Nothing more news worthy? ABS CBN reporter Gretchen Fullido reporting from Boracay.

Without nothing new to report in Boracay (and perhaps to up its ratings against Wiling Willie of ABC  5), TV Patrol of ABS-CBN Channel 2  through big bosom reporter Gretchen Fullido features the latest craze in Boracay Island: No more sex on the beach!

Bikinis going extinct. Soon moralists may be banning skimpy two-piece bikinis in Boracay.

Guardian of Good Morals? Mayor John “Toto” Yap of Malay, Aklan

As if Boracay is one perfect spot-free from all other societal ills that its Mayor the Honorable John “Toto” Yap can only think of banning sex on the island’s  algae-infested beach.

The White-Green Beach of Boracay. There is a scientific explanation to the proliferation of algae during the peak tourist season.

Mayor Yap’s careless statement only confirms his ignorance in administering the ecologically-fragile island.  Well, this is to be expected from somebody whose family ruled the island without addressing its real problems : a slowly dying ecology and the threat of  illegal drugs entering the island.

Building on a rock. West Cove Resort has re-written Philippine environmental laws.

The worsening environmental problem has placed Mayor Yap and his constituents in a state of self-denial.  Most of Boracay residents have conjured odd stories to explain the proliferation of green algae during peak seasons.   They claim  that these were brought about by the changing currents.  On the other hand,  environmental groups which know better traced the problem to the worsening pollution brought about by over-population.  Mayor Yap whose family is one of the first settlers in the island very well know that the green algae “invasion” is a recent phenomenon.  The same mindset even allowed Boracay local officials  to  seemingly ignore illegally constructed structures on the island.  Is it  because Westcove Resort is allegedly owned by boxing great Manny Pacquiao that the environmental laws of the country have been re-written?  In Boracay, it seems anybody can build a hotel on a rock which is basically an unalienable government property.

On the watchlist. The Philippine Drug Enforcement Administration (PDEA) has eagle eyes on Boracay.

Another problem is the possibility of  illegal drugs  turning Boracay into a large drug den (again this is only an allegation).  In 2003,  P5 million worth of illegal drugs — Ecstasy, Mogadon, shabu, marijuana and cocaine were seized by anti-narcotics agents at the Caticlan port in Malay, Aklan, the gateway to the island .   In addition, alleged drug lord Jose Kim Cuadra and two companions were also nabbed in Caticlan that same year  while about to board a chartered plane for Bacolod City. About 11.3 grams of shabu and drug paraphernalia were seized from them.

The heroes of Philippine Tourism.  Without Korean tourists, Boracay has long gone bankrupt.

Now going to Mayor Yap’s latest albeit minute concern,  tourists making out on the pristine beaches at night is to be expected.  Because of how people like him have marketed the island, acts short of  explicit sexual intercourse cannot be considered scandalous.   The young municipal executive should remember that Boracay is kept alive by the thousand of Korean bargain tourists who visit the island for their honeymoon or beach trysts.   Can he order these couples to ease up their sexual drives given the romantic ambience of the island? If Mayor Yap is bent on cuffing humping bunnies on the beach, he should do away with the marketing tag line that Boracay is a budget honeymoon destination.  Or maybe he should start banning skimpy swimsuits all together.

And how dare him talk about public scandal and planning to put up a curfew in Boracay!  He could not even censure the recent beach party staged by ABS-CBN when two of its stars strutted in the skimpy swim wear until the portions of  these  fell off.   How about ensuring  parents that their  minor children cannot buy  liquor at any of Boracay night spots?

Boracay Scandal No. 1 Singer-Actress Karylle.

Boracay Scandal No. 2. Actress Anne Curtis

Teens on the rampage. Boracay parties are allegedly flavored with sex, drugs and booze galore.

The Department  of Tourism should take seriously the administration of Boracay.  Secretary Alberto Lim should take over the reins of managing the island from its inept administrators  if he wants to prevent a bigger disaster to happen or worst – our nation be made a laughing stock of the rest of the world.