Mission Impossible.


Fighting crime is not easy.

Take the case of Eliot Ness who  brought Al Capone down to his knees.  He started a strike force of 50 when he first started his campaign to rid Chicago of organised crime.  This number went down to 11.  Ness who died a poor man was never celebrated for his crime-fighting feat.  Not only that it is not easy, fighting crime is a thankless job.

In present day Philippines, crime fighting is easily frustrated by the personalities who are involved or suspected to be behind the country’s organised crime.  May it be illegal drugs, gambling, or smuggling – crime lords have embedded themselves deep, making it so hard for crime fighters to flush them out.

With this backdrop, incoming President Rodrigo Duterte may probably eat his words.  There is no way he can eradicate criminality in 6 months.

Let me tell you why.  Below are the list of crime lords that will give the new President a splitting headache:

1.)  The Kingpin of the North.   This guy has long been associated with the illegal numbers game, Jueteng for several decades.  In fact his connection with the illegal gambling world is legendary that he proudly alleged to have regularly paid of a top government official a whopping ten million (US$200,000) every month.  Yet no amount of government effort can eliminate the popular illegal numbers game in his territories.   Now in the twilight of years, he  continues to be an “above the law” icon.   Some also say he is allegedly  neck-deep in other rackets like smuggling and illegal mining operations.

President Duterte is no match against Mr. Kingpin if we are to consider the latter’s track record.  He is a jurassic creature who has outlived 6 political regimes –  the Marcos dictatorship, two Aquino presidencies, the Ramos, ERAP and  GMA administrations.   He has a wide network of allies, protectors and supporters that can outmatch even the urban legend DDS (Davao Death Squad) and the whole horde of Dutertards.

There is no way that  Duterte can stump out this guy even if he has to stay 2 presidential terms  (unless Mr. Kingpin kicks the bucket due to old age.)

2.) Mr. Gambling Lord of Central Luzon.

Unless President Duterte legalises jueteng, he is no match against Mr. Gambling Lord of the Central Luzon.  This guy who lords over illegal gambling in several provinces, has an army of well-paid politicians, judges, law enforcers and even members of the clergy  to protect him.   Like Mr. Kingpin, he has outlasted several administrations through a mixture of good public relations (PR) and well-oiled connections.  Most of his supporters regard him as a “modern Robin Hood” who gives away gambling money to the less privileged. No wonder he has lasted long in his lucrative “cottage industry.”

To be effective against Mr. Gambling Lord, President Duterte has to dedicate a chunk of his precious time to personally root out the popular number games starting from the grassroots level.  In doing this, the six year term of the President is not enough.

3.) The Drug Lords of Muntinlupa.

Drug lords of Muntinlupa are once subject of national outrage when a Department of Justice probe revealed well-appointed private quarters inside the national prison.  Not only they continue to have lavish lifestyle, they are still business as usual.  This made the  national penitentiary has become the top source of illegal drugs.

The country’s illegal drugs syndicates seem to have perfected the distribution system that only the small fries are caught.  The big fishes continue to swim against the current.  This is made possible by well-placed protectors in the enforcement agencies.

President Duterte should be reminded that modern police forces like the USA’s Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and their billion dollar budget cannot stop drugs from entering its territory.

4.)  The Fixers at the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Bureau of Customs, Bureau of Immigrations, etc.

Fighting Corruption in government is like fighting the mythical multiple headed Hydra.  Cut one head and another quickly replaces it.

President Duterte will surely suffer a big time headache if he targets the destabilising problem of corruption at the national scale.  Not only that he lacks honest people to join government and replace corrupt government officials, there is just too many rotten apples in the basket.

Unless Duterte is given unlimited time and power to crush it, corruption is here to stay.




I-suggest kay Digong. Part 1


Duterte Taxi Driver
Degong the Taxi Driver to the Rescue!  President-elect Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte aboard his taxi cab in Davao City (above).

Mayor Digong, ngayon pong Presidente na kayo.  Meyron po akong mga imumungkahi sa iyo para po gumanda ang takbo ng inyo administration. (Mayor Digong, now that you are President of the Republic.  I have some suggestions to make your administration work properly).

Part I – Centralized Passenger Booking System for PUVs.



One of  his campaign promises  is to solve passengers’ everyday woes in Metro Manila.  As such, Mayor Digong..este President Digong, you can do this by following these practical steps:

First, ENROL ALL PUBLIC UTILITY VEHICLES (PUVs) to a centralized passenger booking system  to operated by the Land Transportation and Franchising Board (LTFRB).   This way, passengers are not only guaranteed of government-approved rates, they are assured of road safety courtesy of real-time monitoring.

On the other hand, all PUV services (including private car owners enrolled in online transportation networks like UBER and Grab) will be closely monitored by the government.  This will trim down if not eliminate abusive cab drivers who chose travel routes and contract passengers.


Second, ENTER INTO A PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT (PPA).  Better yet, let the   established commercial operators like UBER and Grab  operate the passenger booking system in partnership with the LTRFB.    In exchange for a minimal fee, the government will not spend in establishing new infrastructures to realise this project.  Uber and Grab are leaders in this kind of technological application so let them do their thing.



Third, CONTROL INFLUX OF PUVS IN A CERTAIN AREA THROUGH REAL TIME TRAFFIC MONITORING.  One of the best features of UBER and Grab technology is a real-time traffic , monitoring.  Drivers can communicate to each other or to a centralised traffic data center to report heavy traffic.   Coupled this online echnological traffic applications (apps) like WAZE, the government will have near-perfect real-time traffic information that can help motorists avoid heavy traffic.

Motorists and Taxi drivers alike can probably rely on Mayor ..este President Digong to make efficient the PUV system (taxi system) as he claims to be driving a cab going around Davao City.  He should know how to fix this problem.


An Unsung Hero of EDSA.


“Tem” was a charismatic Philippine Marine officer who led the likes of Col. Ariel Querubin during the height of EDSA military coup in 1986. Initially, he was tasked with the defense of Malacanang Palace after Marine intelligence officers uncovered a plot by rebel soldiers led by then Lt. Col. Gregorio Honasan to storm the Palace and arrest President Ferdinand Marcos. A true soldier of the Republic, Tem remained loyal to the Constitution, his Commander-in-Chief and the chain of command. He chose to leave politics to the politicians and was a Marine above all things. As such, it came as a surprise for this Marine officer to be called to lead the assault on the two rebel-controlled camps. At that time, he was told that ten of thousands of civilians have barricaded the rebels.


As the ground commander of Philippine Marine assault force at that crucial moment, Brigadier General Artemio “Tem” Tadiar (PMA Class 59) has the firepower to crush the rebellion. However, he urged his commanders to “exercise their discretion.” One of these commanders is Philippine Marine Col. Braulio Balbas, Jr. who opted not to fire his 105mm howitzers at rebels positions inside Camp Aguinaldo.  At his level, Tem  was seen to be slacking in ordering his men to go on with the assault despite pressure from his military superiors and the dictator in Malacanang. His tanks and armed troop carriers were seen doing “atras-abante” against the sea of civilians, priests, nuns and members of the media. EDSA 1986 is a major cornerstone in Tem’s military career. At that time he was one of the Armed Forces of Philippines’ (AFP) youngest generals. If he was not an Officer and Gentleman, he could have followed his orders to a tee and wiped out all of rebels and civilian sympathizers. If he was a lesser man, Tem could go down in history as the “Butcher of EDSA.”  EDSA Revolution, in turn could be worse than the Tianamen Square Massacre.


After his role in EDSA 1986, Tem was placed under house arrest at Fort Bonifacio and was reportedly investigated because of his loyalty to the Marcoses. Yet after several years, he was cleared of any irregularities. Later he was assigned as deputy Commander, Subic Naval Base Command and quietly retired from service in December 1992.


Brigadier General Artemio “Tem” Tadiar was perceived by many as a Marcos loyalist. Even if this is true, there is no shame in being loyal, even to a dictator. Soldiers, at all times, should be loyal to the Commander-in-Chief.   At least his brand of military service is unlike that of the“military reformists” who would later attempt against the very people they have help install at EDSA.


Separated at Birth, Part 32.














This is Sarah Rafferty.  She is a television star, casted as Donna in the hit TV Series, “Suits.”


This is Whitney Westgate, an American pornstar.

Defending the Pacman.


Manny Pacquiao stirred up a storm when he said in a interview that lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals (LGBT) “are worse than animals.”  According to Manny,  animals are familiar with their mates like a Stag knows a Doe or a  Rooster knows a hen.  In subtle terms, Manny is saying that animals are better than the LGBT who do not know the natural order of things:  round holes do not go with square pegs!

Actually, Manny did not introduce anything new.  The stand of Christ believers (no matter what denomination this may be) has always been against same sex marriage.  It so happens that Manny has voiced out this position unlike the leaders of the Christian faith who are fearful of the backlash from the LGBT community.


The hullabaloo from the LGBT community is expected.   And because of their sheer size, the LGBT community’s reaction against a perceived attack will surely be a  ruckus.  Blabber mouth gays like Boy Abunda and Vice Ganda who have become demigods in the mass media can say whatever they want as they are confident of a sizeable support (there a millions of gays in the Philippines -tens of millions if you are to count the ones who have not come out of the closet and of course,  their heterosexual boyfriends).


Abunda who is basking on the top of the country’s TV network is not only  influential but untouchable.   As such,  he  is able to attack Manny during his  prime time  show without objection from the TV network.

vice ganda mega

Vince Ganda on the other hand has made being queer as normal and popular.  With the absurd blockbuster success of his movies, gays and heterosexuals alike idolise him with the hope of  similarly striking the jackpot.  For many, he is the modern day Cinderella – a heroine who should be idolised.  He too is a very powerful opinion maker.

But did Manny Pacquiao unmasked Boy Abunda and Vice Ganda as bigots?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Bigots are simply people who abhor difference in opinion.  They discourage free exchange of views by branding those they are up against to be similar on the same boat as ultra-conservatives and  racists.  To be fair with Manny, he never condemned homosexuals.  He merely aired his religious sentiments on same sex marriage.  It the same as saying that  he is against criminality or drug abuse but not against heterosexuals.


The problem with Boy Abunda and Vice Ganda is that they are pushing the country’s tolerance of the LGBT community over the limit.  Although the  majority of  Filipinos have come to accept gays in society, this is without limitations.  It is the collective spoiled brat attitude of the LGBT community that worsen things.  They are not only contented by being accepted in society – they want equality  even in matters where society and religion has made specific delineation like marriage should only be between man and woman. Or similar footing in things which nature itself considers as  unnatural or law  considers lascivious- like engaging in sex acts between the same gender.


To reiterate, the LGBT community has to wake up to reality – round holes and square pegs do not match.  Even in this advanced age, people around them will still point out  the obvious – that there are things that cannot be tolerated.

Heart Evangelista for Vice President!

A lot of Filipino voters do not really believe that Vice Presidentiable Chiz Escudero is genuinely a good guy.

For one, he is allegedly closely linked to Danding Cojuangco and other power tycoons.  This makes him a probable puppet with strings that dictate his every move and position in government.

As the Office of the Vice President is nothing but a spare tire, we might as well be entertained in the next six (6) long years.  As such, why do we petition Chiz to substitute his sexy wife Heart Evangelista to replace him in the VP race.

Surely, a scantily-dressed Heart Evangelista in the Office of the Vice President will be extraordinary entertainment (well, for the Filipino male population for sure).


Heart Evangelista Metro Magazine April 2014-04Heart-Evangelista--Cosmopolitan-Philippines--06-720x931Heart-Evangelista-Metro-Magazine-April-2014-06Heart-Evangelista-Tanduay-Cover-2014-1ht4

Dirty Duterte.


Imagine its already July 1, 2015. President-elect Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte issues his first Presidential Proclaimation: go on an all-out war against crime with a very intriguing proviso: dissolve the Commission on Human Rights!






In succeeding months, the resurrected Metrocom and PC Constabulary units of the Marcos Martial Law years barreled through criminality. With Gestapo-like tactics and invincibility, these packed jails with criminals – both from the private sector (drugs, gambling, etc.) and government (graft and corruption, etc.).  Some of the suspects dying under similar suspicious circumstances along the way (like suspects grabbing the police escort’s gun).   The sweeping results left the “Madlang People” in awe.   The once untouchable crime lords are losing business overnight.   People can now  go out peacefully in the streets at night without fear of being robbed or knifed to death. The Duterte administration made crime extinct in the Philippines.


This is what a lot of Duterte supporters are envisioning. They see Digong as a “panacea” for our society’s ills.  This image is, however, far from reality.



Duterte is no super crime buster. He is just a hot-headed person.  Undoubtedly,  Mayor Duterte solved several criminal cases in Davao city. But other Filipino city mayors were able to do the same without  the media fanfare.  They did make boastful statements of extrajudicial killings and summary executions.  What actually makes Duterte different is that he is a textbook definition of street bully.   Lady luck must have regretted in letting him pass the bar and practice law as he is the antithesis of the criminal justice system –  Duterte disregarding the very tenets of human rights that he as an officer of the court should observe.   In reality,  he is nothing but a hot-headed man whose actions are dictated by  temper and cowboy machismo. A trait that was seemingly passed on to his daughter Sarah Duterte who punched her way to national notoriety (and being able to get away with it).  Hell, even the pious Pope Francis was not spared from Duterte’s wrath.


  • article-0-1B05D2CB00000578-599_634x412




Duterte may turn the country into a police and vigilante state. To make good  his promises, Duterte may likely re-organize the police and the military into a super anti-criminality force .    To side step constitutional limitations, it is likely that   shadowy counter-criminality para-military forces like the urban legend Davao Death Squad (DDS) may re-emerge to conduct vigilante activities and spare the police force from red tape.



Mind you, this “total war” effort of the Duterte administration will not be one-sided. The Legion of Doom (drug dealers, smugglers,gambling lords, kidnap for ransom and other illegal syndicates) is also packed to the teeth and will not yield any inch of their lucrative crime territory without a fight. Just like the unsolvable puzzle called the Abu Sayaff that lords over a billion peso kidnapping business in the South, these criminals will shoot it out to the death! What will it turn the country into? A narco-police state like Colombia or Mexico?





Duterte will be the nemesis of Bill of Rights. This early, Duterte does not mince his words about his  disdain for the constitutional watchdog Commission on Human Rights (CHR). In fact, he takes pride in boasting the number of persons he killed or ordered killed.  If he becomes President, the CHR could be the first government agency to shutdown.  If this is the kind of President the Filipinos want, they might as well shutdown all courts of justice.  The “eye for an eye” brand of justice that Duterte is seemingly pushing is a mockery of the due process of law.


Duterte will have dozens of enemies, from all sides. By making good his promise to fight criminality, Duterte will earn enemies from all sides.  This will be a big problem for him  as he  does not have enough“spotless” political and military allies to  sustain a credible campaign.  Furthermore, he badly lacks the fountain of youth to lead a protracted and multi-pronged campaign. Criminality in government, for example, that has been deeply-engrained by decades of apathy (and financial success for corrupt politicians) cannot be solved by jailing all the politicians. Surely, nobody will be left to man the government if Duterte will have his way.


Duterte will just do whatever he wants – voters wanted him to do just that. Right now political observers see a Donald Trump in Duterte. Just like the rogue Republican front runner, Duterte proudly banners a bold statement: “You know I am crazy but you still like me!”   Duterte who has repeatedly announce that he was not running for Presidency is now saying that there is a clamour for him to run.  He says  the people just wanted him to run despite his well-known unorthodox ways.


Duterte is never the Presidential timber. A self-confessed womanizer, cold-hearted killer of criminal suspects and an incorrigible foul mouth, do Filipinos really want Duterte in Malacanang stated otherwise be dubbed the “Father of Filipinos?”


Hell, no!




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