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Jessica Ampatuan, is that you?

IIt’s a relief that Justice Secretary Leila Delima has dismissed moves to make former Maguindanao Governor Zaldy Ampatuan a state witness.

Delima who is an ace litigator may have learned from the recent bungled case of People vs. Hubert Webb, et. al.

That celebrated case was brought down by one single person: the lying Jessica Alfaro (a description courtesy of the Honorable Supreme Court!).

It is also a relief that Delima believes that there could never be a perfect witness who can dovetail all loose ends.  Imagine, Zaldy Ampatuan offers testimony to nip the entire Arroyo Bad Guy Circle in one stick?!

It is highly probable that this Ampatuan warlord is just pulling our legs.  He has not even admitted to be part of the brazen massacre!  How can he turn state witness?

Whatever this Ampatuan is up to, he desperately wants to be convincing.  Having turn against his own family, his father Andal Sr. and own brother Andal Jr.

                                                    Atty. Howie the Transformer?

Well, observers who do not want to do any  deep pondering, have come up with a workable theory.  Maybe his saint of a lawyer, Atty. Howard  “Howie” Calleja (an Atenean lawyer and Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines’ legal counsel) must have transformed the warlord just like how the Almighty transformed apostle Paul.

But then….that is something that do not usually happen in Maguindanao.

Quo Vadis, Attorney Howard Calleja?

Anybody who will know who is the latest client of Atty. Howard Calleja will surely puke his guts.

Imagine from representing the heavenly saints as the National Legal Counsel for the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV).

He went on to  defend these warlords of  Maguindanao.

The same people who allegedly* perpetrated these heinous crimes:

Howard who is an Atenean lawyer must either be dreaming of becoming an ace defense attorney or simply blind to reality.  With a thousand (or million) prisoners and detainees who presumed innocent yet languishing in jails here and abroad, can he be more noble and passionate in defending the desirable ones too?

Surely he is a very capable lawyer and one who could not have been bended by pilak.  But what happened to you, Howard?

By stretching human understanding, you may still be accepted by your peers as attorney for these monsters**as it your  professional responsibility to do so  regardless of public perception.  But to talk and act as if you are their vigilant spokesman is just….un-Atenean (or the man for others type).

What say you, Attorney Sedfrey? Father Bernas?


*it seems that except for the Court and the defense lawyers, most Filipinos think that the Ampatuans have perpetrated the Maguinadanao massacre.

**Well, they are monsters to the eyes of the victims of the Maguindanao massacre.


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