The world watched her cry hysterically when husband and pound for pound boxing champ Manny Pacquiao was sent smack down to the cold canvas by the urine-slurping Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez.


Jinkee Pacquiao to the world is a work in progress – in so far as what new wonder in aesthetic surgery will she display every time her husband takes to the ring.



Ever since her husband’s star in the boxing world has shined, so did Jinkee’s. From a round girl to plain housewife to a glamorous boxing icon’s wife who would shame Victoria Beckham in terms of newly found riches and well heeled friends. Not to be upstaged, Jinkee even shared the spotlight with her own bouts with Manny’s alleged infidelity with starlet Krista Ranillo. Some say that the whole “Team Jinkee” thing has made her an idol among Manila’s so-called Desparate Housewives crowd. Some say that every tear drop that she may have shed had the Pacman go crazy to win her back. Rumor mongers even claim that a marital spat nearly cost one of the multi-million dollar bouts. All of these up to know are not confirmed and remained urban legends – one in a many in the life of the Philippine boxing icon.


But what has become of Jinkee, actually?


We all can forgive the truckloads of Channel clothes and jewelries, Birken Bags, Bebe outfits and other bling-blings. But Jinkee joining the political bandwagon and aspiring to be vice governor of their province alongside Manny and another sibling vying for Congressional seats? What has happened to her? Has success also gone into her head and made her this strange creature?