Two of the consistent bullies in Malacanang are Presidential Spokesman Atty. Edwin Lacierda and his sidekick Deputy Spokeswoman Atty Abigail Valte who seem to successful in adding a couple of decibels on what seems a whisper of a command from the Balding One. What is with Presidents anyway?  Why can’t they just address the people directly.  Why do they have to employ a bulldog of a spokesman like Lacierda or an evil step sister like Valte.

These poor  unknowns-before-their-appoinments have become the terrifying version of the President.  Since the President cannot do it himself, he unleashes these pit bulls against enemies he can’t strike himself (as it will tarnish his immaculate halo).  But this is to be expected from Presidential spokesmen. Remember how once Honorable Ignacio “Toting” Bunye became dishonorable as President Macapagal-Arroyo’s mouthpiece. Or how Atty. Ferdinand “Balls” Topacio become a crazy looney in order to satirize President Macapagal-Arroyo’s hospital arrest.  Little they know is that they slowly assimilate that rotten side of their bosses, that terrifying evil side.

Just recently and even before the euphoria of impeaching a Chief Justice has vanished into thin air, the bullies of Malacanang are at their usual terrifying evil self  and gearing for what it seems is World War II.  All sights trained on the 1% germ that their impeachment bleach did not wash away.  That germ that is multiplying every minute.  The germ called Midas Marquez.

Lacierda draw first blood when he announced that Malacanang is still going after  Midas especially on the Special Allowance for Judges (SAJ) and the World Bank Aide Memoire.  Now, if Lacierda is just echoing what his Balding Boss  thinks, then the rift between the executive and the judiciary is far from over.  Worse, it seems the Balding One’s wishes that the entire judiciary should bow down to his every command: A new Chief Justice, perhaps Kim Henares? Leila Delima? or Frank Drilon?  All seem like promotion for a demolition job well done.

Now, the interesting part.  Pitting Lacierda and Valte against Midas Marquez is like pitting dumb pit bulls against a smart doberman.

Who is really is Atty. Lacierda?

Wikepedia has this description:

Secretary Edwin Lacierda is the Presidential Spokesperson of Philippine President Benigno S. Aquino III, and an incumbent member of the Philippine Cabinet. Prior to this, he was the spokesperson for the presidential campaign of then Senator Aquino from November 2009 up to the elections in May 2010.

Prior to joining the campaign, he was a law practitioner and a co-convenor for the Black and White Movement, an organization of civil society groups calling for transparency and accountability in government. He served as the legal counsel of whistleblower of Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada during the Senate investigation on the NBN-ZTE controversy.

Lacierda was also part of the Optical Media Board from 2004–2007, representing the academe.

Apart from his involvement in civic and public service, Lacierda taught Constitutional Law at the Far Eastern University Institute of Law from 1992 to 2008 and at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila from 2007 to 2010.

Lacierda received his degree in AB Communication Arts from the De La Salle University in 1983, LLB from the Ateneo de Manila University School of Law in 1989, and his Masters in Management degree from the Asian Institute of Management in 1991.

Who is Atty. Abigail Valte?

Valte is a law graduate of Ateneo de Manila University in 2007 and took her pre-law (Bachelor of Arts major in Philosophy) at De La Salle University in 2002.

She graduated elementary at St. Paul College-Manila in 1994 and high school in 1998 at St. Scholastica’s College.

Valte passed the Bar examinations in 2007 and became a junior associate of Escudero, Marasigan, Valiente and E.H. Villareal Law office, specializing in litigation and labor fields.

Born on December 23, 1980, she is married to Gerard Valte with one son, Inaki.

On the other corner, who is “germ” Atty. Midas Marquez?

Atty. Marquez  has been a law clerk in the Supreme Court since 1991, while he was still a sophomore in law school. He has clerked for Associate Justice Abraham F. Sarmiento, Senior Associate Justice Ameurfina A. Melencio-Herrera, and Senior Associate Justice Josue N. Bellosillo.The Deputy Secretary of the Senate Electoral Tribunal, he is now detailed in the Office of the Chairman of the Tribunal, Senior Associate Justice Reynato S. Puno. The third child of a former city judge and a pharmacist, Midas is an A.B. Economics graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University.Class of 1987,and a holder of the degree of Juris Doctor, also from the same university, class of 1993. He became a member of the Philippine Bar in 1994. Midas and his wife Liezl Sarmiento, the youngest child of a prominent surgeon and an accomplished anaesthesiologist, have two children, Galo, 11, and Maia, 10. Midas has co-edited the Selected Opinions of Justice Ameurfina A. Melencio-Herrera: The Career Jurist and authored the League of Life, Love, and Law: A Biography of Senior Justice Josue N. Bellosillo which were both published by the Supreme Court Press in 1992 and 2003, respectively.

Now, canceling out the fact that they are all Atenean lawyers, who do you think has the balls to hack it through this Second World War between the Executive and the Judiciary branches?