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The Girl Who Cried Wolf.


“Sámbayanáng Pilipino, patawarin ako sa kasalanang ipinaratang ninyo sa akin. Pilipino, pinatáy ng kapwa Pilipino.” 
(“People of the Philippines, absolve me of the sin which you have charged me. A Filipino was killed by fellow Filipino.)

These were supposedly the last words of condemned rapist Leo Echagaray  before his veins were fried by lethal cocktail of chemicals courtesy of the Republic of the Philippines.  To his very last breath, the convicted rapist swore to his innocence.  It is unthinkable that a person who is just seconds away from meeting his Creator will still maintain a lie – the natural thing to do  is to repent unabashedly and take advantage for a God’s overflowing mercy – just like the lucky thief in the Bible.  But no one seemed to notice this irony (maybe except the Leo’s wife, Zenaida who swore to his husband’s innocence to the very end).  The State and all its resources chose to believe the supposed rape victim “Baby” Echagaray’s version and blocked the possibility of a last minute reprieve.


What happened to Echagaray will likely to happen to any person accused of rape  as long as the law’s bias in favour of the rape victim stands.  In the Philippines, convicting somebody with the crime of rape is relatively an easy task.  It law on evidence gives considerable weight to the rationale that  “the meek Filipina woman, who is full of virtues, will not cry rape and risk  public scandal if such accusation (of rape) is untrue.”  What more, Philippine courts have sustained convictions of rape by the victim’s testimony alone when the same is found trustworthy.



Hubert Webb

But then the Philippine legal system has seen several women who lied through their teeth and caused conviction of the accused.  Remember Jessica Alfaro of the Vizconde Massacre trial.  She singlehandedly brought Hubert Webb and his gang down.  Only to find out several years later that she has made inconsistent statements that even the Philippine Supreme Court considered to be incredible. All the time Webb and his co-accused languished in the worst of jails.


Another example is the infamous Subic rape case involving Suzette “Nichole” Nicolas and boy-faced American serviceman Daniel Smith.  After all the high profile legal hullabaloo which subjected Smith to  unthinkable humiliation and scandal, “Nichole” merely  chose to back out as if nothing happened.  Thereafter, nothing is heard about her as she just vanished into thin air!  Smith, on the other hand,  must have suffered terribly (post-traumatic stress syndrome) because of the controversy.  Without a proper resolution of his rape case, people will continue to doubt him and treat him as an alleged rapist.


This brings us to the hottest item nowadays – the accusation of rape against Vhong Navarro by starlet model Deniece Cornejo.

As the unfolding of events comes to a halt, it is clear as a summer day that the allegations made by Deniece and her knight and shining armour, Cedric Lee have been belied by CCTV footages.  It is most likely that Deniece’s half-baked accusation will boomerang against her and snuff  her rape charges against Vhong.  But then again, the alleged rapist has already suffered national shame.  Vhong has already been damaged physically and psychologically (despite the overflowing support given to Vhong, there still a considerable number of Filipinos who agree that rape – or its attempted form could have happened).  And what if Deneice and Cedric just took time to polish their acts like taking note of the fact that the condominium have CCTVS?  Or if Deneice only  did some good acting and able to entice Vhong to have rough sex with her.  She could easily prove that she was raped by having a bruised vagina, right?  In such a parallel universe, Vhong could never recover and claim that he was set-up.  He is good as hauled to a smelly prison to await his criminal court hearings.  Lucky Vhong, Deniece and Cedric seemed to have  blundered their acts.

deniece vhong




Now what can we do about women who can easily lie through convincing facial expressions (complete with tears and snorts?)  Isn’t the criminal dockets of the country  full of  rape cases – most of which have the traces of a Vhong-Deneice episode?

Philippine law makers should start legislating a “Girl Cried Wolf” law wherein women who maliciously charge men with rape will be penalised just like skalawag cops are punished for planting evidence in a drug raid.  These women should be discouraged from easily accusing another of rape most especially when the damage they can cause is not only  life-shattering but life-altering.





Wrong Spelling Wrong


I chose to step back and let all the hoopla about the Vhong Navarro-Deniece Cornejo-Cedric Lee controversy fully unfold. I opted to wait until a believable version of facts surfaced.  For the rest of the rumor-hungry Filipinos, however, what is happening to Vhong, Deniece and Cedric has become the country’s latest TV crime reality favourite.  What is funny is despite glaring clues about who is likely telling the truth,  people do not seem to mind as long as it titillates them.


One thing that Vhong did correctly  from the very start is to came out clean in public.  Yes, he admitted that he had indiscretions with  fresh-faced model and starlet Deniece Cornejo but was quick to say that he was enticed to make such a move. Vhong even traced the entire length of his midnight trysts with Deniece that started with an earlier date in the privacy of her condo at the plush Fort Bonifacio.  Yes, he also admitted that there was oral sex courtesy of  Deniece’s luscious mouth, but he did not go all the way and went home. This case of coitus interruptus made Deniece to call Vhong a “bad boy.” Bad Boy meaning – “you should gone all the way to the Batcave, Batman.”   One thing certain though is Vhong has really become a bad bad boy.  By giving in to indecent propoasals, he became an unfaithful butakal who did not mind trading his non-showbiz girlfriend Tanya Winona Bautista and children for a piece of young white meat.  At that very instance, he deserved to be beaten black and blue –not by Cedric but by his girlfriend.


On the other hand, Cedric Lee who is  described as a “high-rolling” businessman, could have  carefully studied his “knight in shining armour” peg.   If Vhong’s accusation of blackmail is credible, Cedric has lost the biggest gamble of his life.  For his story of rescuing a rape victim is far from  convincing.   Cedric failed to establish that he caught Vhong on top of Deniece whitish ass.  The truth of the matter is that the condominium’s CCTV cameras caught him and several of his pals  entering the condominium after seemingly normal Deniece  met them at the lobby.  Nobody will believe that a lady was raped when she did not ask for assistance from very first persons she will meet – the security guards in this case-  after escaping from the supposed rapist.  That simple.  The CCTV footages are Cedric’s worst nightmare.  This belies his claim of “stumbling” upon Vhong who was humping Deniecee plump ass inside her bedroom.   Cedric Lee should be called  Mr. CCTV (Cedric Caught on TV!) because of this blunder.

The Heirs Apparent

Now that the King of comedy is dead, a lonely void exists in Philippine showbiz that may not be probably filled up for a long time.  Who are the probable   comedians and stars who can replace Dolphy?

1.) Vic Sotto – Talk about Dolphy’s closest rival for years until they teamed up in the film Dobol Trobol a couple of years ago.  Vic has the suave, brains and appearance to match Dolphy’s every antic – in and out of showbiz.  He can make people barrel down the floor in laughter.  As a businessman he can flip out comedy films and make tons of money from it.  Behind the camera, he may have even surpassed Dolphy in being a ladies man, his latest conquest a sexpot half his age.  Although he hasn’t equalled Dolphy’s number of offsprings, Vic is still young and capable.  Who knows?

2.) Smokey Manaloto- Smokey chose to stay behind prettier leading men  and comedians but he has perfect timing in making people laugh.  He has what it takes to be an ace comedian in the mold of Dolphy – maybe soon if the showbiz big boss will finally give him the break he deserves.

3.) Vhong Navarro – Vhong has comedy written all over his face and a ladies man too.  But he still needs to learn proper timing and delivery of his lines to deliver that knock-out punch.  But Vhong with all the exposure that his mother station is giving him will undoubtedly emerge as a top contender as Dolphy’s heir apparent.

4.) Boy 2  Quizon –  Touted as the most talented of the Quizon brood, Boy 2 has inherited his grandfather’s comedy timing.  He only needs to sharpen his comedy antics so as to give it more depth and substance.  But Boy 2 is still young and can learn more to polish his craft.

5.) Vandolf Quizon – Another Quizon who is closely following Dolphy’s footsteps is his very own son, Vandolf who started young in the industry.  Gifted with a funny face and impeccable comedy timing, Vandolf has to appear often in TV so as not to rust and lose that magic Quizon touch.  One “disappointing” non-feature about Vandolf is his being a “stick-to-one”  man having been loyal to his wife, kendeng girl, Jenny Salimao.

6.) Vice Ganda – Well, even if he is by far the farthest from Dolphy’s chick killer persona, what Vice Ganda lacks in this department is offset by his inborn comedy skills.  This guy’s (or gay’s) persona is pure comedy and delivering knock out punches is but normal to him.  No doubt, Vice Ganda will rise as the country’s premier comedians and be the rightful “heiress” to Dolphy’s throne.

7.) Pooh – Just like Vice Ganda, his minus 50 point as a womanizer is offset also by his hilarious rendition of Manny Poohkyao.  That alone is already a solid punch that makes him a strong contender as the country’s most promising comedian.

8.) Long Mejia – Long Mejia if not sidelined by his problems could have been one of the countries top comedians because of his outstanding timing and delivery of jokes.  Blessed with a face that is comedy in itself, long can very well upstage any comedian put in the same scene with him.  Again, if only he is trouble free then he could go the extra mile.

9.) Michael V – Of all Philippine comedians,  Michael V is considered the most  intelligent  who is able to knock out his audience not only with a funny face but  his  own brand of humor.  As a testament to his comic prowess, he may be the reason why Bubble Gang can exist minus the bevy of beauties and sexy assess.

10.) Tado – Even a lot of people finds this “Taong Grasa” of a comedian corny and offensive, there is still a niche for him.  Tado caters to the intelligent bourgeoisie crowd.  He easily makes people laugh regardless of his lines.  He is slapstick personified.


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