About a month ago, the Philippine cyberspace is abuzz with the sex scandal of sweethearts Chito Miranda and Neri Naig (Chito confirmed that they were indeed the ones humping in the video).




Today and hot off the press is Eat Bulaga’s Wally Bayola and co-host EB Babes dancer Yosh Rivera allegedly doing the wild thang on video.

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What is wrong with these celebrities (pseudo celebrities in the case of Wally and Yosh)?

Their seemingly negligence in keeping their steamy videos under lock and key is akin to having a volumes of Playboy and Penthouse magazines inside a Kindergarten classroom. They should know that what ever one throws to the internet – intentionally or otherwise – is destined to be feasted upon by the general public – including mischievous youngsters who scour the internet for porn.

As sex videos are undoubtedly damaging to morality when it is distributed online or in DVD format, is it high time for the government to penalize even those who capture their private moments and do not have the diligence to keep it under raps. Their negligence is the proximate cause why another horny individual is able to get hold of it and post the same online. Otherwise stated, the ones who “produced it” and carelessly “released it” for public viewing should have some criminal and civil liability.


Maybe with a stricter anti-camera and video voyeurism law, pornstar-wannabe celebrity lovers will think twice before pressing record on their video cameras or cellular phone cameras.