Rayver and Cristine.  They proved that break-ups can end in a positive note.

In the Philippine showbiz, celebrities having good relationships is an exception to the rule. Showbiz couples speedily discard their partners like changing undergarments.  Just like in the recent case of sexy starlet Cristine Reyes and his beefcake of a boyfriend, Ravyer Cruz, they made a hulabaloo in ending  their juicy physical relationship.    This  uncouple  had the temerity to sprinkle their separation with nation-wide publicity  by announcing it a popular  TV show.  Do ordinary couples do that?  What a way to end a relation – termination with style and publicity!

Now, there remains a few popular showbiz/celebrity couples are seem to be surviving.  Let us look on the feasibility of their continued partnerships and see who among them has greater chance to make it through and make it to the altar.


1.) Angel Locsin and Phil Young husband

A lot of observers raised eyebrows when Angel Locsin hook up with the Fil-Brit footballer Phil Younghusband after the latter asked her on a date through Twitter.  They thought that a sophisticated actress/model like Angel would not easily fall for a seemingly unconventional and cheap trick hatched by Phil on the internet.  This led some people to think  that Angel who is also touted as a marketing genius may  also be thinking about the huge commercial value that will come her way after teaming up with the “flavor of the season” footballer.  She is proven right when their canned good commercial campaign became a humongous hit.


Easy come, easy go?  Phil’s ingenious plan that worked.


A mega buck relationship.  Angel and Phil undeniably is the country’s most bankable duo.

To put a stress on “Flavor of the season”, this may also describe Phil’s commercial viability as a showbiz personality.  While he is still young and running around shooting goals for the Azkal’s football team, offers for TV commercials and maybe even movie roles will come.  That is just showbiz: strike the iron while it is hot.  But then the sad faith of once famous sportsmen in show business is a plenty and considered an established industry backlash.  Just look at the once famous Professional Basketball Association (PBA) players of the 80s and 90s.  Most of them are currently languishing in poverty if not stuck in some miserable jobs.  Heck just think about the famous Black Superman Billy Ray Bates who was unceremoniously sent packing by the people who made lots of money on him during his PBA heydays.


Philangel.  Until when it will be strong?

Phil’s popularity is not exempted from this eventuality.  He will grow old (and become Phil Oldhusband?), move slow and even replaced by young half Filipinos who are dime in a dozen.  Given that he does not have any career (or at most limited career) outside his sport, it is only time can tell when the spotlight o him will be turned off.  Will he become some executive in the corporate world (courtesy of a sponsor or benefactor company), will he become a comedian  or side kick TV host (just like Olympian boxer Onyok Velasco or Benjie Paras)?  Casting him as a leading man would be difficult unless as they would have to dub his English twang.  Surely, no sports company will recruit an ageing and has been sports figure unless he is Michael Jordan.

So what will happen to Phil?  Chances he will go back home to England as what most foreigners will do when juice in the Philippines runs dry. Chances are he will be a frustrated man when fans little by little abandon him for the next flavor of the season.   But what about Angel? She who is FHM Sexiest woman twice over (or thrice?) will still have a lucrative career in local showbiz 10 or 20 years from now (Just think about equally big boobed Gina Pareno).   Will Angel have the patience for her aging and fading Romeo?  If she does, then their relationship will be formidable.


Cheesy Heart.  Chiz Escudero and his Heart.   

2.)  Heart Evangelista and Senator Chiz Escudero

Tongues started waggling when social media websites reported of clandestine late night meetings  between a young sexy actress and newly-single politician.  As the scoop was couched on a blind item, the identity of  intriguing couple was initially top secret until Chiz Escudero came out on national TV to confess to Kris Aquino that he “hooked” sexy and leggy Heart Evangelista.  Then juicy talks spread about the “ChizHeart”‘s trip to Hongkong elevating their relationship to a matter of national interest:  a debonair (?) Presidentiable  dating a foxy lady who is stable of  fantasies – the hot (and leggy) sophisticated actress (rich scion of the Barrio Fiesta Ongpaoco clan).    Some say even Sen. Chiz’s buddy and  the relation- elusive President Pnoy must have envied the  romance.


Cat is out of the bag.  Chiz’s “secret meeting” with Heart.


Parang nanalo sa Lotto!  Chiz who is 40 something romancing a 20 something Heart.

Yet, there is doubt hovering about the longevity of the ChizHeart romance.  Since Heart  is know to have only dated the Adonis types (latest ex-boytoy is Brazilian Hunk Daniel Matsunaga), some say that it is a matter of time that she will realize having fallen far from her usual tree.

heart evangelista lingerie



A case of an apple falling from the tree? Heart and her former pretty boylets.

A lot of skeptics also doubt whether Heart can be swayed by the millions of pork barrel  and Christmas cash gifts that a Senator usually gets.  Or is she is going to be blinded by a politician’s prowess.   Hey the lady is a sophisticated Ongpaoco and Barrio Fiesta queen!  She can feed on Crispy Pata and Kare-kare as long as she lives.


3.)   Diana Menezes and Congressman Benjo Benaldo.

There are loud whispers that this couple is reportedly taking their relationship a step further.    Just recently Diana proudly beamed the Bling-bling of an engagement ring that the dashing congressman from the South has surprised her.  Congressman Benjo Benaldo who is a fast rising politician from the South (Cagayan de Oro)  seems to make the right choices. One of which is to do a Ferdinand Marcos feat: have a beautiful and sexy girlfriend help him enchant his constituents (and maybe solicit their valuable votes).  Diana Menezes who is a staple of a popular  noon-time show (Eat Bulaga) and a drop dead gorgeous and leggy Brazilian is just be a perfect politician wife:  endearing, easy to approach and stunningly beautiful.  Cong. Benjo can  bring her to the rural areas and people may easily forget their sad plight.  And this is exactly how the young congressman reportedly wooed the sexy Brazilian bombshell: asking her to go to his typhoon-ravaged congressional district to up the morale of his constituents.


Marcos Part II?  The skyrocketing politician and his pretty rose.


Brazilian Waxed.  The Honorable Benjo and  his Breathtaking Brazilian conquest.

Daiana Meneses - Benjo Benaldo

Benjo Benaldo with actress Daiana Menezes-2012-07-31-L

Perfect Weapon.  Congressman Benjo and his fiancee on a political sortie.

Judging from the partnership of beauty queens and politicians like that of Marcos and his Rose of Tacloban Imelda, Diana and Congressman Benjo seemed to have the  highest survivability rate.



Si Dianara ang may pinakahabang buhok!