital arrest).   No wonder Binay has allied himself with these two political heavyweights at this crucial time. ERAP and GMA undoubtedly had invincible political machineries during their prime, the Lakas Kampi and the PMP. Even if their political power has weakened considerably, about 20% of it remains (the so-called ERAP and GMA loyalists). Also count the politicians who took advantage during their administrations and are now being prosecuted, the members of government including the armed services and the judiciary who were appointed by these two past presidents, these are vital sources of support.


Likewise,  If Binay has to court equally controversial politicians (also having graft cases) all he should do is target those who comes from the vote rich provinces:

Cebu (2.5 million voters) – Governor Gwen Garcia has a graft case for the irregular acquisition of the 1 billion pesos Balili Estate;

Cavite (1.7 million voters) – Senator Bong Revilla is in the same boat as Jinggoy so any benefit that the latter gets the former also receives;

Pangasinan (1.6 million voters) Governor Amado Espino has a graft case for blacksand mining;

Negros Occidental (1.5 million voters) Silay City Mayor Jose Montelibano has a graft case for illegal purchase of diesel fuel;

Laguna (1.5 million voters) Aside from the fact that Gov. E.R. Ejercito was unceremoniously unseated, Mayor Guera of Majayjay town was recently indicted for graft;

Bulacan (1.49 million voters)- Governor Sy has been charged with graft for illegal procurement of medicines and materials worth over a billion pesos;

Davao del Sur (1.49 million voters) – Congressman Marc Cagas has been indicted for the PDAF scam;

Batangas (1.4 million voters) – Mayor Meynard Sabili of Lipa City was indicted for alleged landgrabbing while Lemery Mayor Raul Bedana is charged with graft for illegal procurement of computers;

Rizal (1.3 million voters) – Pililia Mayor Leandro Masikip is charged with graft in connection with a road project;

Nueva Ecija (1.3 million voters)– Governor is charged for graft in connection with the PDAF Scam.

Iloilo ( 1.27 million voters) – Governor Neil Tupas and City Mayor Jed Mabilo have their troubles with the Ombudsman.

Pampaga ( 1.23 million voters) – Pampanga has and always been GMA country.  Freeing her from her hospital jail will surely be a good thing for her Kabalens.

And there are ton of others who just want to be spared from the claws of the Ombudsman and Sandiganbayan.


Hala kayo…mananalo pa yata si Negro!

Solving Mass Shooting Menace.



Based on the mass shooting deaths in the United States, perpetrators are usually lonely and confused individuals living in their own deranged world. A recent report by CNN reveals that most of the shooters had either been diagnosed with a serious mental illness, or showed signs of one. The most common illness associated with mass public shootings was paranoid schizophrenia, a type of schizophrenia in which the person has delusions of being plotted against or persecuted. In simple parlance, people with loose screws in their heads are most likely to commit senseless mass murders at a drop of the hat. Why is this so? Why is this prevalent in an advance society such as the United States?



The simple answer is that most Americans, although spoiled by technology and high standard of living are not getting a lot of moral support when they encounter problems. This is not the case in the Philippines where anybody having a truckload problem can easily seek refuge in his family, barkada or let it all come out in a beer drinking spree. There is no such thing in the USA as Sabado Nights or Tambay sa Kanto where problems can be let go for no cost at all.

at1 beer hqdefault The-Three-Amigoes-and-their-Red-Horse

People in advanced societies even have to pay for somebody to listen to their problems. Yet the appointment with a shrink does not guarantee a remedy. Deranged people who find this approach long and boring are most likely to worsen (and pay a lot for therapy). In third world countries, you may also pay but the liquor (or beer) comes along with it. After a drinking spree, an immediate (yet temporary) relief is achieved when the alcohol kicks in. Waking with a hang-over is, however, another story. But then, this is way better than not being able to talk about the problem.

Why Not Leni Robredo for President?


From the looks of it, the 2016 Presidential race in the Philippines has been narrowed down to just three viable candidates:  Liberal Party’s bet Mar Roxas, survey topnotcher Senator Grace Poe and Vice President Jejomar Binay.  Among the three, it is Senator Grace Poe who will emerge victorious.


For some Grace Poe’s impending victory is good news. More especially to those who would like to be in the “good graces” of Grace – a political neophyte who will surely depend on veteran politicians for guide and support.  She is seen as somebody who will return the favor to those who extended political support.  For others, however, this is the same danger akin to a debuting Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo during the early 2000s – a willing prey easily twisted by political debt of gratitude and dictates of her cronies. And who says Grace is free from this eventuality?

So Is there nobody who can challenge Grace Poe?

How about Leni Robredo?


Many seems to forget Leni but she is actually better than Grace Poe if we are to compare them moral value for moral value, charm for charm and sincerity for sincerity.



Leni who was catapulted from utter simplicity to being a hardworking legislator after the death of her husband Jess Robredo – has exhibited same qualities of her husband by being leader by example.   She is simple yet capable. Quiet but qualified.  Bereft of any political gimmick, at most Leni could only be crucified for her occasional posts on Instagram and other social media sites showing her simple ways like waiting for a bus ride back to her native Naga City or her recent escape from the SONA red carpet.  But who does not resort to these near innocent tricks?  At least, Leni’s trap episodes are unlike Grace Poe’s riding the MRT for photo-ops.

Leni-Robredo-1211-300x300 072901-550x264

What more –  Leni is smart (not that we are saying that Grace is not smart, she is a so-so).  Leni is a lawyer (Grace is not).  Leni has a political bailiwick in the Bicol region (Grace -maybe the showbiz industry) And most of all, Leni has  experienced  public service as the wife and confidante of a well-loved  mayor of Naga City.  Grace, on the other hand, can be classified as a flash in a pan – a political sui generis concocted by her father’s political frustrations and political backer’s self-interest.  Aside from her face and the ton of media gimmickry, Grace is yet to prove that she is politically capable and genuinely sincere to render public service.

leni copy

So a Leni for your Grace?

Welcome to Jahannam!


For Filipino Catholics, the ticket to eternal damnation is to violate the Ten Commandments of Yahweh and forsake the Creator’s forgiveness while living.  The good book relates that the road to Hell, or the lake of eternal flame, is wide while the path to heaven is narrow.  Hell, pop culture claims is packed with celebrities and the who’s-who of the world (dictators, emperors, kings, Presidents and rock stars).


Interestingly, hell for muslims or Jahannam  is more brutal.


According to the Koran, suffering in Jahannam is both physical and spiritual, and varies according to the sins of the condemned. Hell has seven levels (each one more severe than the one above it; seven gates (each for a specific group of sinners); a blazing fire, boiling water, and the Tree of  Zaqqum.


Unlike the Christian Bible, the Koran offers detailed descriptions of the methods of punishment in Jahannam. It states the punishments will be: the burning of skin, only to be replaced for reburying; garments of fire to be worn, and boiling water that will scald the skin and internal organs and faces; faces on fire; lips burnt off; backs on fire; from side to side; faces dragged along fire; bound in yokes then dragged through boiling water and fire, and wearing a pair of sandals on fire that will boil your brain.


In the Koran, the punishments of Jahannam (such as burning)  are always followed with contrary protection of paradise (such as shade). Hell is said to be filled with venomous snakes/scorpions, the pain from whose venom will last 40 years.

Those who prevent others from following the path of Allah will be punished more severely. Hypocrites are found in the lowest of depths of the fire. Those who spread corruption—on top of having already hindered the path of Allah—will experience harsher punishments.


Surah (chapter) al-Ghashiyah of the Qur’an states that the only food in Hell will be “dari” or a bitter plant. Another surah—Sad—states that sinners in hell will taste “a boiling fluid and a filthy fluid of pus and blood and other penalties of a similar kind to match them”. Verses in four different surah state that hell’s inhabitants food will be the fruit from the Zaqqumtree—a tree that springs out of the bottom of hellfire. The shoots of its fruit-stalks are like the “heads of devils” and eating it is similar to eating molten brass that will boil their insides “like scalding water”. Sinners drink boiling water that will cut their bowels when they consume it. If they call for relief, they shall be given water also described as being like molten brass, which will scald their faces.


According to one Hadith, the least-suffering person in Jahannam will have his/her brain boiling from standing on hot embers.

Types of punishments in Jahannam are often specific to type of sin, for example those who did not pay Zakat, “on the Day of Resurrection, his wealth will be presented to him in the shape of a bald-headed poisonous male snake with two poisonous glands in its mouth and it will encircle itself round his neck and bite him over his cheeks and say, ‘I am your wealth; I am your treasure.'”  Another Hadith relates that a person who committed suicide will be punished over and over on the Day of Judgment and later in Jahannam by the very means he/she used to end his/her life.


It is a relief that Christians and Muslims are united in believing that there is indeed payback in the afterlife for a person who has greatly sinned.  As such, Jahannam welcomes the following offenders:



1.)  The terrorists who killed thousands at the World Trade Center during 9-11.



2.)  The terrorists who murdered their innocent hostages.




3.)   The terrorists who murdered and raped the hapless victims of the Maguindanao Massacre.




4.) The terrorists who murdered the 44 police officers at Mamasapano, Maguindanao.



5.) The terrorists who slaughter innocent men and women for the sake of propaganda.

10 Reasons why you should not hate the Binays.





First, they are this century’s version of the Marcoses.  And before you violently react, remember that the Marcoses are credited with this country’s epic advancement in the 70s and 80s that continues to benefit the Filipinos up to this very date:  the LRT, the PICC, the San Juanico Bridge, the Manila International Airport, Film Center, the South Superhiway and the Magallanes interchage. Yes, the Marcoses were accused of robbing the Filipinos blind but nothing has really been proven.  Just like the Marcos family, the Binay family has turned Makati City from a so-so financial district in the 1980s into a megalopolis that it is today.  And it is sad but true, nothing of the dozens of graft accusations against them have been proven in court.



Second, the Binays’ political feat  is the crystal clear proof that any ordinary man can make it big in the political arena.  It can be recalled that Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay was once a dirt poor MABINI lawyer who cannot even show up in court wearing a decent barong.  It was his participation in the anti-Marcos movement in the late 1980s that put him in the graces of then political superstar Corazon Aquino.  From his appointment as OIC-Mayor of Makati City after the EDSA revolution, Jojo did not look back and Makati never again tasted any other political stew but the Binays.



Third, the Binays strengthen our claim on the disputed Spratly’s islands.  Otherwise stated, the often ridiculed dark-skinned and short politician is a reminder that way before the Malays, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Chinese landed on these shores, there were  little dark-skinned negritos who inhabited these islands.  Now that is a way better argument than the UNCLOS.




Fourth, Jejomar Binay and his daughter Senator Nancy are your typical teleserye protagonists portrayed as poor, oppressed and persecuted by  rich hacienderos (choose you pick, President Pnoy Cojuangco Aquino or Mar Araneta Roxas).  In the upcoming fight for Presidency, Jojo Binay is surely going to portray himself as this character.   On the other hand, Senator Nancy who is jokingly  mistaken as a “housemaid” can be perfect substitute to TV heroine Judy Ann Santos.   Do you think the TV soap opera-crazy Filipinos will hate likeable telenovela characters like Jojo the Hampaslupa who can easily pass Lisa Soberano’s long lost father in the continuation of hit soap Forevermore and Yaya Nancy as Marimar’s negro housemaid?




Fifth, Jojo Binay is just magnanimous like the legendary “Da King” or Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ).  Just like how FPJ championed the causes of the lowly people – extras, stuntmen and kontrabidas, the Binays resurrected the careers of political baddies like Toby Tiangco, Atty. JV Bautista, and even those of his rivals – Atty.  Renato Bondal and former Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado.  With the rate the Binays are giving these nobodies job opportunities, they might be able to solve the country’s unemployment problem.




Sixth, Binays invested in environmental-friendly endeavours like operating flower shops, orchidariiums, and air-conditioned piggeries.  They also have cake and catering businesses that feed the Makati’s poor and senior citizens. They are not like other political families who are into destructive activities like mining or quarrying and oppressive labor intensive businesses like sugar haciendas.




Seventh, the Binays have good taste.  Just look at Mayor Jun-jun’s taste in women: his first wife  (bless her soul) was an actress and that he was romantically entangled with the Queen of Multi-media Kris Aquino (another fine lady i should say), Look at his Dad Jojo – aside from having a pretty lady doctor as his lifetime partner, he is allegedly been with a bevy of beauties.


Eight, the Binays assure the country of political stability.  In the absence of an anti-dynasty law and proliferation of political families with good for nothing offsprings, it is undeniable that the Binays who have three political heirs – a city mayor (in his mid-30s), a Senator (in her early 30s)  and a Congressman  (who is in her late 20s) offers the country political continuity at least of the next 30 years.  Now, that is good for business and foreign investment!

0826_03 trillanes-at-oakwood


Ninth, support for Binay means support against traditional politics and  political adventurism.  If it is proven that all the accusations against the Binays are false and fabricated by its political enemies, what does that make of Senators Trillanes, Pimentel and Cayetano?  Trillanes will be unmasked as his usual self – a coward pseudo military hero/adventurist preying on the follies of others for selfish political ends (Isn’t he is running for VP now?).  Cayetano and Pimentel who both belong to families  with multiple members currently holding elected or appointed posts are nothing but politicking traditional politicians (TRAPOs).  If these Blue Ribbon members are wasting the people’s money and time for political persecution and self-interest, they are no better than the victim of their evil schemes.






Tenth, c’mon if not for Jojo Binay, there will be no President Pnoy Aquino today.  Most people may have forgotten that if not for the Rambo-like rescue by a fully-armed, dressed to kill “Rambotito” Binay, the military rebels could have overrun Malacanang Palace and  snuffed out the life out of the Aquino family during the 1987 coup (Pnoy was nearly-killed after he was ambushed near Malacanang Palace by the advancing rebel soldiers).  During the protests against Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, wasn’t it  only at  Binay’s Makati City where Tita Cory and her minions can hold their rallies without being violently dispersed? So why doesn’t Pnoy show some gratitude?  Between his pet dog Mar Roxas and erstwhile ally and protector Binay, who does he think will protect his and his family’s interests when  he steps down.  Jojo Binay has proven several times over that he is yellow as Cory yellow can be.  Why is this set aside over a few billion pesos?


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