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Hail to the New Queen of the Sunog Baga.

Why is  this toothy tricycle driver guy all smiles?

Why are these neighborhood butchers all smiles and funky?

Why is this macho bigotilyo pedicab driver  smiling in approval?

Why are these tattooed  inmates seem to be rejoicing?

Why are these sunog baga (burning liver) gin guzzlers  in a jovial mood?

Reason:  Sa wakas ma-aabot na nila ang langit!  (They can all reach heaven!)

Or heavenly creatures falling from Mt Olympus…right down  to the common man’s lap.

Imagine this Goddess…..Georgina Wilson…one of creme dela creme of the Philippine Fashion world…

A bonafide “food for the gods” beauty  fit only  for  Philippine royalties like Borgy Manotoc (well, he is the grandson of a dictator) coming to each sari-sari store, living room, bedroom and even comfort room!

Ohh…one lucky dictator ‘s apo indeed…. But now….even the regal Borgy has to “share” his goddess to the rest of the sunog baga brigade in every city, town, shanty or dirt road barangay in the entire archipelago.  All because of this liquor sexy calendar poster that is expected to grace walls all over the country.





Yeah, you heard it right….these calendar posters the fashionable Georgina Wilson is not only a toast of the fashion elite but is also every pinoy’s wet dream:  From the  macho bigotilyo tricycle driver to the sweaty hunky kargador to the six packed butcher….Georgina is a queen!

The World is Flat.

Yes. The world is actually flat.  The latest Esquire Philippines magazine just banners this latest phenomenon by putting in the cover  what you may call “flat bed” sexy.

Georgina Wilson.  The latest craze in a bikini.  That is if you are into…something barely legal.  Well, looking barely legal. Er, maybe with a barely legal body.  Jezz. maybe Kiddie porn?

George is what you call  a girl with a face of a Australian surfer babe that most of us expect to have a full developed anatomy. One which may rival that of famous aussie beauties like Elle Macpherson.  But then she is still  has that Filipino mix and that may have dictated her chest size. Jezz! Am i being racist?  Sorry if you think I am.

Who is the Odd Woman Out?

Clue:  Fashion models Bea Soriano, Georgina Wilson, Isabelle Diaz, Anne Curtiz, Solenn Heusaff did not bring along their alalay to pose with them (joke! joke!).

Seriously, I agree with the hundreds of disgusted (and angry) readers of popular blog,  who think that stylist Liz Uy should not be sticking her big butt in the Preview cover or jiggling her bum  in the distorted “Call Me Maybe” Video featuring her fashion model friends.  Res Ipsa loquitor (say mo, Lisandro Cruz?!),  just see for yourselves if Liz Uy can hack it out in the same frame as  models Solenn and Georgina (see below).

Liz Uy 

Solenn Heusaff

Georgina Wilson


To quote some of the violent commentaries in fashionpulis:

Anonymous June 1, 2012 12:06 AM

anyare kay Liz Uy? parang Aliens vs Predators ang peg.:) fierce na e.

AnonymousJune 1, 2012 12:22 AM

Why is Liz Uy there? She’s not even pretty like the others. They should just put Vice Ganda instead!! Lol

AnonymousJune 1, 2012 4:10 AM

Mukhang hopiang napipi si liz uy. Hahaha.


Oh, how sweet  freedom of speech is.

Conyos. More Fun in the Philippines.

Here is a common sad story: a poor soul robber shot dead after snatching a cellular phone.  His accomplice said that he badly wanted the gadget in order to woo a lady.  Without his crime, there will be no chance in the world that he can afford such a trinket.

This common episode opens one’s eyes to greatest sin in a poor country like the Philippines: Envy.  It is this dangerous sin that drives people to lots of evil things, foremost of which is discrimination.  This is why Philippine history is replete with terms like: Ilustrados, Peninsulares, Indios, mayaman, pulubi, haciendero, squatter, landowner and tenant to name a few.

Bringing it down to the street level, discrimination takes  only 2 forms: rich or poor.  You either of milky white skin or rough as a sandpaper’s.  Worse, it  gives birth to another evil: a class struggle.  People just want to prove that theirs is a better class.  Again, another evil results from this turmoil: the determined effort to shift to another class or move up the social ladder.   Often, the move is regardless of what it takes and repercussion.  From this, the door to other grave sins is opened: Greed (the propensity to steal in order to get  rich fast), Lust (wanting more and beyond what one is allowed to have), Pride (to believe that one class is better), sloth (more and more believe that being filthy rich is to do nothing), and wrath (the frustration of not being able to shift to the ruling class).

The hilarious and provocative video that is going viral and featuring some of the country’s top fashion models is the kind of fuel that the fires-up  envy.  Based on the viewers comments on Youtube, the ones featured in the video are seen are hailed as the “upper class” the creme of the crop of Filipino form.

But are they the pinnacle that we must aspire?

Are the Gutierrez twins epitome of the Filipino form?  Is Erwan Heussaff even a Filipino? and so is Adrien Semblat or Nico Bolzico?  How about Georgina Wilson  and Anne Curtis who appears more of their non-Filipino half.  Georgina being a Wilson and Anne being a Curtis (both are half-Brits).  The Heussaff siblings are French.  Even the cameo appearance of boxing champ Manny Pacquiao cannot dilute the impurity of the supposed “its more in the Philippines video.”

These “halflings” cavorting and wiggling their pretty asses on video just make the lesser-gorgeous Filipinos to aspire beyond their means.

N.B. I can’t just help but notice that wardrobe lady to the stars Liz Uy did an “all-out” booty shaking performance in the video.  Tita Luds-sound alike Liz has gone places.  Yesterday she was busy carrying wardrobes around now she seems to be  jumping around like  budding dance diva.  Let me say again: You have come along way, Liz!

Which is the Best Topless Cover?

Topless Cover No. 1  Bianca Gonzalez

Topless Cover No. 2 Georgina Wilson

Topless Cover No. 3. Michelle Madrigal

Topless cover No. 4 (just added).  Wilma Doesnt on Playboy Philippines

Topless Cover No. 4.  Sam Milby

 Topless Cover No. 5 .  Piolo Pascual

These Girls must be Saying Thanks

Hmmm…its getting there….Thanks for doing it, Borgy….

Whew…still the same…Thanks Piolo for not doing anything…

Ornusa or Georgina?

If you are lucky as this guy, Borgy…who will be your choice?

Lucky Dog youPwede sabay basta kasama si Raymond!


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