This is what the good Philippine senators are up to these days:

While they are busy with these mumbo-jumbos, the Philippine Senate during the 15th Congress achieved  little legislative work.  Important laws like  the Reproductive Health aBill nd Freedom of Information Act remain in the cold storage.

The total bill of this lackluster performance costs the Republic millions of pesos annually.    As a consolation, the Philippine Senate is good at what they think the Filipino people deserves in this time of political strife – a doze of humor.   And it is in this department that it seemingly delivered.  Most recently is  the  impeachment case of former Chief Justice Renato C. Corona when all the jesters of Congress paraded in their Sunday’s best.  I bet the TV networks that covered the seemingly  afternoon telenovela of a proceeding have shot up their ratings- a blockbuster hit in fact.  Pure entertainment actually…a costly one at that.

But then, these impeachment trials only come once a year while the senate hearings are held  sparingly.   In truth, the Filipino people are actually short-changed  by these legislators even when it comes to entertainment.  So why stop there.  Lets resurrect good ol’ Inday Badiday’s See True program to unearth more entertaining tidbits on our jolly-go-lucky legislators – when they are not clowning around on the Senate floor.

Why don’t spice up  the Senate scene a little bit (even though it is on recess right now)….lets bring in the one titillating entertainment:  The Chiz-Heart Romance!

Just recently, parrot-voiced Senator Chiz Escudero admitted to be dating sexy actress Heart Evangelista.  In fact, several weeks after the lovebirds found themselves vacationing in Hongkong!  In an interview, Heart revealed that the Hongkong experience made him know the Senator “even more!” (I really don’t know what that means!).

Wow.  Getting to know each other in Hongkong – more deeply, huh.

No wonder she looks so tired in her latest photos!

Lucky lover boy Chiz? Or so we think. Let us switch on our “See True” mode and see if indeed he is one lucky SOB.

But observers are to be believed, Heart’s  latest hook up – with Chiz that is – is a clear downgrade of taste.  If you look at her dating history, Chiz is never in her usual menu.

Dating history No. 1:  Hotshot beefcake Jericho Rosales.  

Dating History 2:  Hot Brazilian-Japanese model Daniel Matsunaga.  And you know how Japanese men are known for…add to that the Brazilian physique.  Heart’s had it all.

Even the Delgado “filler guy”  that Heart briefly dated.  He too look hot…and rich…and most importantly “originally single” like Jericho and Daniel.

On the other hand, most observers say that Chiz seems to be on the losing side when it comes to his separation with his wife, former lounge singer, Christine Flores.  If rumors are to be believed (, Christine had the best part of the deal – hooking up with a younger single  guy –  a dancer (well, you know what they say about dancers).

What is certain is that Chiz has joined the “Celebrity Girlfriend Before the Elections Club” headed by Mar Roxas and Toto Magundadatu.

Now that is true entertainment for you.