Some of those who saw this scene cannot believe what they are seeing.

It was like a scene lifted from an action film where the good guy throws successive blows on a hapless bad guy.

But this is not the case, the one throwing the punches is  mayor Inday Sarah Duterte-Carpio, the lady Mayor of Davao City who has a platoon of bodyguards at her back.  On the other corner is this  poor guy, Abe Andres, a court sheriff (from RTC Judge Emmanuel Carpio, a relative of Inday Sarah’s  husband).


As in the popular (notorious?) Mayor Duterte Rodrigo Duterte allegedly dubbed by Time magazine as the “Punisher.”  He got this monicker due to his no-nonsense attitude against criminality.  No wonder the entire city of Davao became a peaceful place during his tenure as Mayor.  His critics are quick to dispute this claim by saying that Davao become dead eerie because of the  “Davao Dead Squad” which perpetrated extrajudicial killings.

Sarah who is taking over the reigns from his father (who was downgraded as her daugther’s Vice Mayor) has a lot of things to cover before she able to live up to her father’s colorful career.  Marami pang kain na kakainin. Maybe this “sucker punching” incident was part of the younger Duterte’s push towards attaining her own mark as a very swashbuckling city executive. But it is evident that her bold action to hurt the hapless sheriff has made her liable for a couple of serious violations including a disbarment case for utter disrespect for the law and blatant obstruction of its processes. What more she was reported to have threatened to withdraw all the financial allowances that the city gives the local court.

Inday Sara with her famous surname and impeccable connections in government may very well wiggle from this little mess. Her father have been accused of worse infractions during her time and survived it. But then this incident has shown that the daughter does not have the finesse that the father have. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte may not punch a hapless nobody with the cameras rolling. That is unbecoming of his macho image. But then Inday Sarah does not have to observe this limitation: she is not a man. She is exempted and no man dares to hit back a woman. Specially not Inday Sarah with her phalanx of armed bodyguards.

As a last note, if indeed Inday Sarah will be able to get away with this case, will it be the long-awaited precedent that will make Mayors grown some balls?   Funny thing is it is courtesy of someone who does not have one.