In the Blue Corner, standing 5’5″ 1/2 (according to him)…..John Prats…..

Yes…Pratty who every girl wished had more inches to his height so that he can be called Aga Mulach part 2.

His claim to fame?

Look at his current flame…5’11 beauty titlist Bianca Manalo.

Yeah better believe it….even if John’s lips may only  reach  Bianca’s chin.


In the RED CORNER…..MOHAN “MO TWISTER” GUMATAY,  height 5’3″ , ego 7 feet tall…..

Mo Twister is know to have sweet talked pretty starlets.  To name a few: Bunny Paras and Janette Mcbride.

His claim to fame?

Going steady with TV starlet Rhian Ramos allegedly for nearly a year.   Rumors say that the couple have romanced in various exotic places like Santorini, Greece (whoa big spender little man!)

Never thought that Rhian, like Bianca, is a Hobbit lover.



Mo’s love affair with Rhian is like the day heaven went down to earth.

Mr. Big Spender was rumored to spend a lot with hi Greek holiday with Rhian.  Way to go, Mr. Mucho Dineros.


Now take your pick….

Who is the (little)MAN?