Crazy ideas on how the Philippines can drive away the Chinese.





The presence of the Chinese military, coast guard and fishermen (poachers as aptly described by other media sources) within the West Philippine Sea has been considered a “subtle” invasion of the Philippines.  For several years, the Filipinos opted to find a diplomatic solution to this international issue. They are slow to anger and fast to forgive the Chinese incursion into what the United Nation’s (UN) International Law of the Seas declare as Philippine territory.But the Chinese are stubborn and unrelentless.  Like a school bully, it barges into Philippine territory -shoving itself regardless of the consequences.  With its armada of far-superior sea vessels and advance military hardware, it is not concerned of any opposition much more protests of the rightful owner.  They even have the temerity to boast that all the islands that for decades have been declared as Philippine territory or at least disputed territory (by four other nations) is Chinese soil.  As if  the expanse of mainland China is not enough.




Finally, the Philippines under the Aquino administration has taken a strong stand against the Chinese incursion.  It recently acquired two old US Coast Guard cutters to bolster its naval resources.  It is also expecting a couple of jet fighters from South Korea to shore up its aging airforce.  But does a couple of low budget military upgrades do the job?  Of course not! The mighty Chinese military machine will simply roll over this small bump with little opposition. The obvious solution to this problem is actually the US military that has inked several mutual defense treaties with the Filipinos. For decades the Americans have been training the Philippine military to face external threats head on.  However, now that there is an actual threat – the Americans are no where to be found.  Without the outside help, the Filipinos should devise an ingenious way to drive away the invading Chinese from their territory.  But how can this be done – given the state of Philippine national defense – just a bunch of old coast guard cutters, propeller- driven fighter planes and Vietnam-era M-16s?

Filipinos have to be innovative and mindful of what other nations have done in similar situations.



First, the Philippine military has to acknowledge the fact that it cannot meet the well-oiled Chinese war machine head on.  It has to devise an alternative to a shooting war  against a superpower.  One of the well-tested alternatives has been the guerrilla warfare waged successfully by Vietcong against the Americans in the 70s  and the Afghan mujahideens against the Soviet army in the 80s.  Couple this tactic with “deny-it-was-us” strategy, a maneuver best employed by the  Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). whe it denied having any relations with the war freak Bansamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF).   To achieve this, the  Philippine military can secretly organise a guerrilla force a la Abu Sayyaf that  will attack Chinese outposts or harass  Chinese fishermen until they leave the area.  Using high speed power boats and rocket propelled grenades (RPGs), they can effectively run rings around the much larger Chinese forces.   Still, the Philippine government can deny to have anything to do with it.


o2004082 - 20th April 2008 - INTERNATIONAL WATERS, PACIFIC OCEAN Greenpeace activists take action against US tuna purse seiner Cape Finisterre, holding a banner reading

o2004082 – 20th April 2008 – INTERNATIONAL WATERS, PACIFIC OCEAN
Greenpeace activists take action against US tuna purse seiner Cape Finisterre, holding a banner reading “Marine Reserves Now” before painting the side of the vessel with the words “TUNA OVERKILL” 20 April 2008. Scientists are warning overfishing is occuring with Pacific bigeye and yelowfin tuna. Greenpeace want the areas of international waters between Pacific Island countries to become protected marine reserves.
©Greenpeace/Paul Hilton

Second, invite Greenpeace activists to build a base near the Spratlys.  Better yet, the Philippines should   donate ships and personnel to this international activist organisation.  This is because the Greenpeace is a no-fear internatoinal organisation that has successfully barred governments – even the superpowers- from doing what they want (ex. transport chemical waste,  engage in illegal whaling operations, etc).  Greenpeace that is angry at environmental destroyers will have a field day going against the Chinese who wantonly destroys valuable corals and other marine resources at the Western Philippine sea.   What more, Greenpeace brings in the extra hustle and maximum international media exposure.


Filipino gun enthusiasts look at pistols on display at a gunshow in Manila July 19, 2012. REUTERS/Cheryl Ravelo

Filipino gun enthusiasts look at pistols on display at a gunshow in Manila July 19, 2012. REUTERS/Cheryl Ravelo

Third and the most important, the Philippine government should transform its citizens into a potent reserve force.   Filipinos should defend their country not as salaried armed men but as well-motivated patriotic defenders.   They should be inspired by the  Israel Defense Forces (IDF) that is composed mostly of reserve personnel. For this to happen, the Philippine government should not only allow its citizens to own weapons but  let  them to train with marksmanship and gun safety on their spare time (and during peace time).  This is currently impossible with the high cost of firearms  and bureaucratic red tape in licensing process. A basic rifle costs a prohibitive 30,000 pesos while a  pistol costs 15,000 pesos.   Even the ammunition for these weapons is also expensive to enable citizens to have regular target practice.  As such, the Philippine government should think about subsidising the cost of arm sales including ammunition. Seriously, the million strong Chinese army can only be countered by five million or more strong army reserve force consists of  well-motivated Filipinos who were allowed to own guns and train with them.

Miss Earth -Thunder, Mutya ng Pilipinas-Laos Frienship and their runner-up.

Adding to the beauty titles created by this blog, we will be adding new titles:  Miss Earth-Thunder, Mutya ng Pilipinas-Laos Friendship.  They are Filipino celebrities who are way past their prime but are still trying to stay in the limelight.


First Runner-Up: Katrina Halili

In her heyday, Katrina Halili is the hottest alumni of celebrity reality show, Starstruck.  She was the “IT” GIRL of Philippine showbiz and face and body of Belo Bodies (together with controversial Dr. Hayden Kho).  She was so hot, that FHM Philippines made her their sexiest woman alive three times!





But stardom come crashing when Katrina figured in a career-destabilizing scandal with her patron’s favourite boy-toy.  Thinking that she can salvage her image being the scandal’s victim, this image position backfired.  Katrina seemed to become the showbiz industry’s leper – nobody wants to touch her.   As such, she crashed and never went up again to this date.  Add to her woes, her failed marriage with small time RNB Artist Kris Lawrence. Despite being made FHM’s recent cover girl, Katrina’s better days are nowhere to be seen.

Mutya ng Pilipinas-Laos : Aubrey Miles





Aubrey Miles is also one hotshot sex-goddess in her prime.  Embodying the sexy tight, innocent, and young image, she was perfect  for sexual fantasy.  However, the influx of younger sexy stars and marriage to Troy Montero, the inactive brother of KC Montero slackened Aubrey’s career.  Now, her exposure seems to be limited to  instagram photos of her regular workouts.

and the Miss Earth- Thunder : Rufa Mae Quinto




If there is one Philippine celebrity who badly needs to retire her sexy repertoire, it will be Rufa Mae Quinto.  The mid-30s Quinto is still at it – doing her Miss Booba acts that started nearly two decades ago.  Rufa should recognise that mother time is fast catching with her (and gravity is pulling down her “prized assets”) so she have to shift to motherly roles or better yet kontrabida roles.

Refund not Rematch! (Ibalik bayad namin!)

2843135B00000578-3065867-image-m-25_1430647380074 The recent mega fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.  opened a can of worms will sicken even the most loyal boxing fan.  What was supposedly the “Fight of the Century” turned out to be a lopsided  fight where Manny Pacquiao was allowed by his promoter, Bob Arum  and trainer Freddie Roach to fight despite knowledge of a performance-limiting injury. In a belated declaration that he was suffering from a right shoulder injury, Manny Pacquiao unwittingly spilled the beans:   He was made to fight despite being only 60% ready. His right shoulder rotator cup was injured and needed surgery. Manny-Pacquiao-Philippines-Filipino-Boxing-Fans-Floyd-Mayweather-Fight-Boxing-Sport360 web1_stubhubmaypac_2 Whoa! Could this mean that thousands of fans who shelled out astronomically-priced tickets and pay-per-view subscribers were SHORT-CHANGED by Mayweather, Pacquiao, Arum, Freddie Roach and company!  Could this be like buying an First Class Airline Ticket that will only fly you just over half-way your destination. freddie-roach-gsp- Why can’t Freddie Roach call-off the fight when the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) allegedly disallowed the administration of pain-numbing drugs to Pacquiao’s right shoulder injury?  Knowing that this procedure is legal and has been allowed before, Freddie Roach could have pulled the plug before the fight and validly protested the decision of the NGC.  But for some unknown reason, he did not protest this grave irregularity.   Roach who is a veteran coach and trainer seemed to do the unthinkable:  shoved Pacquiao to the ring and a doomed fight. 1354349337_8385_IMG_9756

Likewise, why did Bob Arum let the games proceed?  Knowing fully well that a shoulder injury could cripple Pacquiao’s chances to floor Mayweather, he should stopped the fight.  Anyway, in a business and legal point of view (a thing that every veteran promoter fully knows well), Pacquiao’s refusal to enter the ring and fight is well-justified.  The fact the it was the NGC that unreasonably disallowed the use of pain relieving drugs, Arum has all the reasons to hold Pacquiao back. But like Freddie Roach, he let Pacquiao fight with an injured right

Lastly, why did Manny Pacquiao proceeded to fight a healthy Mayweather when he very well know that he was 60% healthy?  Why did he allegedly fail to disclose his right shoulder injury in the medical checklist required by the NGC?


Some reports say that Manny knew about his injury but hesitated to back out from the fight as this may disappoint his legion of fans.  But then,  it is probable that his fans and supporters will actually support his decision to back out from the fight as they do not want to see a lopsided fight. Most importantly,  they do not want their idol to fight at 60% capacity and lose to a healthy opponent (oo nga, paano na lang ang mga pusta nila??).


Manny and his handlers could also be thinking about the financial losses that will be incurred if they back-out from the fight.  But then, there is a possibility that fans who paid for expensive tickets would rather want a genuine fight than a lopsided one where one of the fighters is a virtually one-armed boxer.  They deserve their money’s worth!  If worse comes to worst, Manny can very fight off the breach of contract against him as his  refusal to climb on the ring is due to the NGC’s unjustified refusal in allowing him to use pain-numbing drugs.  This is a valid excuse for not making good his contractual obligations.


Manny should not worry about Floyd.   The latter and his money team will not contest Pacquiao’s decision to back out.  With an ego as large as Floyd’s, he will dread the thought of being the fighter who beat an injured Manny Pacquiao.  What kind of victory for the ego is that?   Doubts about his win will not end  and a boxing crown won in doubtful circumstances will not rest easy on Floyd’s head.


But why did Manny still continued? Is it because he knows that a belated excuse of injury can be a good ground to ask for emotional rematch? By saying that he was not in 100% shape against Floyd, he take advantage of the latter’s swelling ego to give-in to a rematch.  Rematch equals more money for him  (and Floyd who seems to worship money).


As I have said that I have highest respect for Manny, I will  still give him the benefit of doubt.  In my mind, he could not have duped the million of boxing fans who fattened his pocket by shelling out thousand of dollars for expensive tickets, hotel rooms, plane tickets and pay-per-view subscriptions just to watch a lopsided fight.  I do not believe that Manny came up with elaborate plan to scam his legion of fans by hiding the true state of his health and use it as an reason for demand a rematch (and well another crack at a billion pesos pay check).  Likewise, I do not believe that Manny has willingly participated in a Moro-moro  boxing fight where they did not intend to hurt each other.  (This is actually hard to disregard when you see both fighters bringing their   minor children to watch what supposed to be a “slugfest of the century”).


Most importantly, I do not believe that this early, Manny who has grand political ambitions as a Senatoriable in 2016 or Presidentiable in 2022 will engage in a deliberate scheme to dupe millions of boxing fans and allow himself to be used as an instrument of big time swindlers.

End of an Era.


End of Manny Pacquiao?

Writing about Manny Pacquiao’s loss at the hands of Floyd Mayweather this early is suicide. Especially when millions of Filipinos are reeling from a heartbreaking loss.  Most, if not all, are lingering in  emotional limbo- understandably unbelieving the fate of their national pride.  Any adverse view on Manny’s performance will be burned at the stake (or at the very least be labelled a ridiculous opinion of a boxing expert-wannabe).  However, a reading of this piece by a loyal Pacquiao fan will show that it is actually about another thing that Filipinos are also know of worldwide.  It is their resilience – the extraordinary ability to bounce back from any state of defeat and come out victorious in the long run.


First of all, are we all convinced that Manny lost the bout?  The majority of fair  boxing commentators will agree that Manny lost the match fair and square.  The statistics will show that despite the volley of first that Manny let go, he lacked solid punches that  should make the mark.  He was attack and attack while Floyd was avoid avoid avoid (often mistaken for run and run).  In reality, Floyd  was a thinking fighter – waiting for the right time to deliver his counter-punches.  In one instance Floyd was even offering an open cheek for Manny’s punch only to counter-strike with his signature right hand punch.  In fact, Floyd made Manny believe that he was winning all the rounds by doing all the rapid firing punches.   But the truth is – Mayweather prepared well for the bout as if the boxing ring was a chess board.  He went FPJ for the first few rounds only to come- guns ablating in a steady rally to seal  Manny’s fate.

Pacquiao of the Philippines talks to coach Roach during promotional event with next opponent Algieri of U.S. at hotel in downtown Shanghai

Manny, on the other hand, did not do his homework in checking Floyd’s well-known antics (the chickening around and hugging tactics that were also employed against Shane Mosely and Marcos Maidana).  They have months and months to figure out an antidote.  However, the arrogant Fred Roach and his think tanks seemed to prepare Manny for a slugfest that never happened.     It was Roaches’ over-confidence that sealed Manny’s fate (how many times did he underestimated Floyd, even saying that the flamboyant boxer has lost his legs during the fight).  He wanted Manny to floor Floyd in the fifth round – a tall order for somebody who does not have the wingspan to deliver its lethal payload. Manny was doomed as the rounds come and go – without him delivering the knockout punch.

End of Boxing?



I think that Floyd’s unorthodox way of winning against Manny redefined the sport of Boxing.  From one which is predominantly brawn, the slugfest has emerged into a cat and mouse game where the wisest emerges as winner.  Under King Floyd’s reign, the secret formula of winning boxing matches also involves shrewd manipulation of the boxing promotion and  preconditioning of public opinion.  And man, how Floyd “the Showman” Mayweather did a good job in doing this.     His 48-0 record is a well-thought streak now justified by a Pacquiao loss.  Regardless of the accusations of fixing lopsided matches in the past, Manny Pacquiao as the 48th win is the proverbial “the end justifies the means.”

Does it makes Floyd Mayweather the better fighter?


Yes, definitely (even if this is hard to say).  Simply stated Floyd mastered Manny.  Thats it.  He studied the anti-dote to the famous “South Paw” knockout and danced his way to victory like a chicken running  (maybe all that dancing made Manny dizzy).  For once, Filipinos have to admit that we were glued to the edge of our seats as we were not confident that Manny will win over Floyd.  There was no confidence as in the Timothy Bradley or Miguel Cotto fights.  We all know at the back of our minds that Manny may probably lose.  So what is wrong when Floyd actually won? Is that confirming the fear that was always behind our heads?

What now for Pacquiao?


Manny has reached the end of the road and should graciously retire.  Like the numerous brave gladiators of Rome before him, he is lucky he did not fall dead on the arena floor.  He still can walk out with a brilliant career.  Even with this latest defeat, Manny fought gallantly, with the usual heart and pride. But as to the hunger of the vintage Manny “Kid Kulafu” Pacquiao, there is a cloud of doubt hangs over.  How can he be hungry when he is a billionaire even before the fight?

So what should Manny do now that his reign is over?

Do not go into politics or basketball, pulezz!

Going seriously to politics will only make politicos drain you of your hard-earned money (you should prepare for a life after boxing especially that your family is already accustomed to the high life).  Going deep into professional basketball will only mock you more- a losing has-been boxer-at-the-twilight-of-his-years shooting-over-young-Fil-american-6 footers will only make him no better than a court jester.  You have to be reminded that no politicians -even a Philippine President or a midget Filipino basketball player can achieve the respect and admiration you got as a professional boxing champion.  It is only in boxing that your are Manny Pacquiao.


WBA Interim Ligt Flyweight Champion Randy Petalcorin.


IBO Light Flyweight Champion Jay Loreto.

Save yourself, Manny as we love you.  Go into the development of Philippine boxing and young and deserving Filipino boxers instead.  Develop boxers and look for the next Pacquiao who may be just waiting for a chance in the construction sites, farmlands, fishing ports and squatters area of the Philippines.  Make good your Manny Pacquiao Promotions just like Floyd is serious about his The Money Team (TMT) or Oscar Dela Hoya has established his Golden Boy Promotions.  Manny  can find redemption that he will not find again in the boxing ring – in a new boxer that he can help train in the same way he trained and beat the world’s best boxers.   He will only realise that with his personal promotion and maybe a scintilla of his boxing earnings he will be able to hone Filipino boxers to fight future Mayweathers.

Why I will not vote for Ping Lacson and Rodie Duterte.

ping Duterte-for-president

There is deafening clamor for Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Rodie” Duterte to run for President in 2016. For those who know the two, these calls for them to run for the highest office is not only unthinkable but a clear and present danger  for the country.Ping-Lacson.12-2

People who lived through the Martial Law era remembers Senator Lacson as the young lieutenant of the dreaded Philippine Constabulary Metropolitan Command (METROCOM) during the martial law.  When he was appointed Chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) during the Erap Presidency in the late 90, controversies continue to hound him.  Foremost is his involvement in the Kuratong Baleleng Rub-out (summary execution) case and the murder of media man Bobby Dacer and his driver.  Senator Lacson relied on legal technicalities that prevented the government from pursuing multiple cases of murder against him.   To ensure that he is not detained pending the hearing of his cases,  he  went into hiding when a warrant of arrest for his arrest filed against him.  Luckily, his lawyers were able to secure a favourable decision from the  Court of Appeals.


Mayor Duterte on the other hand, became synonymous with vigilante justice.  It is ironic that “Rodie” who is a lawyer can casually and publicly declare to kill criminals even before they are brought before the courts.   This despotic stance even earned him the ire of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR).   His brand of cowboy justice is also shared by his daughter Sarah Duterte-Carpio who has also served as City Mayor of Davao.  The younger Duterte punched a court sheriff who was implementing a court order.  It seems that nothing happened to the complaint against her. 4755847119_e205835974

Understandably, Filipinos are tired of indecisive leaders and  itching to vote a strong man to the Presidency.  Just like its neighbour the city-state of Singapore who has Lee Kuan Yew, the Philippines needs a determined head of state to stump out criminality from the lowest stage of society up to its highest echelons. He should be strong and not spare even  political allies or family members are found guilty of  criminality or corruption.  A lot of Filipinos see Senator Lacson and Duterte to fit this description. But the question is – are they the antidote to the Philippines’ woes? lacson-cctv-stils-montage

Senator Lacson cannot be a good President if he continues his split personality as a strict disciplinarian and a fugitive who disrespects court processes.  If he seriously want to stop criminality, Senator Larson should remember that the courts of justice are essential part of the criminal justice system.  Ping should remember always that without judiciary he disrespects, he would still be in hiding.


Mayor Duterte is likewise a bad Presidential material.  Imagine a head of state who does not respect human rights and due process of law (it is quite possible that his first order could be the dissolution of the Commission of Human Rights!).    With his stance, the Duterte Administration could be worse than the Marcos dictatorship as unlike the Ilocano dictator, the Davaoeno lawyer-turned-Mayor has openly disregarded human rights and presumption of innocence by order shoot-to-kill orders.  With his stubborn-cowboy-Rambo style of enforcing the law, he could have no qualms of bulldozing the opposition with whatever means necessary.

Leon Guerrero images-2 BONG JINGGOY ACTION MOVIE 0626 39-nina-antonio-trillanes-iv

Now, why do Filipinos want a rowdy macho-cowboy to lead the country?  The answer could be found in their crazy tendency to   vote  such characters to high government posts (Senators Lito “Leon Guerrero” Lapid, Bong “Captain Barbel” Revilla, Jinggoy “Ang Panday (new generation)” Estrada, and Sonny “The Magdalo Fighter” Trillanes).  Filipinos who are deliriously disgusted  by their leaders, have seemed to  awaken in a make belief world where  knights in shining armour and fictional unicorns exist.

Doing a Sasha Grey Exit.


Famous pornstar Sasha Grey dominated the American porn industry for nearly  six years.  She reached the pinnacle of the her  career by doing the unthinkable – things that other porn actresses can only fantasize about in their wildest dreams.  Sasha did everything – short of cracking open her bowels and innards for the world to see. Little did we know that Sasha is one amazing strategist – she called it quits before her body rots completely.  She left the porn industry while she is still young and sizzling red hot.  That is why nobody can say that Sasha was spewed by the porn world like piece of garbage after her star faltered.  When she made the crossover into mainstream movie making, she was still the sexy siren that a lot of fans followed.



Another controversial porn star who followed the Sasha Grey exit is the Shanghai-born Alina Li.  Praised by the adult entertainment industry as “Porn’s next best thing,” she also hurriedly left the limelight before her body begins to “depreciate.”



Alina Li’s retirement could also be a wise move.  Maybe she does not want to quash the little remaining chance to move out of the garbage bin.  Now she is ready to barge into the mainstream with lots of promise.  And like Sasha, Alina is a still young piece of ass.

These porn actresses really know when to stop, cover themselves and leave.


In Philippine showbiz, there are sexy actresses who keep on clinging to their sexy image despite the clear fact that they have passed their prime several years ago.  One of them is Rufa Mae Quinto, who despite her “over-staying” status as a sexy star is still flaunting her physical assets on screen as if she has developed amnesia about her actual age.


Now at 36, Rufa Mae still want to ride the sexy star bandwagon despite entry of younger sexy stars who were not yet born when she started her sexy career in the mid-1990s.  In fact, her contemporaries Ruffa Gutierrez and Ina Raymundo have since become  mothers and moved on to mature and “respectable” roles – both in and out of the celluloid world.  Rufa seems to be in a swirling limbo trying to be defy her age.


Not only does Rufa continue to heavily depend on her overflowing cleavage to stay on the limelight, she also rehashes her antiquated  funny expressions such as “OK, fine”, “todo na ‘to!”, “pasensiya na”, “para sa bayan”, “move on”, “GO GO GO!” and “to the highest level!”  So 1990s if you ask many showbiz observers.


The nearly two-decade old Rufa should think twice about continuing her sexy image.  She  should start thinking about motherly roles perhaps.  She should know how to bow out of the limelight when there is still some twinkle to her falling star.

Pay-per-Use Restrooms will boost Philippine Tourism.

It is an uncontested fact that Philippines has beautiful beaches.


Boracay island in the province of Aklan has been hailed the No. 1 beach in the world several times.


El Nido in Palawan is fast becoming a haven for beachcombers.

Siargao Island Beach Resort, Philippines

And Siargao Beach in Surigao is already considered a “mecca” for local and foreign surfers.

With all these natural treasures that rival the offerings of other tourist destinations, Philippine tourism should be considered a goldmine.  The tourist areas in the Philippines including those located inland like the Sagada uplands,  numerous waterfalls in Luzon and Mindanao, mountain trekking areas like Mt. Pulag or Mt. Apo can bolster its economy just like Thailand or Maldives. With its tourism potentials, Filipinos need not leave their families to work abroad.  They can just develop the country’s tourism potential.



And how can they profit from the Philippines tourism potentials?  Simple. One way is to start simply by investing in a low cost tourism infrastructure that Philippines lacks the most:  The common restroom.




From the time the tourists land at Philippine airports, they dread the state of Filipino public restrooms.  Foremost is the highly publicised public restroom at the country’s premier airport, Ninoy Aquino International Airporto (NAIA) 1 that has been a source of national disgust and shame.  Enroute to Philippine tourist destinations, lacklustre state of public restrooms continues.  Seldom can foreign guests find a clean restroom with stable source of water in domestic airports, bus terminals and sea ports.

When tourists arrive at the country’s top beaches, public restrooms are also a problem.  Maybe it is the Filipino’s poor exposure to clean restrooms or their low standard for comfort.


Public restroom w mulitiple sinks and panels _high traffic 5d0f0a304

Just imagine if Filipinos invest in pay toilets or VIP public restrooms.   Imagine if this enterprising spirit is supported by the government through soft loans and technical assistance.  What if if there is a government agency such as Department of Public Restrooms (DPR)?  With clean and sweet-smelling restrooms scattered all over the major Philippine tourist destinations, tourists can just pitch their tents on the beach or a forest clearing and not worry about where to take a piss or dump.  May it be at the busy tourist areas like Boracay, Cubao Bus Station  or Greenhills Shopping Mall, Sacada or a remote island in the middle of nowhere, tourist can very well enjoy their grand Philippine vacation.

More Fun

And what benefit will it bring to the enterprising Filipinos?  Of course, the continuous sound of “ka-ching” every time a foreigner take a leak or dump.  Just imagine if at least 30% of the foreign tourists who went to the Philippines in 2013 (which is  4,272,811) uses these pay-per-use toilets and pay a minimal of 10 pesos per piss or dump that will amount to 42 million pesos! Not bad huh!  One way to achieve two things – a better reputation for the country in terms of tourism infrastructure and extra income for the enterprising Filipino!


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