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A Stressful Life

A tired President?  His Health Secretary is concerned about his Health.


Department of Health Secretary Enrique Ona expressed his concerns on the health of President Benigno “Pnoy” Aquino.    It was noticeable that Pnoy was not able to attend some important engagements like meeting a top official of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and falling ill during his trip to Australia.  Surely, the good doctor has a lot of things to be concerned about – the debonair President has recently been busy.  Busy with a lot of things that are very stressful.  Now, Dr. Ona can suggest lots to make the President in tip top condition but then there is one test and proven formula: cut the stress.

And here are some suggestions on how he can do it:


First, the obvious one – cut on smoking.  Smoking is not only bad for the health, a smoking president is not doing good on the government’s anti-smoking campaign.


Second, severe ties with pasaway (trouble some) cabinet members like Presidential Adviser Ronald Llamas and former Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) undersecretary Rico Puno.   Llamas’ 2 episodes of disgrace -being caught red handed buying pirated DVDs and  owning up to an AK-47 in his car –  must have stressed the President if not shamed him.  On the other hand, Puno with his supposed ties with jueteng lords could have driven President to moved mountains to defend his diversion from the “matuwid na daan” (straight path).


Third, enough political prosecution.  All the brain time he must have committed to ensure that (former) Ombudswoman Merceditas Gutierrez, (former)  and Chief Justice Renato Corona are removed from their positions has caused lots of stress.  As what old men say – lack of forgiveness and the burning desire to exact revenge – make a man unhappy and sickly.  Well, Pnoy is maybe having battle fatigue.

Fourth, lack of time for the things he enjoys but are missing now that he is President. As he is buckled down to do Presidential chores, it may be seldom that he is able to find time to drive a sports car along the Tarlac-NLEX highway, go  target shooting with his buddies, listen to his favorite music or go shopping with his nephews.  Hell, even the pressure not to be seen with a Playstation in public can be so stressful!



Lastly, Pnoy should take a break from the hectic “search and date” routine.  From Shalani Soledad to his latest publicized break-up, Korean celebrity Grace Lee, the President seems love shock in his relentless pursuit of the elusive one.  He must give his heart a break.

Why Mo Twister is the Tallest Man Alive.

Although he may stand no taller than 5’4,” Mohan “Mo Twister” Gumatay seems to be the tallest person in the country right now.

He is bigger than Willie Revillame who is already  considered a media gem.  Even bigger than President Benigno “Pnoy” Aquino III.

Why? you may ask?

Well,  a lot of observers thought that Willie Revillame mounted a “coup” when his TV partner, Shalani Soledad (who is the ex-girlfriend of President Pnoy) married political royalty Roman Romulo.    But this feat was overshadowed by Mo Twister’s latest gimmick.

The little boy Mo actually came up with a resounding explosion of revelation:  His own radio show side kick Grace Lee- the one he often teases as having massive mammaries (branding them “Twins”) is dating the most powerful person in the country.

After sobbing like a girl in his scandalous video, Mo Twister  is now bouncing back as the “you heard it from me first” kind of guy.  Undeniably, he has the goods on the First Girlfriend – sensitive information culled from the years of being  his partner on his morning radio program.

In short (no pun intended), he can always say: “Mr. President, you are dating the Twins!”

A year in the life of a Bachelor President.


This is one of the best words to describe President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino after one year of office.

A prolific dater, that is.

Undeniably, he is every aging bachelor’s wet dream.  Power. Money. Pedigree.

No wonder  President Noynoy had been busy on the dating circuit.

First, Shalani Soledad.  The city councilor from Valenzuela whom candidate Pnoy paraded as his special girl (or girlfriend already?) during the last election.  Some critics insinuated that he only needed her just to make people feel that he is just an ordinary joe despite his being unmarried even at age 50.  It may also be a cover up for his alleged obsession with videogames, guns, audio equipment and smoking.

Second, Ms. Portia (a.k.a Three times a lady, a.k.a P 4.5 -Million third hand Porsche Carrera 911.)  Most consider this as Pnoy’s other secret love.  So secretive that he allegedly keeps its Deed of Sale from the media.   But there is nothing wrong loving a pretty piece of German perfection.  A million of Filipino macho men would love to own and take care of one.  Oh Ms. Portia….

Third, Patricia Ann Roque, a former child star who is now  TV reporter for a major network.  Sadly, Pnoy denied all speculations that she was the reason why Shalani broke up with him.

Fourth. Barbie Palagos.  Nobody seem to know exactly who Barbie is.  What rumor mongers say is that she and Pnoy go on dates.  A few determined media practitioner did in-depth research and found a Facebook account with a fake photo of Barbie Palagos.  For some time the rest of the nation thought that the President  is dating a Korean actress.

Fifth. Liz Uy.  Seemingly tired of pursuing woman a la James Bond, Pnoy turned to his “personal staff” specifically the one who takes care of his wardrobe.  Liz Uy, the fashionable stylist is his sister Kris’ manok (bet).  At least she makes Pnoy look presentable.  Yet the rumored relationship fizzled out when Liz began dating other celebrities like Lino Cayetano.

Sixth. Len Lopez.   A thirty-something stock broker was next of Pnoy’s list.  She was an Atenean like him and with pedigree to boot.  She seemed to be a perfect match.  But the bachelor president had something else on his mind.

Seventh.  Bunny Calica.   Pnoy’s latest rumored love interest is a certain Bunny Calica who is just 27 years old (youngest sister Kris is 40) was photographed sitting next to him at the reunion concert of the showband The Hotdogs.  Although the two were not seen gyrating on the dance floor, those who saw them swear Pnoy’s have eyes just for Bunny who is an English teacher.

Wow!!! Six ladies (obviously excluding Ms. Portia) in a period of 12 months.  That makes it one lady for every two months.  For the regular dating Filipino male this record is mind draining if not physically tiring (just imagine the womanly character traits, PMS induced mood swings, and demands for time that one has to endure!).   For Pnoy who has to lead our country from the abyss, his ability to manage his emotions and maintain such dating prowess is most mind boggling.

Way to go, PNoy!  Now, will you go back to steering the country towards the matuwid na daan (straight path)?

The Making of Liz Uy

Someday all my wishes will come true…

And they all came true….

Hers is classic Cinderella story.  All those who knew her when she was not that famous would swear that no man will ever give her a second look.  No, not that she is not good looking, she is just your typical Filipino-Chinese teenager.  The same kind you would see behind some tiangge  at 168 Mall or hardware in Monumento.

Ale, Ale…bigyan kita tawad …apat na piso, dalawa na lang

If she was not into fashion, she could be the typical  Chinese Anti-crime Crusader

If not a fashionable chinese crime crusader

She could have been a long -repressed fashionista trying to get out of a  strict and conservative chinese upbringing .  Her dreams of making it big in the fashion world -or maybe becoming a fashion model– all bursting at the seams. Somehow, her training at La Salle (actually College of San Benilde)   hooked her with the right crowd.    Starting as a hotel receptionist, she suddenly surfaced as  fashion editor for a leading magazine (a far cry from her BS HRM course).  That is when the ball started rolling…

Lloydie Girl No. 1. John Lloyd Cruz with Liz Uy

Lloydie Girl No. 2. John Lloyd Cruz with Ruffa Gutierrez

Llyodie Girl No. 3. John Lloyd Cruz with Shaina Magdayao…..lemme guess who is the prettiest?

She became a stylist to the stars. One of who she eventually dated and went steady with.

Presidential Tsimi-aa. Someday my fashion model dreams will still come true….somehow.

I got your back…and front, Mr. President.

She then discovered and became  close friends with Kris Aquino who made her part of the team to “build up” the image of the latter’s brother, then Presidential aspirant Noynoy Aquino (well, now President Pnoy).

I’m Game. Posing  with Kris and her future-in-law, Shalani (who seems clueless of what things to come). By the way the girl at the extreme left is her sister, Laureen who is herself a fashionista.

Object of a Presidential Affection. A princess for a balding prince?

But then the Presidential PA and stylist (“tagabihis”) committed her pitfall anew.  She reportedly become the Presidential girlfriend.  Now that is considered a very big no-no to stylists and fashion editors who entertain their subject’s advances.  If she has a tendency to fall in love with her male clients, girlfriends and wives of the fashionable wanna-bes will have something to be concerned about!

A Dream Come true.  Liz the Covergirl and Fashion Model Liz Uy shaping up  for more fashion shoots.

Let the legs do the talking. With shorts like that, Liz will conquer them all.

Liz the Conqueror. Be advised men of the world!

Now Liz Uy is already made.  From a starry-eyed fashionista to a full-pledged fashion model with credentials of being linked to the country’s most eligible bachelors.

From this…..

to this…

What a route!

If I were Phil Younghusband…

If I were Phil Younghusband, I will need no social networking site to invite somebody to a Valentines date.

If I were Phil Younghusband, I will definitely not ask Angel Locsin for a date and get declined.

Pwede po ba managalog ka na lang, Phil? Two time  Philippine Sexiest Angel Locsin.

If I have his looks, I will not dare date Angel Locsin who may not be able to carry a conversation in English with me.  I will have a field day choosing among the Fil-Americans, Fil-Eurasians and Fil-whatever celebrities that abound in this country.  If there ain’t any then I will just date an exotic Brazilian model and just figure a way how to end up back at my pad.

Fil-Brit for a Fil-Brit.  Anne Curtis is a better choice.

Eu não falam inglês, Mas eu sei como a ir para casa com você.   Brazilian TV star/model Diana Meneses


But then I can be more than Phil Younghusband, I am no torpedo (torpe =sheepish) . I’ll definitely bag the girls.

Philippine Torpedo.  Phil has the looks, built and star quality but lacks the guts.

I will date not only the Philippines no. 1 most sexiest, I will date those in the top ten.

I will definitely enjoy Cristine Reyes (or the other way around…)

Iwa Moto’s chinky eyes will widen in ecstacy….

Hayden who?  Katrina Halili will surely forget the forgettable Doctor Kho…

I will be Marian Rivera’s big and long Dingdong…

Meet Mrs. Angelica Panganiban-Younghusband

While at it, why not date the hard-to-get women who gave Pnoy a hard time in the dating circuit.   Surely, Shalani Soledad, Liz Uy and Len Lopez would want my autograph.

I will always have time for Liz and Shalani…

Len Lopez will never deny me…


Hell yeah, I’ll even date Rhian Ramos just to spite that diminutive blabber mouth Mohan Gumatay.

Rhian Ramos will experience Mo’ loving with me.

I will even go for girl groups, name it..EB Babes Sex Bomb Girls, Kitty Girls, Baywalk body girls, Mocha Girls…except maybe  the Girl Scouts…i will do them all.

A one on one bedroom basketball with a Viva Hot Babe per day will be a terrific workout…

I will spend more time with this Viva Hot Babe and fulfill her  remaining sexual fantasy….

I will agree to be with all of them if the stop being bakya….

They will dance in extreme pleasure in my arms…

The Trouble in Falling in Love with a Stylist

Uy! I did it again. President Noynoy and Presidential Stylist Liz Uy

So what’s wrong if one falls in love with his stylist?

That may be the thought that frequently pops out in the mind of President Benigno “Noy-Noy” Aquino when asked about his latest apple of the eye, celebrity stylist Liz Uy.

Well, Mr. President, let me tell you why some sectors are saying that your latest romance with a stylist  hits a sour note:

Yaya, What should I wear today? Why not do it on your own, Mr. President

first, why have a stylist at the first place?  It is the first time that most Filipinos have heard of a Presidential stylist or the need to have one.  For the record, Past Presidents did not indicate of having one or needing one.  Yet most of them came out in public to be fashionably acceptable.   This is because it is a no brainer to dress as a Head of State.  For men Presidents, barong tagalog or coat and tie will do the job.  There is no need for somebody to “style” the way he should wear his hair or match his shoes.  This is a “basic man thing” just like tying one shoe laces.  No need for another person to tie the President shoes or fix his tie at the Filipino people’s expense.  Seriously, this need of a stylist personality exhibits a lackey of a man.  Certainly not suitable for the top honcho of the land who is expected to take control of the situation and figure things on his own.  Unable to find his wardrode or color coordinate his get-up is a tell-tale sign that he lacks independent thinking.   He is the President for crissakes!!! People will respect him regardless of the clothes he wear (maybe unless scandalously unfashionable).

Non0y’s Love Troubles:     Liz:   Always have time to get to know her.         Shalani:  Sorry,  no time for Love

A  man who cannot be trusted with matters within his personal life, what more matters in his public life.   This observation is  what President Noynoy inevitably reaped when he called it quits with girlfriend Shalani Soledad and hooked up with official stylist Liz Uy.    Those who were made to believe that the Shalani romance has suffered due to lack of time are now doubting the President when he actually found time  to wine and dine Liz.  Many believed that if one falls in love seriously,  that love will find a way.  Pulling some strings to make this happen is peanuts for somebody who is supposedly the most powerful man in the country.

The Kris Connection: Uy, Kris Aquino, and Shalani

The President should be realize that dating somebody within his official entourage is  spoon feeding.   Anybody who did not work hard for something is unlikely to appreciate its value.  As the news reports have it, Presidential younger sister Kris Aquino has a big role in placing Liz on the spoon (She was never close to Shalani). Take note that it was Kris who first styled his brother during the campaign period.  It was all that that the younger Aquino would say that his older brother would usually wear.  Kris even boasted that she would re-do her brother’s image.  Little do people suspect that it also included suggestions as to whom he would court and go steady with.  Liz’ privileged position as Kris’ successor has made the romance inevitable.  It was ideal for both party – he supposedly had no time for love.  She was always around to take care of him (and his heart?)   This intimate relationship with the President places Liz in a very strategic position that if she just want to take advantage, she will easily bag the title of First Lady.

The President should also consider that it is also not good for man who is  supposed the most powerful man  in the country to walk around with somebody to fix his appearance.   His reliance on another to comb his balding head or fix his clothes may simply given away proof that he is an incurable Mama’s boy.   He is somebody who would let people dictate on how he would project himself to others or how he would do things which are already considered personal.

To top it all, President Noynoy’s revelation of love for Liz  has done her bad than good.  He must not only think of a probable Camelot style wedding but also the dire consequence of another romance going down in flames.    What if this romance similarly goes the same route as  Shalani’s, what will happen to Liz and her styling career?  Do you think there will a future for her in styling men in general?  Do you think those men’s wives would not be thrown in caution with Liz as their better half’s stylist?  President Noynoy’s admission that he is dating his stylist has actually damned Liz as somebody who falls for her customers.  Isn’t she the stylist of her ex John Lloyd Cruz?


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