Volks Populi. Criselda Volks (left)and the lady who look just like her in the alleged sex video.

Many were stunned with ABS-CBN Showbiz Patrol exclusive news item about a sexy star’s involvement in a racy sex video (http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/video/entertainment/08/29/11/excl-starlet-reveals-running-us-after-video-scandal).  It easily became “a most read item” in the ABS-CBN website.   Some could be wishing that it was the one delivering the showbiz report that evening, sexy reporter Gretchen Fullido whom the report was alluding to (too bad it wasn’t her!)


The sexy star was none other than Criselda Volks …..cynthia?

Is she the starlet who figured in blind items as one having  gambling troubles? (I did not say that!)

Is she the starlet who appeared “wasted” in a cheapy-cheapy sex scandal which even included anal sex? (Whoa! not confirmed again!)

What is certain is that Criselda Volks used to be one of those flash- in-a-pan exotic looking showbiz wannabes who tagged along legitimate stars in order to be recognized.  Too bad she existed during  the era of Tina Paner and Marilyn Reynes when bakya movies like Petrang Kabayo lorded it over the tills.  As such, her sexiness did not make an impact on the teenybopper audience.  But she was one of those daring tarts who never failed to  shock showbiz observers with her skimpy outfits and alleged salacious behavior.  She was often seen roaming around Greenhills shopping center in shorty shorts  and parading a pair of cute puppies (puppies as in small dogs!).

Cris-crossed.  With ex-boyfriend Cris Villanueva.

What seemed to collar Criselda into normalcy is her involvement with priestly-like actor Cris Villanueva (now a certified has been).  Cris who is perceived to be a goodly-goody next-door-pretty boy who rubbed some of his innocence on the wild Criselda.  But it did last long.  After giving birth to Cris’ child, Criselda seemed to be back in her old ways.  Worse, Criselda’s showbiz  opportunities thinned.  She was never given an opportunity to shine even with kontrabida (anti-hero) roles like her contemporary Gladys Reyes.

Rising from the ashes.  Maricar Reyes.

With her revelation of being embroiled in a sex video, some say that Criselda has been elevated to the same plateau as Maricar Reyes, another alleged sex video victim.

The Face of Innocence.  Maricar was already an accomplished model before entering showbiz.

Unlike Criselda ,however, Maricar Reyes needs no introduction.  She is the famous medical doctor-turned-model-turned sex scandal victim (alleged)-turned-sought after prime time TV star (Whew!).

Maricar despite the ton of resemblance to the pretty and sexy sexual acrobat who figured in more or less three  xxx-rated videos, kept mum on the issue.  Up to now, she does not confirm or deny that she was involved in any sex scandal.  Is it a wise move? Yes it is.  Look at her now, she is at nearing the zenith of her showbiz and modelling careers.  After nearly three years, the Filipino public seemed to forget the titillating videos  that supposedly spelled Maricar’s doom.  Instead, her showbiz star continues to flicker brightly.  She become the face of several marketing campaigns for big league products.  With good things coming her way, we can say that Maricar  survived the sex video stigma with flying colors  (unlike other showbiz figures who got  involved in sex scandal issues and admitted to it like Katrina Halili – who wailed to their heart’s content, have no showbiz career to speak of).

So what is different between Maricar Reyes and Criselda Volks?

Stated otherwise, will the publicity of Criselda’s  sexual encounter with his erstwhile boyfriend bring her luck in her showbiz comeback?

The answer lies in this reality: Criselda is not Maricar.

Meaning Criselda does not behave like Maricar.  That easy.  The latter does not have an untarnished image before she figured in a sex video.

Criselda who is trying to publicize her sex scandal in an attempt to be talked about will find herself back in the mud where she came from.  She should learn from past showbiz lessons – nobody made it big because of a sex scandal.

It seems people just don’t like to know that they are getting spoiled goods.