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Solomonic Ping

In a recent interview with a showbiz reporter, Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson firmly stated that his son Panfilo, Jr. or “Pampi” is not the one to be blamed for the break-up of his marriage with actress Jodi Santamaria.

He was qouted,”its not my son’s fault.”  This seemingly echoes his signature statements in his own cases like the Dacer-Corbito murders:”It is not my fault”.

Ping’s revelation can also be understood as “it is Jodi’s fault” that her marriage to the senator’s fair headed boy has collapsed.  Being an ace intelligence officer and shrewd investigator, Ping’s statement on  this matter could be very well-substantiated.

Granting arguendo that Ping is correct, this fans the rumors that Jodi may have been “linked” to other men as the other media tabloids are insinuating.

Some media reporters online are trying to link Jodi to Mickey Ablan, sexpot Iwa Moto’s rumored husband.  Others are speculating that she is playing fire with Jolo Revilla.

Ping’s revelation also puts Jodi’s reputation in a bad light.  Sad for somebody who is the mother of his grandson and namesake, Panfilo III.

Accusing a Filipina of such wrong is sometimes irreversible.  That should have been in Ping’s mind before he issued such irresponsible statement against Jodi.  Anyway, he is not a court of law which could adjudge the case.  As of this date, his statements are only part and parcel of what his son’s complaint for annulment – all bare allegations.

Ping should shut up about his son’s crumbling marriage and stop insinuating that his daughter-in-law is at fault…for the sake of his grandson.

The Return of the Ping

I have returned.  Ping Lacson came out  victorious from hiding


Just like a thief in the night, renegade Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson blew into town from Hongkong.   First, he arrived via a Cathay Pacific flight from Hongkong where he has been suspected to be hiding for more than a year.  From there, he chartered a twin engine aircraft to return him to Manila and maybe another hideaway…until everyone has fully accepted the fact that nobody can arrest him and bring him to answer the supposed charges.

Lucky, lucky Ping.

Unlike other celebrated detention prisoners who were later adjudged innocent, Ping was able to escape detention.  He was able to sidestep being mingled with those  he sent to jail and  holds  grudges on him.

The unlucky innocent men.  (above) Col. Rey Berroya and Hubert Webb endured time in the can.

In the Philippines, there are ten of thousands of innocent persons being sent to detention centers to await the final judgment in their cases.  These are usually the destitute and impoverished litigants who cannot pay for their provisional liberty or hire the services of lawyers.  As such, pending the outcome of their cases they have no choice but to languish in the worst of jails and living conditions.  What makes this worst is the snail paced justice system which is plagued by lack of judges, prosecutors, public defenders…and hell, even court rooms.  Without a judge to try the thousand of cases, these are just rescheduled or reset seemingly endlessly.  An innocent man albeit unable to bail himself out of detention may suffer deprivation of  personal liberty even longer than that what is imposed for the crime he is charged.

Sad but true, the Philippine justice system is for the rich and the powerful.  Or at least those who can produce bail money.

Ping undoubtedly has triple this qualities.  He squeezed the justice system like a toothpaste tube for every legal remedy.  He also had battery of lawyers and supporters in all divisions of the government.  When all these failed.  He had the money to disappear from the face of this planet.

In the meantime, all the kings horses and all his men cannot find Ping.  They were just helpless.  Now he comes home victorious.

Ping went to hiding not because he is afraid to be beaten blue inside a detention prison or he was afraid to languish for a long time.  He went into hiding for the simple reason that HE CAN DO IT.


Above the Law

Madame Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo – after ruling the country for nearly a decade, “GMA” is the  most corrupt Philippine leader in history, more than Ferdinand Marcos and Joseph Estrada, who were ousted from office, according to an opinion poll conducted by Pulse Asia Inc. as reported by Reuters ( .  This observation may have been due to her comparatively short stint in the Presidency compared to the deposed dictator.  However, with the top graft prosecutor Office of the Ombudsman being run by her appointees, Filipinos are doubtful that GMA will ever end behind bars.


Senator Ping Lacson- After surviving the Kuratong Baleleng incident where he was accused of ordering the summary killing of suspected criminals, Senator Lacson’s luck ran out when he was indicted for the deaths of PR man Bubby Dacer and his driver.  He has since gone into hiding and vowed no die rather than end up in a jail cell.  This is very unlikely statement from somebody who has sworn to uphold the rule of law in the Philippines.

Ex- COMELEC Commissioner Benjamin Abalos – Implicated as the alleged mastermind of the multi-billion dollar ZTE Scam, Commissioner Benjamin Abalos’ political career has never been resuscitated.   According to Joey De Venecia, son of Speaker (of the Lower House of the Philippine Congress) Jose De Venecia, ZTE advanced  1 million dollars to Abalos for allegedly brokering the anomalous transaction.  This is bolstered by testimony by another cabinet secretary Romulo Neri who claimed that Abalos told him “Sec, may 200 ka dito (You have 200M pesos in this deal)” while playing golf at Wack Wack Golf Club; they had been discussing the ZTE deal at that time.  Of course, Abalos denied making the apparent bribe attempt.

AFP Comptroller General Carlos Garcia – General Garcia allegedly  brought $800,000 to the USA over a three-year period. He is said  to have  three sons studying in US universities and  owns two condos in New York and one house in the US valued at $1.4 million.   Just recently, his wife sought the return of money seized from her by the US Customs.  She reasoned that it was rightfully earned by her husband as “perks” and “bonuses”.  Gen. Garcia is reported to have availed of plea bargaining where he will only be convicted of a lower offense.

Ex-Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn “Joc-Joc” Bolantes – He used to be a Seminarian back in his home province Capiz.  But when he joined the Arroyo administration, he was accused allegedly diverting at least 728 million pesos in fertilizer funds to President Arroyo’s 2004 election campaign.  Members of the opposition brand him as the Presidential bag man.  After evading several Senate hearings which inquire the anomalous transaction, Bolantes came back to the Philippines and faced his accusers.  President Arroyo cleared him paving way for his bid for a Congressional seat in this home province (which he lost).

Ex-COMELEC Commissioner Virgilio Garcilliano – Best know as “Garci” , he is allegedly the mastermind in rigging the 2004 election in favor of  President Arroyo who won over a popular movie actor, Fernando Poe, Jr.

Senator Manny Villar – UP economist Prof. Winnie Monsod believes the controversial C-5 road extension was an “unnecessary” and “wasteful” project where Senate President Manuel Villar benefited tremendously.

Congresswoman Imelda Marcos. 20 years of alleged plunder and conjugal dictatorship which the rest of the world knew and have already forgotten.  All the major players – Marcos, Ver, Ninoy and Cory have died.  Except Imeldific.  She is currently a Congresswoman whose children are all influential in their own turfs.  Imelda’s return is the best evidence that Filipinos have short memory.

Dr. Hayden Kho – Those who allegedly rummaged through his secret files claim that he has other sex videos with other equally pretty, sexy and popular women.   Aside from being his record of conquests, it also profiles Dr. Kho as a Dr. Giggles of Perversion.   And what did he get for filming his sexual encounters?  Maybe media mileage and instant popularity.  His name is now synonymous with hidden camera.  But then he is still a full-pledged doctor, a popular brand endorser and back to the arms of his rich doctor girlfriend.  Some guys have all the luck, indeed.

Ping Lacson needs no Passport

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men cannot find Ping Lacson

The news today banners “Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) cancels the passport of renegade Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson.  Family of Ping Lacson’s supposed victim, Salvador “Bubuy” Dacer were rejoicing at the possibility that he will be deported from where ever he is right now.

This presupposes that Ping is outside  the country.

I believe that Ping is just hiding in the country.  Why shouldn’t he?   Now that three of his lieutenants are in President Benigno “Noynoy”  Aquino’s cabinet, he can roam around with impunity.  He has the gold – lots of it when his right hand man and strategist  Lito Banaylo was appointed to the cash rich National Food Authority (NFA).  He need not also worry about muscle, his henchman at the former Presidential  Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF), General Magtanggol Gatdula was appointed National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) top boss.  Finally, Ping holds the queen of hearts.  President Noynoy’s current girlfriend, Shalani Soledad used to be part of his inner circle a.k.a. executive staff at the Senate.

From the looks of it, it will be only a lonely quest for justice for the Dacers.


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