A Wasted Life.  The Tragedy of Alfie Anido.  

In the 1980s, there was one ultimate matinee idol.  One who would rule them all.  Not even the combined force of his rivals then can neutralize his rocket climb to stardom:  a slim and baby face Gabby Concepcion, a tall and lanky Edgar Mande and an innocent and fragile Albert Martinez (count his  clean-cut and sober William, too).   No, Aga Mulach is not even in the picture as he was still a cutie man child yet to burst out.



All the Beautiful girls loved him.  Miss Magnolia Dina Bonnevie and Alfie.

Every girl in showbiz was up for the taking.  They wanted him.  Imagine a pre-Vic Sotto Dina Bonnevie who was neneng-nene falling in love with him.  They sizzled in Temptation Island making it a Tagalog film cult classic.  And the admiration for this pretty body was not confined within showbiz walls.  He was also a hit with the kolehiyalas,  he is a certified campus heart rob  – a brawn and brainy Atenean.   That is why women from all the points of the social spectrum easily fell head over heels with him.  One of whom  was a top notch socialite – the only daughter of a powerful government official at that time.  Mind you it was the era when Marcos and his henchmen reign like the gods of  Mt. Olympus.  Scion of the dictator’s top echelon treated as  demigods – often they are untouchables and above the law.   Yet this particular goddess fell helpless in love with strikingly handsome mortal.  And their love defied every thing until  a single bullet snuffed the young man’s fragile  life.  It was December 30, 1981  and he just turned 22.

Alfie Anido Death-Jan 3- 80-Full-sf

To date – after nearly  3 three decades- Alfie Anido’s untimely demise remains Philippine showbiz’ most controversial puzzle.

The official version claims that Alfie committed suicide after a violent spat with his high society girlfriend.  Ironically, Alfie was at the top of his form and had a succesful career at the time he supposedly put a bullet to his own head.  He has a dozen of hit movies tucked on his belt and could easily bounce back and land on any pretty girl’s lap.  Still those who insisted that Alfie killed himself – wanted to project a troubled relationship tainted with physical abuse.  Alfie was said to have hurt his girlfriend just moments before that fateful day.  Yet the news reports eked out suspicious facts that fueled speculations:  First, the supposed suicide was only reported to the Makati Police after lapse of 10 hours;  Second, the Makati Police was surprised that it was the Philippine Constabulary (PC) which is an anti-insurgency unit that conducted the investigation and autopsy (strange as it was usually the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) that conducts autopsies);  Third, the PC did not coordinate with the Makati police that rightfully has jurisdiction over the incident; and lastly, the PC investigators failed to show the weapon used by Alfie in killing himself- a .38 pistol- or make a public statement on their findings on the case.


A suspicious death?  His soul calls out for justice. 

Just recently, the  brother of Alfie’s high profile girlfriend who was widely suspected of murdering the actor revealed that he was at the Anido’s residence shortly after suicide.    He  recalled answering to his younger sister’s distress call and merely  “tagged” along his powerful father’s  chief security aide, to go to the actor’s house at Bel-Air, Makati.  Upon arriving, he noticed the place was really quiet. “The door was open, the lights were open. As I entered the property, I could hear a faint scream. As I was getting closer, the screams were getting louder. (My sister) was wailing.”  He then saw the still face of Anido.    As he is now vying for a high post  in upcoming election, the girlfriend’s brother said his alleged link to the supposed murder of Alfie was created because he was there.    He claims even  the family [of Alfie] would say  he had nothing to do with it.

A mystery indeed!

What I know that even in this present day when the dreaded era of dictatorship is long gone, any topnotch heart rob will get his  pretty face bashed if he physically  hurts a daughter of an influential politician.  It is an unbending rule that mere mortals even though how greek god looking they are should never lay hands on demigods.  To do such a high crime is unthinkable and unforgivable.